Saturday, October 29, 2011

So yesterday, we all headed out to Clyde's in Ashburn (aka Bumfuck City of America). It was for a friend's bday, so I had to come. But honestly, I hate areas like that. It's all WHITE ppl, and I hate how they fucking stare at us like we were aliens or something. First off, I just want to say that Clyde's is a really nice restaurant and all...but the patrons who frequent there are uptight STIFF asses. We were hanging by the bar and we still got dirty looks. I swear! They ain't never seen ppl who are not white or something. But whatever, that's my vent for last night. The birthday girl wanted it there and so I couldn't exactly just be like, "No, I don't want to go because Ashburn sucks". *shrug* But we certainly made the best of it! I had a good time, but I was super tired since I came right off of work. We didn't leave until midnight and I was burnt. There were about 20 of us altogether at the bar together but I didn't take pics of the other ppl because they were all drunk guys. Not picture-worthy lol.

So one of the guys that I'm talkin' to was supposed to come out. But here's the thing, the night BEFORE---I spent an hour trying to tell him that things weren't going to work between us. I don't know about you, but I'm the sort of girl that needs COMMUNICATION in order for me to feel like the relationship is even going to go anywhere. And since he lives in Maryland (only less than an hour from me, which is not too bad when one considers how bad traffic is in the DMV area), I don't get to see him everyday. And thus, I expect a lot of texting so we can catch up on each other's lives. But this dumbass doesn't get that! I see he's on his Twitter more than he's even trying to talk to me, so that's a real turn-off. So anyway, I spent all of Thursday night trying to explain to him that I just wasn't feelin' it. There's other guys who are interested in me, and that he's better off just not trying anymore since his efforts still equal to virtually zero effort (in my eyes). Somehoooow, he took that as some sort of challenge!

So I was at work on Friday morning, and I see his # pop up on my cellphone. At first I thought he had butt-dialed me since that shit happens to everyone at one point in their cell phone lives. But then I saw he left a VM, I listened to it and was cracking up! Dude sounded so depressed. So I felt bad, and being the undecisive person that I am...I decided to invite him out to Clyde's later that night. BIG WASTE OF TIME! He calls me right around the time he's supposed to show up and says he's having car problems *rolls eyes* So I'm irritated at this point. I seriously am not interested but homie kept insisting that he's just going to roll back home and get his other car and head out to Clyde's ASAP. I told him, "Don't even bother. *laughs* Seriously, no hard feelin's". I'm trying to get rid of him! But he's so persistent! I don't understand guys these days. What ever happened to the mystery and suspense of courting? I feel like guys are far too pushy or somethin'. I blame it on all of these stupid reality t.v. shows, smh.

Anyway, enough about my night. Picture time!

Tonight is the night the FREAKS come out to play! I might be going to a house party out in MD, if I feel well enough. I don't know what happened to the weather but it was snowing! I can't believe it, winter is trying to creep up on us. Me no likey. I kinda want to stay in but HALLOWEEN IS SERIOUSLY MY #1 FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!! =) I can't pass that up. So we'll seee....have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!!


  1. Honestly with that guy, just tell him, "Hey I'm no longer interested!" seriously he sounds like a headache. People always say that guys are never interested when you are and when you're not they come running back. Ahh, the pangs of dating!

    Btw, you look fabulous! I'm soooo jelly of your body!

  2. OMG I had the EXACT same experience at that EXACT same CLydes lol... LOVE your blog girl and thank you for visiting mine. I really appreciate it :)

  3. hi hun! on my hair i use moroccan oil, shampoo and conditioner... the oil is the BEST! thanks for stopping by my page! xo