Sunday, November 27, 2011


Damn, I had a gooooooood time last night! It was beautiful weather, too (hey, I consider a breezy 50's considerably warm weather at this time of the year). I didn't bother wearing a coat (although I kinda regretted it later that night as I was walking around at 3 in the morning, it started getting COLD then. Go figure!) Went to TABAQ in D.C. for the birthday bash. Birthday girl was getting crunk!

Bestie and I below:

These was taken right before the lounge started to get crowded. It was sooooo HOT (humid) by the end of the night, I was dripping in sweat. It was kinda disgusting. People were grinding and bootypoppin', bumping into each other left and right. I had to elbow my way throughout most of the night. Definitely a buzzkill, since I get a bit claustrophobic.

I just love the birthday girl. She's just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! She has great style, too. :)

And then the cakes came out! I didn't get to grab a bite since I'm still on my diet. (I haven't hit the gym for the past 4 days, it's really makin' me grouchy. But then again, holidays are the exception to my obsession. Right? Or am I just tryin' to justify?)

Oh, and I just had something funny to share. You ever been somewhere and there's always this one lone creeper who seem to come outta nowhere? Lol, I think I found Borat's cousin. He was hilarious! Nice dude but just full-on creeeepy.

By the end of the night, another one of my friend showed up. But my bestie and this friend are not on good terms right now, so it was kinda awkward. Like, it was obvious this girl was trying SO HARD to talk to us. I personally have nothing against her, but it's still weird since I consider myself incredibly loyal. I'm on bestie's side, regardless. And another one of the girls I was with was a SLOPPY DRUNK! She was spilling her drinks all over my legs and skirt. It annoyed the shit outta me, but what can you do? They had glass candles all over the mini-tables they had placed around the lounge and by the end of the night, you just heard *glassbreak glassbreak glassbreak* Ladies, handle your liquor with glass! It's not pretty sight to see all y'all walkin' around humpin' the wall for support and spilling drinks and knocking glass all over the floor. And not safe either! So we had to get my friend home.She was just a hot mess!

Oh, and remember how I told you how much I loved the L'Oreal SUBLIME BRONZER I had mentioned in my previous blog entry? I still love it! I just am bummed that it didn't show up on camera. I was tanner than I've been in a long time (w/out the use of a tanning bed), but still wasn't dark enough for it to show on the camera as I'd like. Oh well, I still 100% recommend it to any of you who are interested in a good self-tanner at an affordable price!

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the weekend. I'm kinda ready to get back to work. Lounging around and eating and going out has taken a toll on my body. I'm ready to get back to the gym! :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tan, tanned, and tanner

So I have an event to go to tomorrow for my friend's 24th birthday bash at a lounge in DC. And I don't like my complexion right now. I have no color. It's sickly-looking actually. So, I just wanted to share with you a life-saver I have recently discovered! It's the L'Oreal SUBLIME BRONZE Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion. I got mine on Walgreens website. But you can find it at your local drugstore? I just couldn't seem to find any self-tanners right now in my area. They don't really stock up on sun or summer-related items, since it's colder weather now.

 PROS: -Cheap!
             -Gives you color instantly! It develops overnight and when you wake up, you look like you just
                took a vacation to St. Tropez!
             -Does not give you the streaky, Tony the Tiger effect

CONS: *I couldn't find the "DEEP" shade. I got it in "Medium Natural Tan", instead. I typically like to go
                     for the darkest shade possible
             *The smell might be off for some ppl. It doesn't smell any more different than other self-tanners, it
                     just depends on how sensitive your nose is, I suppose.

I'm obsessed with this lotion now. It's so easy to put on and the smell reminds me of my youth that I spent at the tanning salons (so bad, I know!) The only negative thing I can say about this product is the intense micro-glitters that are in it, but it disappears when I wake up the next day. I normally put this on at night with latex gloves (I don't like getting the orange, tell-tale sign that I have fake n' baked, lol). I put the tanner lotion on first, rub it in real good, and then I put some Vaseline Moisturizing Lotion right over that. Best results I have ever gotten! Even better than that damn $30 SUN Laboratories Dark SunSation Lotion that all those YouTube beauty gurus were tryna push this past summer. Such a big waste of my $$! This shit STREAKED SO BADLY, I was actually embarrassed when I went out in public because the natural lighting accentuated how bad the self-tanner was.

So in the end, I have come to the conclusion that just because something costs more doesn't mean that it will perform better than its drugstore counterpart! Don't even bother with the SUN Laboratories products. So just save your money and get the L'Oreal tanning lotion instead. It's less than $11! :-)

Hope everybody has a GREAT weekend, because I know I plan to tomorrow night! If you see a tanned girl in a green miniskirt doing the Dougie, come say "Hi" to me!! ;D

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Damn, I knew I shouldn't have gone onto NastyGal's site. I really want this dress now! *smacks self in the face* Snap outta it, Sophie!!!

I want so bad...but can I justify paying that for a dress I will only wear once? Maybe.................

Toy so shiny...

I'm so glad that I only have to work 2 days this week! Woooooooooot =)
I actually love Thanksgiving (only 2nd next to Halloween), I love the foods, I love the family gatherings (even though I haven't seen my extended family in over 2 years), and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on t.v. What I don't like? The whole Black Friday deal. I know some ppl thrive on the events that take place but I always feel like it's too dangerous. Every year you hear about deaths that stem from Black Friday, and there's almost always certain ppl who get injured along the way. So if any of y'all do end up participating this year, please be safe!!! No amount of sales or deals is worth your health, none!!

