Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boy, I'm tired of running...let's walk for a minute

So today, I decided to embark on a more "nature" inspired adventure. So I trekked to my local park... As opposed to the usual mall setting...which I can no longer do! You wanna know why? I cut my credit card up! Yep! You heard pained me to cut my little baby up. I've had so many good times with her...but alas, I was paying waaaay too much each month. Like, seriously. Who spends $3k a month just on CLOTHES?? I don't even have any real bills, so it was just getting ridiculous. My clothes, shoes, and purses were piling up. I have TWO rooms and FOUR closets to stuff all that shit. So a couple nights ago, I finally dedicated three hours just trying to clean ONE section of the room. I got rid of 6 bags of clothes!!! Can you believe that? And that is only 25% of the stockpile that I own. I decided to go to Plato's Closet to sell my clothes. If any of you guys have a Plato's Closet near you, do check it out! I'm not saying you're going to make a butt-load of money back, but if you're trying to get rid of your junk...might as well make a lil' somethin'-somethin' from it. As with the rest of my stuff? I'm going to donate it to Purple Heart. Do good for your community! :)

In the summer time at this lake, you can buy "food" for the ducks and feed 'em! You can also rent their paddle boats and go out on the lake. What a wonderful relaxing way to enjoy yourself in the sun! Of course, they have the mini golf course if you're with your guy, I've never done any golfin' myself...but I'm sure it's loads of fun!! Can't wait to check it out soon when the weather gets much warmer.

Buy your tickets here, folks!!

Ooo, looky at the carousel! View from the side...

Here's a look it from the front!

So since it was a slightly windy 58 degrees here in my part of town, I decided I could wear less layers than I normally would. It's starting to get just a teensy bit less cold as the days go by...however, make no mistake. The full effects of spring are not felt yet!

I just wanted to go for a very casual look today. It's only Sunday after all, I'm in the lazy kinda mood...heh, actually who the hell am I kidding? Everyday is considered a lazy day for me! I don't like to make too much effort when it comes to outfits. I literally just do the "sniff" test (you know, the same method that guys utilize? Hunt around the room, find nearest article of clothing, put said article to the nose and it passable? If so, then score! Wear it!) and pray to God that I sorta match at least...nothin' worse than when you finally leave the house, look at yourself in public and go 0_o Wth was I thinkin' in wearing ALL of this together...all at once? Lol, but you live and you learn *shrug* I think fashion should be fun. Just remember, do what YOU want to do. So what if somebody doesn't think what you wear is "fashionable" or "trendy"? (I get a lot of stupid stares and comments from ppl sometimes. Where I live, ppl like to dress in the cookie-cutter mold. Abercrombie shirts, VS PINK sweats, and Uggs are the main attire. Not knockin' on that, just sayin' it's personally not my cup of tea). Are they the ones wearing it? HELLLLLL NO. So just keep ya chin high, and strut by those nobodies. My favorite saying:
"You were born an original, so don't die a copy"

H&M bookbag

F21 ring

My shoes...not exactly comfortable but it got the job done. I walked a good amount today, I'd say...and lord knows I need it! I still am so pissed I managed to gain such a significant amount of weight in such a short period of time. *Sadface*

Hmm...wonder whatcha lookin' at...
Why, hello there...

Is it considered weird that I like to go rock-hunting? Like, I seriously like to just go collect rocks in the woods or park for fun...I feel like a sick weirdo sometimes. :p

Look at that beauty right up there!

I'm a bit disheveled...

It got muuuch more warm towards the latter part of the afternoon, so I took off the dark-camel H&M overshirt. This is the outfit that I ended up wearing later on as we went to enjoy a nice dinner at the Melting Pot in Arlington. I had a very guilty conscience the entire meal there. I can't even say that I thoroughly 100% enjoyed it, because mentally inside my head---I was calculating how many calories I was consuming. :/

1110 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 243-4490

The pot that we cooked all the fondue in. Look at'ta steam!

The extremely cheesy, "Fiesta Cheese". That's what we always get when we come here. You can make it as spicy as you want, and of course---we went all out!

The tortilla chips the cheese fondue came with! You also had sides of green Granny Smith apples, a bowl of carrots, cauliflowers, broccoli, and cut-up bread. (I didn't take pictures of the other side items because every time my camera went out, there was a very BRIGHT annoying flash. The dim setting at the Melting Pot sets off a comfortable and cozy ambiance, and I surely didn't want to intrude or diminish other ppl's sense of relaxation.)

We ordered the "French Quarter" platter. It came with shrimp, hot sausage, chicken, and beef all marinated in a spicy Cajun concoction.

This is how it all looks in its RAW, pre-cooked stage. You toss these bad babies into the hot pot and POW!!! Ready for an orgasmic explosion in your mouth. Just be careful! Make sure you blow on it for a little bit before you pop it into your mouth. Or if you're too impatient like me, you risk burnin' your tongue in the process. :(

The French Quarter platter also came with a side of broccoli, red skin potatoes, and mushrooms to cook alongside the meats. I loved the mushrooms! And how can you go wrong with broccoli? So good for your skin!

