Friday, November 25, 2011

Tan, tanned, and tanner

So I have an event to go to tomorrow for my friend's 24th birthday bash at a lounge in DC. And I don't like my complexion right now. I have no color. It's sickly-looking actually. So, I just wanted to share with you a life-saver I have recently discovered! It's the L'Oreal SUBLIME BRONZE Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion. I got mine on Walgreens website. But you can find it at your local drugstore? I just couldn't seem to find any self-tanners right now in my area. They don't really stock up on sun or summer-related items, since it's colder weather now.

 PROS: -Cheap!
             -Gives you color instantly! It develops overnight and when you wake up, you look like you just
                took a vacation to St. Tropez!
             -Does not give you the streaky, Tony the Tiger effect

CONS: *I couldn't find the "DEEP" shade. I got it in "Medium Natural Tan", instead. I typically like to go
                     for the darkest shade possible
             *The smell might be off for some ppl. It doesn't smell any more different than other self-tanners, it
                     just depends on how sensitive your nose is, I suppose.

I'm obsessed with this lotion now. It's so easy to put on and the smell reminds me of my youth that I spent at the tanning salons (so bad, I know!) The only negative thing I can say about this product is the intense micro-glitters that are in it, but it disappears when I wake up the next day. I normally put this on at night with latex gloves (I don't like getting the orange, tell-tale sign that I have fake n' baked, lol). I put the tanner lotion on first, rub it in real good, and then I put some Vaseline Moisturizing Lotion right over that. Best results I have ever gotten! Even better than that damn $30 SUN Laboratories Dark SunSation Lotion that all those YouTube beauty gurus were tryna push this past summer. Such a big waste of my $$! This shit STREAKED SO BADLY, I was actually embarrassed when I went out in public because the natural lighting accentuated how bad the self-tanner was.

So in the end, I have come to the conclusion that just because something costs more doesn't mean that it will perform better than its drugstore counterpart! Don't even bother with the SUN Laboratories products. So just save your money and get the L'Oreal tanning lotion instead. It's less than $11! :-)

Hope everybody has a GREAT weekend, because I know I plan to tomorrow night! If you see a tanned girl in a green miniskirt doing the Dougie, come say "Hi" to me!! ;D


  1. Hope you have a great time tomorrow night! I went out to Cuba Libre Wednesday, too pooped to go out again, I'm old. I didn't think that product would work so well! I need to start picking it up...I'm getting so pale. Show the green skirt with a blogpost!

  2. Im going to Cali for New Years Eve and I NEED THIS. I have such pale and sickly looking legs...such a great recommendation. :)