Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spring needs to come already!

Song in rotation: "Make it Work"~ Ne-yo

Hi, lovelies! How are y'all doing? Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their weekend. Did everyone get a lot of money from the Asian New Year? :)

This is the overall's ( <-- click to buy on their site) I got from F21 a few weeks ago. The shirt I'm wearing is one that I absolutely LOVE, I got that from H&M around the same time. Haha, it was cold as heck so that's why I had the furry Russian hat on ( from H&M as well). I think I'll be wearing this outfit out once spring hits, MINUS the hat of course. I don't think I'd ever wear the hat with this outfit, it'd look way too silly. Unfortch, the DC metro area is just not as fashion-forward as I'd like...wish I could be livin' in NYC or somethin', where wearing something like this would not even turn heads. Here, they'd look at you like you're a three-headed monster. Do any of you guys ever feel that way?? Like, what you're wearing feel sooo normal and sooo you...but when you walk out to grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, you feel *eyes* staring at you...I don't really care but it does get rude and annoying after awhile. I'm guilty of this, but I do my bitchface when that happens. I never stare, that's so f'ing rude.

I also managed to snag some new 4.5" inch Guess stiletto's from my favorite place ever---ROSS! I enjoy going there so much because it always feel like an adventure. There's so many neat things hiding there, and all it takes is for the "hunter" in you to seek out those treasures! These babies were originally $90 or something, I got them for a steal at only $39.99! Whoo-hoo for the discount!

Here's the view from the side:

Okay, and a little bit of update on my after my bf and I had broken up about a month ago...there was this NEW guy that entered the picture. We met actually around the end of Halloween. He was the one who actually came up to me (love it when guys get ballsy enough to do it! Of course, not in a CREEPER status sort of way, lol. Just be real with me. I hate it when guys drop lame pick-up lines). I was actually on lunch break with one of my co-worker's and he came up to me to ask where I was from (I always like to fuck with ppl when they ask me this. I told him I just came from work in Chantilly, lol. But obviously, they want to know which country. Which is weird, I always find that akward. I don't see white ppl asking each other which country they're from?) Then he proceeded to tell me how he thought I was beautiful, which ussssssuuuaaaaaallly when I hear this---I just roll my eyes because how cheesy is that. But with this guy, I knew he was being genuine...he just had that inner-dork/cute quality about him. Plus, he was GOOD-looking. I know looks are not the definitive deal-breaker, but you know how it is...first impressions are everything. So what I liked about him was that he didn't ask for my # outright. Instead, he asked me permission to give his # to me. How sweet, right?

Weeelllll...we started to hit it off right from there. We went to have dinner, to which I demanded that he trek from his city to mine (not really a long drive, but our highways here really suck and are congested)...he got lost and almost gave up because where I live is VERY CONFUSING. There's a lot of lanes and confusing signs because it's where you're trying to figure out where to get on 95/495/395. But regardless, he still made the journey out to see me. It was a pleasant dinner. :) But here's where the trouble started...I don't know what it exactly is. But I guess I started to rub him the wrong way. I'm pretty spoiled, and NEVER have I ever denied that. Pretty much in the beginning of a relationship, I'm demanding. It's almost like I'm "testing" the dude. I'll be spewing out ridiculous requests just to see how far I can push the guy. I know it's not nice and mature thing to do, but I'm basically seeing if this guy is going to be in it for the long haul with me. Well, with this new guy he started to get real antsy and irritated pretty quick into our relationship. (Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but he's Caucasian. My previous bf's have primarily been Asian. I've dated ppl of ALL races though. That's just how I am, my area is very very diverse!!)

