Friday, May 4, 2012 review --BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I hardly blog anymore, but just wanted to update you guys.

THANK GOD! I finally got my refund back from Romwe. And NO! It's not cus they know they fucked up and decided to do the honorable thing by giving me my money back. I HAD TO GET PAYPAL INVOLVED. I escalated a non-receipt claim dispute against Romwe (meaning I never received the package).

I seriously CANNOT BELIEVE Romwe had the nerve to lie to me (not once, not twice, but four times) about how they had *already* shipped out my package when it never even was sent out. They provided me with a BOGUS tracking # that claimed my package was still in China.

Also, their customer representatives IGNORE all of the emails sent to them. Yes, I'm talkin' to YOU, Sara Gan. Don't pull that bullshit on me about how you're so sorry and that you'll contact me as soon as you get news about where/when my package is coming...and then IGNORING ME FOR THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you seriously be so fucking SHADY???? Do you not think that as a customer, I won't put your ass on blast? And for what? All I ordered was some detachable collars. It wasn't anything crazy hard to make or ship out. So I KNOW BETTER NOW than to ever listen to any damn blogger or Guru who is trying to promote the latest shit by the latest "it" company because like I said, these bitches are getting that shit FOR FREE. They gotta plug companies in order to keep the free stuff coming.

Take it as a lesson learned the hard way. I hope none of you were as gullible as me....