Monday, April 23, 2012

Romwe review rant, Tobi review rant

Guys, beware! I have ordered from the following companies and have had NEGATIVE experiences thus far (damn, I knew it must be some kind of sign from God that I'm not allowed to shop anymore!)

WATCH OUT for Romwe and

I ordered 4 detachable collar necklaces from Romwe on April 15th and have yet to receive my shipment! Furthermore, it irks the shit out of me when I order from a company site and they DON'T provide me with the Tracking #. It's the littlest things that count, and for a company not to follow up with that just leaves a SOUR TASTE in my mouth. I DEFINITELY WON'T BE DOING BUSINESS WITH ROMWE AGAIN.

As for Tobi, I ordered a pair of studded flats on April 15th, and they "supposedly" provided me with a UPS Tracking # that has not had any activity to the account. Meaning, the package was "supposedly" labeled and ready to ship out on April 16th. And bam! That's where any of the activity stops. I called them today to speak with a customer representative by the name of Lauryn (who proved just as clueless) as to where my fucking package is. I swear, if I don't get my fucking money back...I will rip someone's ass hole out!

Seriously...if you're a relatively new company trying to secure potential customers...let me just say---

I just wanted to warn you guys of these guys...since I know that I have been seeing a lot of other bloggers plugging in sponsors from Romwe. Don't believe everything you see and read! These bloggers are getting free shit to promote the company.

Not be toot my own horn, but does any of you remember how I put on blast awhile back?!!
LOOK WHERE THE COMPANY IS NOW! Bankrupt and out of business! It's just too bad I have to encounter such foul, sketchy experiences. But I will ALWAYS warn you guys, because I don't want anyone to fall victim to such scams. Be warned!