I went to BJ's to get my tires replaced, 'cause I'm not sure how bad it will be in terms of snowfall in my area this year. Definitely don't want to take a chance, in the event that we get another "Snow-pocalypse". Now it feels weird when I drive my car, not sure why that is? Maybe because I actually get better traction now, hahaha. I went to the mall to get a dress for one of my friend's upcoming B-day bash this Saturday. I have 4 dresses to choose from. Why so many you ask? Well, because I'm BLOATED as shit!! I don't know what's going on but I feel like a marshmallow. It makes me feel so uncomfortable because I don't feel like me. I feel for a girl, weight fluctuates so drastically (which can be attributed to many things, whether it be water retention or just eating the wrong types of foods, etc) But whhhhhhy is it happening to me at a time where I want to pig out for the holiday? I have to watch what I eat this week...and that's just kinda a buzzkill for me. So wish me luck in eating only healthy things this week *fingers crossed*

On a good note, I found the dress I will be rockin' for New Year's Eve!! Not sure what plans are in the air yet, but I really do want to celebrate it big this year. All the past years haven't been quite as eventful as I wanted. This year, I wannna goo hard. ;D  I love how shiny and reflective the sequins are, bedazzling! 

The only thing holding me back??? My weaknesses.........

Fuckin' delicious fun-fetti cupcakes!! Look at the gold sprinkles, I could seriously eat all 4 of this in ONE sitting....EASILY.....

And these pizza bites....goddamn, my mouth is watering like crazy right now. I only had fruit for dinner. I can't be weak right now....*chants to self*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

So, this past Sunday...I went to Colonial Williamsburg with one of my good friends, Sarah. I've always wanted to go down there for the longest time. I feel so blessed to live in Virginia, a state with so much RICH history. Jamestown was the very first settlement, and I remember reading about it over and over when I was in elementary school. I'd like to visit that next. But in the mean time, Williamsburg was first on my list to check out!

Living back in the 1700 and 1800's was no joke. Walking around in the town square was like taking a BIG step back into the pages of History. I definitely felt out of place at times because it was primarily white ppl (which I suppose made sense because that's just how it was back in the day). Either way, I intended to make full use of my day there to re-live history, as well learn more about how they lived back then---with no electricity, women having no RIGHTS whatsoever, and horse carriages as a means of transportation.

This was one of the very first things to greet us as we made our way into the town square. Isn't it so neat-looking? It made me think of adding a fake plastic horn so I can make it my very own unicorn! ;)

We were able to buy bonnets! It's hand-made by a local woman who lives closeby. I always try to support local business and talent. That was definitely one of the things I wanted to check off my list in Williamsburg. I felt so silly wearing it because EVERYONE was decked out in legit colonial gear. We looked like posers! But I cherish my bonnet! For Christmas, I have already told everyone that all I really want is a long, red flannel nightgown. That way, I can pair it with my white bonnet and go to bed looking like a Colonial woman! The nightgown would have to look something like down below (but no blue in it, please! I just want it to be red with maybe green lining):

I know it looks fugly. But I wanna be comfy and nice & toasty (warm) as I'm sippin' on hot chocolate in the winter.

Anyway, while we were there...we decided to hit up one of the Taverns for lunch. On the destination map provided, it had advertised as serving "authentic" colonial food so we were sold! The uncomfortable part for me, at least, was once we got there and were seated...I noticed that our waiters were black. But here's the part that pissed me off, they were wearing raggedy clothes and I guess they were supposed to be slaves or something? Now, don't get me wrong! While I understand that it's suppose to be as close as it can be to historical STILL made me feel very uncomfortable. I wish they had switched it up with white waiters as well. Here it is in 2011, and I am stuck in an environment back in the 1700's where things were totally different than it is today. Definitely a culture shock for me.

The food was really delicious...I guess that's all I really have to say about the Tavern. Great food, uneasy ambiance...
 Homemade bread with softly churned butter

The sandwich was seriously LARGER than my entire face. I got a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich with the most zesty, tasty infusion of herbs and spices in my coleslaw (the yellowish looking thing sitting to the left of my sandwich). Even the chips were crunchy, crispy, and flavorful!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look at Sarah. Look how legit this pic woulda looked, IF ONLY she didn't have her iPhone in her hand. Aggh, she ruined it with the insertion of technology in the photo.

And here we are, about to be beheaded! Look how happy we are =) Hey, if death were to come...there ain't no avoidin' it. Might as well go out lookin' fresh!

Then we ended the day with a sweet carriage ride. It was $20 for each person...and it was only a 15-minute ride. Kinda pricy but it really added to our colonial experience!

Anyway, that was just a quick re-cap of my weekend. I am so excited! Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday and we are going to Clarendon to celebrate. I can't wait! I have been starving myself for the past week so I can fit into the dress I bought 2 weeks ago (BAD CHOICE! I should have known never to buy a dress for a big event TOO early on, because guess what? Us girls' weight fluctuate soooo crazy! What fit me 2 weeks ago, I'm strugglin' to zip up now. I told myself, fuck it! I'mma wear the dress if it kills me! I don't care if I have to wear that dress with only the zipper half-zipped up. I'm going to rock it no matter what!) I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned ahead.

I'm sooo excited about the SEPHORA VIB event as well! I'm planning to take FULL advantage of the 20% off this weekend. I already have my list set up of things to get. I will do an entry really soon of the products I plan to get and maybe a mini-review, too. :)