And here are the yummy sauces you can dip the meats into!
Horseradish sauce, cocktail sauce (for the shrimp), and blue cheese sauce:

Sweet n' sour marmalade, curry sauce, and not sure what the last sauce is?

And looky here! Look at this cutesy, tiny lil' Tabasco bottle sauce. (Shhh, I copped this after the meal. It was too adorable NOT to! I put it in my purse. Who knows when I may run into a food emergency? Put Tabasco on almost anything and it will add the much-needed POW!!!)

And here's how it all looks, presented on the plate:
How delicious, huh??

And now time for dessert! Let's take a look at the menu, shall we? So many choices. Ohh, whatever shall we choose??

Hmm, let's go with the "FLAMING TURTLE"!!
It's a mixture of caramel and pecans immersed in rich, milk chocolate. *licks lips*

And here's the plate of things to dip into the chocolate. You have your chocolate marshmallows, cinnamon marshmallows, tiny bits of Rice Krispy treats, pound cake miniatures, strawberries, bananas, and teeny slice of cheesecake.

So all in all, the meal was a success. Ok, here's where my grievances came when I asked for the waiter to come by with the check...I was floored when I saw what the bill came out to be. I know the Melting Pot is a bit pricy...but I saw that the receipt had totaled to be $160!! Now, I know for a fact that CAN'T BE RIGHT!!! How does it come up to that grand amount for just TWO ppl??! I was looking over what he had charged us for, and he was putting us down for meals we never had even ordered. I was beyond pissed, because I knew what this motherfucker was trying to do. He was trying to "test" us to see if he could get away with swindling us for our money. This has happened many times to my friends in the past. I don't know what it is about my area, but apparently---it's a pretty common thing for waiters to do this shit. I was so angry, I called him back. I was 'bout to get his manager to come over to our table to resolve the issue, too. Of course, he tries to play it off and apologizes for his "mistake". Whatever, I was too full and almost about to engage in a "food coma" so I let it slide.

Ha. When he comes back to our table to bring us a revised receipt....once again! Mofo decides to play around, and the pen he gives us DOESN'T HAVE ANY INK IN IT! J is sitting right across from me, saying, "Don't worry. I'm going to tip him with cash". Umm. That's not the point here! The point is that the waiter wanted us to leave the "Tip Amount" area on the receipt blank so he can FILL it in with the amount that he wanted, ON TOP of the cash "tip" we were going to give to him. I was BEYOND PISSED now. So the fucking waiter (of course) is nowhere to be seen/found for me to get another pen. I had to ask another waiter for her pen. I mean, I've NEVER EVER had this horrible experience at the Melting Pot before. I like their restaurant, so I'm not going to let this one waiter bring my dinner experience down. I just hate it when ppl get so greedy, sketchy, skeezy that they think they can get away with this sort of foul shit.

So just be careful, folks!! ALWAYS, ALWAYS look over your check when they bring it to you. Be very meticulous and cautious of some of the things shady ppl try to hustle you. It may be only a few dollars, but it's still the principle. In my case, the total bill actually only came out to be $92. Can you imagine this asshole tries to scam us by charging us $160???? *smdh* I hope karma gets him. <> I was careful enough to check my bill, I can't even begin to fathom how many other ppl who were too tired, lazy, or careless to check over their receipt. Let it be a good lesson learned...

With that being said, I'm about to go KO in my bed. I got to get up at 5am early tomorrow for work. And the weird thing is...I'm actually ready to face my Monday morning with a big


  1. I lovee your outfit, and boy i'm on the same boat as you as far as the credit card is concerned. i think i'm definitely in love with shopping! i love that you did a little nature adventure and you look fabulous!! i've never eaten at a melting pot, but i'm hoping to have the experience, but definitely will be cautious about the server!

  2. love the back of ur shirt!! and drool* at the food they look soo good!

  3. Hahaha Fuck that shit I would have been, "Excuse me would you like to check that shit one more time shady?" Lol People always try to beat you out of money.

    But anyway love, got your comment, and yesssss waiting for this weather to get better so I can strut my stuff at this school.

    And why do people do that? They can kiss my cheekies, while I do the dance. The people in Md wear the same shit, I'm like can we try a little more passion and a little my individualistic style? Lames

    But seriously darling we need to hang out in D.C. I have been there at least three times in the last two weeks.


  4. What a pathetic waiter you had. I would be PISSED too. I've never been to the melting pot before and all your food pictures look so good. YUM

  5. Nice outfit!

  6. Oh dear, your cute comment means a lot to me!
    Thank you soo much!!! I am glad to have readers like YOU! would love to have you as my follower, too!

    Kisses Julia

  7. You look so stylish, i love your outfits especialy your shoes, they look gorgeous.

    Hope you enjoy this