Sunday, November 27, 2011


Damn, I had a gooooooood time last night! It was beautiful weather, too (hey, I consider a breezy 50's considerably warm weather at this time of the year). I didn't bother wearing a coat (although I kinda regretted it later that night as I was walking around at 3 in the morning, it started getting COLD then. Go figure!) Went to TABAQ in D.C. for the birthday bash. Birthday girl was getting crunk!

Bestie and I below:

These was taken right before the lounge started to get crowded. It was sooooo HOT (humid) by the end of the night, I was dripping in sweat. It was kinda disgusting. People were grinding and bootypoppin', bumping into each other left and right. I had to elbow my way throughout most of the night. Definitely a buzzkill, since I get a bit claustrophobic.

I just love the birthday girl. She's just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! She has great style, too. :)

And then the cakes came out! I didn't get to grab a bite since I'm still on my diet. (I haven't hit the gym for the past 4 days, it's really makin' me grouchy. But then again, holidays are the exception to my obsession. Right? Or am I just tryin' to justify?)

Oh, and I just had something funny to share. You ever been somewhere and there's always this one lone creeper who seem to come outta nowhere? Lol, I think I found Borat's cousin. He was hilarious! Nice dude but just full-on creeeepy.

By the end of the night, another one of my friend showed up. But my bestie and this friend are not on good terms right now, so it was kinda awkward. Like, it was obvious this girl was trying SO HARD to talk to us. I personally have nothing against her, but it's still weird since I consider myself incredibly loyal. I'm on bestie's side, regardless. And another one of the girls I was with was a SLOPPY DRUNK! She was spilling her drinks all over my legs and skirt. It annoyed the shit outta me, but what can you do? They had glass candles all over the mini-tables they had placed around the lounge and by the end of the night, you just heard *glassbreak glassbreak glassbreak* Ladies, handle your liquor with glass! It's not pretty sight to see all y'all walkin' around humpin' the wall for support and spilling drinks and knocking glass all over the floor. And not safe either! So we had to get my friend home.She was just a hot mess!

Oh, and remember how I told you how much I loved the L'Oreal SUBLIME BRONZER I had mentioned in my previous blog entry? I still love it! I just am bummed that it didn't show up on camera. I was tanner than I've been in a long time (w/out the use of a tanning bed), but still wasn't dark enough for it to show on the camera as I'd like. Oh well, I still 100% recommend it to any of you who are interested in a good self-tanner at an affordable price!

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the weekend. I'm kinda ready to get back to work. Lounging around and eating and going out has taken a toll on my body. I'm ready to get back to the gym! :-)


  1. the green skirt, love it! didn't realize your legs went on for miles and miles 0_0 *jealous*

    girl, it's a total buzz kill for me too! i can't stand the crowds, people are just plain rude and have NO common courtesy in those crowds (or in general)! smh...i had a lady take a picture of me b/c she was going to report me for giving her the finger, she said it was illegal, pahahaha

    you're only allowed to be a sloppy drunk when you're turning 21!

    there is ALWAYS a lone creeper in a DC club, idk why!!!

    i'm not used to seeing you as a brunette, i like it :)

  2. looks like a great time and you always look so damn beautiful! GRR!!! lol. Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog. It means alot!!!


  3. I agree. Drunk people are such a buzzkill along w/ Borat's brother...LMAO. U looked darling....I love the colorful skirt.

  4. Thank you, you're really cute yourself :) And nope, she's Hispanic lol.

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  6. looks like you had a great time baabe! the cakes look so delishhh lol:)


  7. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment :)

    I love your green skirt! I've been trying to look for one. Urban Outfitters had it a few months back, and I regret not getting it.

    I see that you're a pharmacy student! I am a pharmacy student as well in Texas. What year are you? It's so cool to see that other pharmies love fashion blogging like I do. :)

    Good luck w/ your finals!