Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Inspiraboard

These are some of my current inspirations. I'm feeling it all so much....

A lot of stress right now. I'm trying to keep it all under control with each passing breath. That's the good and bad thing about life. It's all temporary. The good things come and pass. The bad things never outstay their visit. And we can choose to roll with the times, or stay in the past behind...


  1. Hunns thank you so much for that comment. I needed to hear that. On serious level you just help me realized and gain confidence in setting those boundaries and not being so timid around him.

    Your so right, constructive criticism I can take, but when you are bluntly attacking me, then I have problem with that.

    I have made my decision and I can live with that.

    Time to keep it moving, and yes me too I'm feeling those inspirations as well of late.


  2. Love all of them :]
    Especially the 2nd one. Simple yet glam.

  3. I know what you mean. Right now I am so stressed because of all my school work and Midterms, but I know once its out of the way, I will be fine. Until something new comes along the way, that is.

  4. Love the bohemian look!!! Nice insiprations, girl <3