But nevertheless, he would PUT up with me. About 2 months into our "whatever"---cuz I don't even know what to call it, we're not exactly established as "bf/gf" yet---reverse the roles, and now I'M GETTING very frustrated with the situation. I don't want to be tied down in a relationship, because hel-lo! I just got out of one that lasted for almost 4 years. I'm just trying to enjoy my newfound single status...which is hard because it feels as though I'm stuck in a new one now. So I guess, I've slowly been pulling myself AWAY from him. And he keeps texting me to ask what's up, how come I haven't been responding to him...I don't know what to say! It's not him, it's me, lol. What a lame excuse, right? But honestly, I don't know...he's nice, he's going to be in a great career field soon, he's goodlooking (but we already knew that, lol) I don't know what's going on with me. I just want to find someone who makes me tingle and flutter with excitement! But who knows? Maybe that's all those damn Disney movies mindfucking me. I'm jelly of all you's ppl who DO have that. So really...I've been avoiding him. Because I'm truly not sure if I'm just not that into him, or maybe I'm on my period right now and it's causing me to act hormonal. But somehow in the process, he's beating himself over it. He point-blank asks me, "Is it something that I've done that has driven you away? In case you couldn't tell, I'm not the most normal of guys. I try, but I fail". Errr....I just ignored that text. I don't have anything to say. I used to think boys were so confusing, but in all actuality---it's probably just me.

It's just been almost 3 months with him now, and at this point---we fight almost every other week. I thought the first six months were the "honeymoon" phase?? With us, it feels like we're in the beginning divorce phase...and it's always over the DUMBEST things that we choose to fight about. I'm just over it, really. There's too many other guys who ARE trying to get to know me, and for me to just waste my time on him is useless. I don't regret anything because I DID try my very best to make it work. *shrug* Onto the next one!

Ok. End of rant. This was pretty pointless. I just needed to get this off my chest and out of my head. It's been like a toxicity slowing building up inside me. Glad to rid of it for the time being. Anybody else having boy troubles? Do share! It really does feel much more relieving to get it out of you. Btw, check out LoveBLENDnBeauty 's site---this girl hits it right on the nail for many of the issues that girls encounter when it comes to the opposite sex!! I've been reading her entries regularly to try to make sense of some of the things I'm going thru right now.

Nevertheless, being the very optimistic person that I am. Looky what I got to prepare for upcoming V-Day! <33 I just gotta find my prisoner of love now ;)


  1. I am loving your outfit, I see that your in forever21 fitting room! Your shoe is way to cute! I was actually at Ross yesterday and saw a guess shoe for $39.99 as well but I didn't purchase it! If you have a place called Burlington Coat Factory they have a lot of brand name shoes and its already this price but they have way cuter shoes! And about the guy you were dating, I think since you been through a lot with your ex, maybe you don't want to deal/put up with any BS from other guys, that's probably why you can move on more easily?

  2. hi babe! advaced happy v-day! one week to go! i wish u all the best, especially on your "relationship". xx :)

  3. Love the outfit! You would totally rock the whole thing, even the hat. I absolutely adore that top though! hehe Love the heels too :]

    Enjoy your single life! Boy drama suck but yeah if you guys started fighting that much in the beginning of the relationship, that's just too much to handle. I guess you two were just two totally clashing personalities. Too bad he was handsome... but there will lots more out there for you! You're a beautiful person and I'm pretty sure there are lots of guys wanting to ask you out but like you said.. some of them are just creepy or they don't have any balls/game. haha

    I hope you get a fun prisoner for V-day ;D

  4. you are really cute! girl you are sooo slim! :O

    I understand your situation. you need to take time out for yourself... it's good not to jump onto another relationship after being in a long relationship as that. Been through it myself.. i think i took about 2 yrs of being single before jumping into a long relationship, who is now my husband. Times brings perspective into life. You might want to tell the guy the situation tho, he seems like a nice guys. Then he'll know that you're not just blowing him off like that... good luck with that!

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! Those are some gorgeous shoes you got! xoxoxoo

  6. I LOVE ur outfit..sexxxyy sexxy! Those handcuffs..yum. AHAHH xoxo :)