Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toy so shiny...

I'm so glad that I only have to work 2 days this week! Woooooooooot =)
I actually love Thanksgiving (only 2nd next to Halloween), I love the foods, I love the family gatherings (even though I haven't seen my extended family in over 2 years), and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on t.v. What I don't like? The whole Black Friday deal. I know some ppl thrive on the events that take place but I always feel like it's too dangerous. Every year you hear about deaths that stem from Black Friday, and there's almost always certain ppl who get injured along the way. So if any of y'all do end up participating this year, please be safe!!! No amount of sales or deals is worth your health, none!!

I went to BJ's to get my tires replaced, 'cause I'm not sure how bad it will be in terms of snowfall in my area this year. Definitely don't want to take a chance, in the event that we get another "Snow-pocalypse". Now it feels weird when I drive my car, not sure why that is? Maybe because I actually get better traction now, hahaha. I went to the mall to get a dress for one of my friend's upcoming B-day bash this Saturday. I have 4 dresses to choose from. Why so many you ask? Well, because I'm BLOATED as shit!! I don't know what's going on but I feel like a marshmallow. It makes me feel so uncomfortable because I don't feel like me. I feel for a girl, weight fluctuates so drastically (which can be attributed to many things, whether it be water retention or just eating the wrong types of foods, etc) But whhhhhhy is it happening to me at a time where I want to pig out for the holiday? I have to watch what I eat this week...and that's just kinda a buzzkill for me. So wish me luck in eating only healthy things this week *fingers crossed*

On a good note, I found the dress I will be rockin' for New Year's Eve!! Not sure what plans are in the air yet, but I really do want to celebrate it big this year. All the past years haven't been quite as eventful as I wanted. This year, I wannna goo hard. ;D  I love how shiny and reflective the sequins are, bedazzling! 

The only thing holding me back??? My weaknesses.........

Fuckin' delicious fun-fetti cupcakes!! Look at the gold sprinkles, I could seriously eat all 4 of this in ONE sitting....EASILY.....

And these pizza bites....goddamn, my mouth is watering like crazy right now. I only had fruit for dinner. I can't be weak right now....*chants to self*

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