Monday, December 10, 2012

KARMALOOP SCAM! Watch out for Karmaloop complaint

[edit] Basically at this point, I've given up. I called them many more times, only to have their hotline NOT either work or when a representative did pick up...they gave me some bullshit about how they have to refer to their Pre-Sale Specialist to look into the matter and will get back to me in 24 hours. They told me that LAST WEEK, no one ever called me back. And their correspondence with me through their web site has completely stopped. THIS IS SO DISAPPOINTING that a huge company like Karmaloop is willing to scam me out of $70 just to make a buck. They could have gotten so much more money out of me as a loyal customer if only they ACTUALLY delievered their products and services.

I have written UNIF to complain about doing business with such a scam artist company like Karmaloop. Although I don't expect a reply, I felt I have done all that I could in this situation to try and remedy it. Be careful when dealing with Karmaloop, folks! You might not ever get what you paid for.


BEWARE OF KARMALOOP! KARMALOOP IS A SCAM! Here below is a Karmaloop complaint from me.

Hey, guys! I'm back...but just temporarily. I have to warn you guys of another company that has fraudulant and unethical practices. I'm sure you've all  heard of them since they're quite popular, I'm talking about KARMALOOP.

On November 23rd, I order the UNIF "The Eat Pray Love" tee shirt tank. And they still have not sent it to me! And every time I have called to inquire, they give me some runaround answer about how it's on the way, blah blah blah. I'm so frustrated at this point and just want my money back, as this tank top was quite expensive at $67. I finally have called my credit card company to file a dispute against them and to recoup my money back. Please be careful when dealing with KARMALOOP! They just take your money and don't send you out the products you rightfully paid for. Karmaloop is basically a fraud in my eyes.

I'm just worried that they'll try to bullshit my credit card company into thinking they already gave me the item. I had ordered 3 items, of which only 2 of the items were sent out to me. So technically they can give a tracking number saying that I received the package. But where the hell is my UNIF shirt that was SUPPOSED to be included in the order?? Goddamn, filthy lying bastards!

Below are links that confirm my negative experience and the dirty practices of KARMALOOP: A bunch of guys never received their orders from Karmaloop. And be careful when giving them your credit card information! Some consumers got their credit card information stolen when shopping from the Karmaloop website.

Anyway, just wanted to warn you guys! Don't give them any money to continue with their horrible customer service and practices!!!


  1. Westpac just called me to advise Karmaloop tried to put through 2 transactions on our credit card, both for different amounts and both with different expiry dates. We have not been shopping online recently so this is fraud

  2. I know this is an old post, but this info is relevant anytime - If ANY retailer rips you off - FILE A CLAIM WITH YOUR BANK. Be sure to contact the retailer first and keep a record of all correspondence and emails to provide as proof (if necessary). Your bank will put a "temporary credit" for the transaction amount into your account right away and do an investigation.