Sunday, March 20, 2011

Turban Sunday

The last two pics above is of this new blogger I just found. She's a-mazing! You know how some ppl were just born with that sense of style? They don't have to think or try too hard to pull things together into an outfit---they just feel it out and bam! The outfit doesn't make them, they make the outfit. Well, that's her. Check her out at Vintage Vandalizm :)

The weather is starting to come around here in the DMV area...however, I see that it's supposed to rain the whole entire next week, save a day or two. How are April showers already here in March? :/ But to look at the silver lining to this cloud, at least we are not bound for snow anymore. Those days hopefully *crosses fingers lest some freak storm of nature involving snow precipitates in the future* are over!

I've been very into thrifting these days. My main obsessions revolve around handkerchiefs and head scarves. I found this beautiful one today when I went to the Unique Thrift Shop near Merrifield. I love that place! On Mondays, you get 25% off all items. But Wednesday is even better! 50% off everything. I usually go on the weekends, which is when it's 50% off kids' toys & electronics.

I am in love with turbans! I find myself having a lot of "bad hair days" now that my hair is growing so much longer. Back when I was in school, I would throw it up high into a messy bun. However, with so much more hair---my bun always ends up getting heavier and heavier. It would physically HURT my head at the end of the day. I get headaches and my head would be throbbing in pain. I now find that by putting a headband or a turban as part of my hairstyle, it makes things so much more comfortable and effortless!

Here's the entire view of how the turban looks:

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know. Be sure to check out your local thrift shop! You will find countless treasures if you only took the time and harbor the patience to take your sweet time, stroll around, and give everything a look! Go in with an open mindset and you might be pleasantly surprised. And it's seriously all for a good cause. Most of the money goes into helping underprivileged families or the blind. So you can shop knowing it's all going toward a worthwhile cause! It's a win-win situation! =)