Sunday, February 20, 2011

But that's fly by night for you, and the sky I write

Current song in rotation: "The Light" - Common

And on this frigid cold morning of 37 degrees, I'm still at home in my jammers. I know I should be dressed by now...but somethin' about being a lazy butt lounging around at home on a Sunday morning is just far too enticing. :p

Thank goodness, only one more month until spring comes! I am soo ready for the sun to bathe and bask me in all of its comforting warmth and inviting illumination. Until then, I suppose my soul shall settle in content with the lingering days of this wintry detention. 'Cause truthfully at this point, I feel like I'm being detained...

"The tenderest touch, leaves the darkest of marks,
and the kindest of kisses break even the
hardest of hearts..."

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