Sunday, October 30, 2011

Relaxin' Sunday

Today was absolutely gorgeous! It's like, you would have never even known that we had sleet/snow last night. That's the thing with Mother Nature, I guess. What a fickle little bitch She is, ah wells. I went to have some Indian brunch with my mom this morning. It's been awhile since I've really sat down and talked with her, and even though she nags me like no other ("When are you planning to get married? What about those grandbabies? They coming or not?" Lol), I love her to death!!! We went to MINERVA, which is hands-down serves the best Indian food in this area!! I always feel like such a fatty though. I come in with my expandable pants and extra-large shirt and leave 5lbs heavier than when I started. It's all good, though. Gotta indulge here and there. Life's way too short! :)

Look at how colorful my plate is! I just luuhhhh-ooove it when all of my foods are colorful. It makes things so exciting, no? I love Butter Chicken. Hands down, that shit is seriously like CRACK. I'm sure they do put a lil' "sum'n sum'n" in that dish. *smacks lips*

A closer inspection!

Samosas! They're like fried Indian pastries stuffed with vegetables (baking potatoes, peas, and spices like tumeric and cayenne pepper). The green sauce is spicy while the brown sauce is sweet n' sorta sour. I alternated dipping my samosas with those two sauces.

And to cool it all down? Wash my throat down with MANGO Lassi! Refreshing!

Then, I headed to the mall to get my friend her birthday gifts. It's not until next week, but I know I'm a scatterbrained kinda person. I'd rather have it all done this week, so I don't have to worry about it later. It's funny because here's a fact about me: I have all sorts of "emergency" cards stuffed in the glove compartment of my car ("Happy Birthday", "Get well soon!", "Congratulations", etc) in case I ever forget any occasion that arises. Rather not look stupid and forgetful! Anyway, I am super stoked about this upcoming week. Nothin' in particular to look forward to, but just to get the week started...and have the weekend creep up! That's the one creeper I don't mind creepin' up on me. Get at me, Mr. Weekend! ;D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

So yesterday, we all headed out to Clyde's in Ashburn (aka Bumfuck City of America). It was for a friend's bday, so I had to come. But honestly, I hate areas like that. It's all WHITE ppl, and I hate how they fucking stare at us like we were aliens or something. First off, I just want to say that Clyde's is a really nice restaurant and all...but the patrons who frequent there are uptight STIFF asses. We were hanging by the bar and we still got dirty looks. I swear! They ain't never seen ppl who are not white or something. But whatever, that's my vent for last night. The birthday girl wanted it there and so I couldn't exactly just be like, "No, I don't want to go because Ashburn sucks". *shrug* But we certainly made the best of it! I had a good time, but I was super tired since I came right off of work. We didn't leave until midnight and I was burnt. There were about 20 of us altogether at the bar together but I didn't take pics of the other ppl because they were all drunk guys. Not picture-worthy lol.

So one of the guys that I'm talkin' to was supposed to come out. But here's the thing, the night BEFORE---I spent an hour trying to tell him that things weren't going to work between us. I don't know about you, but I'm the sort of girl that needs COMMUNICATION in order for me to feel like the relationship is even going to go anywhere. And since he lives in Maryland (only less than an hour from me, which is not too bad when one considers how bad traffic is in the DMV area), I don't get to see him everyday. And thus, I expect a lot of texting so we can catch up on each other's lives. But this dumbass doesn't get that! I see he's on his Twitter more than he's even trying to talk to me, so that's a real turn-off. So anyway, I spent all of Thursday night trying to explain to him that I just wasn't feelin' it. There's other guys who are interested in me, and that he's better off just not trying anymore since his efforts still equal to virtually zero effort (in my eyes). Somehoooow, he took that as some sort of challenge!

So I was at work on Friday morning, and I see his # pop up on my cellphone. At first I thought he had butt-dialed me since that shit happens to everyone at one point in their cell phone lives. But then I saw he left a VM, I listened to it and was cracking up! Dude sounded so depressed. So I felt bad, and being the undecisive person that I am...I decided to invite him out to Clyde's later that night. BIG WASTE OF TIME! He calls me right around the time he's supposed to show up and says he's having car problems *rolls eyes* So I'm irritated at this point. I seriously am not interested but homie kept insisting that he's just going to roll back home and get his other car and head out to Clyde's ASAP. I told him, "Don't even bother. *laughs* Seriously, no hard feelin's". I'm trying to get rid of him! But he's so persistent! I don't understand guys these days. What ever happened to the mystery and suspense of courting? I feel like guys are far too pushy or somethin'. I blame it on all of these stupid reality t.v. shows, smh.

Anyway, enough about my night. Picture time!

