Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Philly cheesesteak war

PHILLY, show me love! That, you did! Went to the City of Brotherly Love yesterday and it did not disappoint. Ate so much, I gotta hit up the gym HARD tonight. *rubs belly* Soooo...while in Rome, do as the Romans do. And we did. As you all know, there's been an AGE-OLD rivalry between the famous Philly cheese-steak eateries of Pat's vs. Geno's. Since they were literally right across from one another, we decided to do our very own "taste" test.

It was cold as shit, so eating the cheesesteak sandwiches proved to be quite a challenge. Hahaha, look at the lady in the back with her face covered in her scarf. Damn, that just shows how FREEZING it was last night.

First stop was at Pat's. The line here wasn't quite as long as over at Geno's, but we figured...fair is fair. We had to test it out at Pat's first without making any pre-determined judgments (even though there looked like to be quite a party across the street at Geno's!)

The line was still long enough at Pat's. Can't say they're hurtin' when it comes to business. There was a sign to help out any noobs who happened to be in the neighborhood (umm...us?) Of course, I just listened to the locals order ahead in line of me. I figured who would know what to order there better than the locals, right?
Ordering actually was a fast process. They had a little assembly line of workers inside make it as the orders were being placed. So I got my cheesesteak within 3 minutes!

And lo and behold! Ooooie, gooey, cheesy goodness! This shit looked so fucking good, I almost tripped over myself walking to get a table to sit down and eat. Upon first bite...um...it was a bit anti-climatic. Looks can definitely be deceiving. This looked better than it ACTUALLY tasted. *sad face* The bread was too doughy, the meat was hanging every-which-way, and the cheese really overpowered the meat. :(

We just gorged ourselves with the sandwich as much (and as best we can, it proved to be a messy venture). I ended up throwing half of my sandwich away. I couldn't subject myself to anymore of this shit, when Geno's was across the street---beckoning me to join him in Cheesesteak Heaven (dude died this year, R.I.P)

And damn, you can't see it, but these neon lights were flashin' like a strobe party. It really reminded me of something you'd see in Vegas. If Pat's looked like the uncle you have who always wore too-short jeans with a dirty-stained t-shirt, then Geno's must be the uncle who tried to be cool by wearing Adidas trackpants with a fake gold chain around his neck. There really is no comparison in terms of taste. I don't know why "foodie" tv shows try to put these two side-by-side in comparison. It's like comparing apples and oranges? Geno's wins hands down!

It wouldn't look like Geno's had the better tasting cheesesteak just based on looks alone, would it? It looks kinda wimpy and dried out. But I actually like my bread a bit "tougher" and chewier to eat. The meat here is much better, as well. I bought 6 sandwiches at Geno's for $60! Overall, we spent $100 for cheesesteaks between both places last night. Hahaha, now can you see what I mean when I say we really need to hit the gym?

My only tiff with Geno's is that the workers there are outrightedly racist. It's fucking 2011 and for me to have to see this shit hanging in the window as I'm placing an order really didn't make me think highly of its owner (dead or not).

The owner, Joey Vento, may be dead, but his sign still hangs. The lady at the window didn't even listen to my friend as she was placing her order for a cheesesteak WITH onions. As a matter of fact, once my friend (whose half-white/half-Korean) stepped up to the window...the lady had the nerve to PULL the sliding window closed so that only 2 inches remained for my friend to YELL her order inside the window. How fucking rude is that??? And then while we were waiting for our orders, this Korean lady walked up to the lady at the register (same one) to ask if she could please cut her cheesesteak sandwich into "fours" so that her little children may be able to eat it easier, and the lady was like, "Huh!!!!! WHAT'D YOU SAY??!!!" Welllll, you dumb bitch! Maybe if you didn't slide the window close every time a non-white customer tried to talk to you, you could hear better!! Seriously, I have no tolerance for racism so I was getting riled up. I can't even believe this sometimes when I see signs like that. I'm conflicted. While I love the cheesesteak here, not sure if I'd want to support an establishment that is so ignorant so as to put themselves out like that. ::  Anyway, end rant for the day  ::

Anyway, just be forewarned that if you are coming to this part of Philly...PARKING WILL BE A BITCH. Actually, scratch that. Parking ANYWHERE in Philly is a bitch. We were lucky enough to find great parking right in front of Pat's. But as we were parking Sarah's car, we noticed this sign right alongside the curb. At first, we thought it was real. So we were prepared to back out and go find parking somewhere else. Then we laughed out loud because it was obvi just a funny sign! But thought it was real cute :)

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