Tonight is the night the FREAKS come out to play! I might be going to a house party out in MD, if I feel well enough. I don't know what happened to the weather but it was snowing! I can't believe it, winter is trying to creep up on us. Me no likey. I kinda want to stay in but HALLOWEEN IS SERIOUSLY MY #1 FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!! =) I can't pass that up. So we'll seee....have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I been rollin', rollin' rollin, We ain't slept in weeks

So lazy these days. I had to resort to a side braid. I'm just not feelin' up to doing much with my hair and face, I know I gotta get back into the groove of things. But seriously, this weather makes me wanna sleep in the extra 20-25 minutes than to wake up early and *attempt* to look no so much like the hairy Big Foot monster in the morning.

Side note..It feels like nobody even reads my blog anymore. It kinda made me feel bad at first because I feel like I'm not really writing anything of particular relevance. But every cloud has its silver lining, I actually feel more "comfortable" knowing that most ppl skip over my blog these days. I'm going to really try and write more of what's on my mind than what I think ppl would want to hear. So feel free to unsubscribe to me if you want. I promise, no hard feelings.

Hit "Play" for some good ear shit. Love that Cudi.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hi, lovelies!

It's fall! I love how the leaves are finally changing colors. It just feels so serene and peaceful. Summer is fun, but Fall definitely has my heart. I actually like going out more during this time of year than ever. So how's everyone been? Hopefully on the grind, hustlin' and bustlin'. Best to keep busy! I've had a wonderful, wonderful month! I definitely can't complain. Things are going well for me, I've been so busy that it used to drive me crazy...but now I actually seek solace in it. I feel bad that ppl always try to hit me up and I can't always make plans and follow through. 2011 is moving so rapidly and it is my goal to see all of my friends before the year is over! But with everyone living in different cities, it's so difficult to meet up without any of our schedules conflicting. :/

So what's new with me? Well, I'm still on the dating scene. It's been such a whirlwind! I swear, my life is like a sitcom sometimes (you wouldn't even believe the types of guys I encounter!). One of my girls and I are planning to do one of those Professionals in the City mixers where it's sort of like a speed-dating type thing where you get to chit-chat 5 minutes with everyone. I'm definitely NOT expecting to find my Prince Charming there, but I think it would be such a hilarious experience. I'd definitely do it just for shits and giggles! Has anyone ever done anything to the likes of that? I would love to hear your stories if you have, especially if it's funny! Lol

I've been going SO MUCH that I'm hardly ever home anymore, which is suuuuch a huge change in my life. I used to be such a "homebody". And in a way, I still feel as though that's in my true element. However, life is far toooo short! I'm out and about these days hitting up D.C. trying to see what it's got to offer. I only live 15-20 minutes away from D.C. and can you believe my whole entire life I haven't really ventured into D.C.? What a damn shame, I say. Well, that's all changed. I also run with a different crowd now, and they're all a bunch of party peoples soo...

Anyway, I went to PARK last night and it was poppin'! I went there on Saturday a few weeks back and that shit was so wack. It was all these disgusting little Asian and Persian midgets drunk as hell trying to grope up on you. I definitely was NOT feelin' it the last time I was there. However, this time I made sure one of the promoters got me so we were able to SKIP the long ass line and go straight in as soon as we arrived (those poor ppl who have to pay cover and stand in line. I don't get it. PARK is really strict when it comes to who they let in. You have to look a certain way, like you can't be coming in with Timbs and a baseball cap on so I don't understand ppl who wait in line for more than 2 hours hoping they'll get's like, GIVE IT UP already. You're not getting in! Go to the lounge down the street or something).

But I had a GREAT TIME. I really was feelin' the crowd. I go through's kinda strange to describe but I know some girls know what I mean. I went through my white guys phase, my Asian guys phase, and now I'm just not diggin' them anymore. I like hanging with black ppl. It's not a race thing, honestly. I'm not racist whatsoever! But my friends are mostly black and I just feel more comfortable around them. *shrug* I don't see a problem, but I know I get shiftyeyesstared sometimes but whatever. Last weekend, I went on a date with one of my friend's black guy friend and I got such nasty stares in Georgetown. I was honestly shocked! What the fuck, man? It's 2011, interracial relationships shouldn't be like a scandal or taboo. Plus, I live in such a diverse area it's so hard for me to comprehend such hatred. But yeah, PARK was mostly black ppl last night. I'd say 97% lol. So I know now to go there on Friday nights. None of that techno shit for me, never going on a Saturday again! Lesson learned. Friday's where it's at =)

So in short (not really a short entry, sorrry!) I miss you guys all very much. I still keep up on Blogger when I can. I just notice that it's getting harder and harder for some ppl to consistently update their site, and I'm right witcha! I'm just going to continue to do my best and pop in as often as I can. I'm surprised I still have readers. Love you for sticking through with me *smooches* <33

 Oh, btw, if any of you are interested in reading my sister's blog. She just set up a new one! Follow her on her journey as she navigates through her exciting internship with a huge news corporation (mum's the word! But this is a HUGE network!) I'm so proud of her, I love her so much and she makes me a better ch-ch-check it out: