Sunday, February 20, 2011

And it goes somethin' like this...

Damn, I'm on a ROLL! I don't know what's gotten into me lately but I've been going on a blog postin' frenzy. Hope I'm not blowing up your feed or nothin', lol. But trust me, this is how I am. I come n' go as I please. I might just disappear on you guys for a few months...but hopefully it won't come to that. Just never know with me! :p

Anyway, so I finally dragged my lazy ass out of the house for the day. Didn't really do much, just hit up the mall. I mean, it isn't nearly as windy as it was yesterday but the weather is still sort of cold. I didn't want to do anything outdoors really. I usually like to chill at the park or just walk around at the harbors. Oh well, maybe in a few weeks I can do that!

So while I was at H&M, I saw this cute Hello Kitty gift card! How cute, right? I'm glad that they're finally sprucing things up a bit and not just going with the plain ol' typical gift card with the H&M logo stamped on it. Who wouldn't want to receive this pretty little thing as a present??

And then when I was at F21, guess what I came across?? Literally, my sis and I were freakin' out a few weeks ago because we wanted these floral-printed Mary Jane's. But they were SOLD-OUT online before we could purchase 'em. So today when I saw them, I actually gasped aloud and gravitated toward them like a dog to a fire hydrant, lol! I'm sure the other shoppers around me thought I was in a drug-induced stupor of sort.

After trying them on, however, I was majorly DISAPPOINTED. These shoes were over 5 inches, I believe? They are soo NOT COMFORTABLE. all. :( They pinched the feet so badly, and they made walking so hard. I looked like I was stomping on grapes to make into wine, you shoulda seen how I was trying to glide around in my "test walk" throughout the store. IF I can't even survive the floors of F21, there ain't NO way in hell I can walk with these bad babies out on the real streets of DC. I was super sad to let 'em go....after all the searching, I finally found them. But it just wasn't meant to be....

^^^With the picture above, I just wanted to show you guys this chic purse I got a few days ago at my local thrift shop. I'm suddenly very into thrifting, as I find that it is such an adventure! You never know what you are going to come across. And it really makes it so mysterious and exciting to ponder who the previous owners were, and why did they get rid of these little treasures that are now mine? :)

This is the outfit that I wore out today. I feel so fuckin' bloated for some odd reason. I shouldn't though! I'm not on my period. The only thing I can figure is that I have been eating really unhealthy for the past two weeks. No lie! I've been eating like I only have a few more months to live or somethin'. Anything you put in front of me, I'm gonna stab my fork in it and shove it all in my mouth. I don't even think I chew these days, I merely inhale. What a pig, damn. :/

Sorry for shitty quality, iPhone is not the best means of taking pictures...

lhatl H&M
lshirt insidel F21
loutside shirtl denim, local thrift shop
lleggingsl F21
lshoesl black boots, F21

Don't you hate how the dressing room lighting makes you look so yellow like one of the characters on the Simpson's? Sometimes when I'm in there for too long, I start to get a bit d.i.z.z.y.....

And here below is the outfit that I walked away with. Everything is still my own clothes, except for the shorts. I ended up getting it. It was only $11.80! Too good to pass up!

So we decided to hit up the Cold Stone Creamery, because all of that shoppin' was just getting to me! And while we were waiting for our "No Fair Funnel Cake" Strawberry ice cream creation, I was patiently tapping the table with my freshly painted nails! (I get soooooooo bored with my nail colors, and have to switch it pretty often. The previous mango color was pretty but ehhh...I wanted something much more muted). So I painted it with Essie's "Sand Tropez", which is a new color in their collection. The ring on my pointer finger is one that I just bought today, too. :)

Ewww, look at how pale I am. I hate, hate, hate that! You can always see the green veins in my hands & arms. I have this real gross trick I can do with latex hand gloves, you can literally see RIGHT THRU my hands! You can see all of the circulating and nasty shit. Damn, I'm a freak of nature lol.

Here's a better view so you can check out the color!

And finally after the long-awaited 5 minutes, they finished making my damn funnel cake ice cream! I ate the whole ENTIRE thing in less than 3 minutes. Like I said, I didn't even chew. I just inhaled that goodness into my belly! It was a disgusting sight to witness. I had ice cream all over the side of my lips...gaah. At least it didn't transfer onto my shirt, as I usually experience that when I'm in my ravenous state. *sly shrug*

And here's a closer look at the funnel cake part of this concoction:

The funnel cake was so soggy and limp ("that's what she said", hahaha). No wonder it's called the "No Fair Funnel Cake". This is definitely not the delicious, crispy funnel cake you get at your local county fair! But the ice cream and strawberries made up for the disappointment. Honestly, you just can't go wrong with the Cold Stone Creamery. Ice cream FTW!! *whoop*

Annnnnnnnd *drumroll* pls! The perfect ending to my day?? I got this at Sephora!!! It's the PACIFICA Hawaiian Ruby Guava Spray Perfume. It's sooooooooooooooooo DELICIOUS SMELLING! I had two of the Sales Associates pass me by and almost maul me to death because they were trying to sniff me out. *gasp* They wanted to know what I was wearing that smelled so damn good. I might have gone overload on this when I was testing out the "TEST ME!" sampler bottle of it. Hahaha, don't front. You know you go crazy when you go into those beauty stores and dose yourself a good bath in the perfume. Hmm, or only me? *hangs head in shame*

I took this with my iPhone camera, so no idea why the image came out so majorly distorted. Kinda looks neat, though! It's only $22 for 1.2 ounces, so not bad. I can't wait to rock this scent when spring or summer comes. It's definitely something that will make heads turn and noses twitch in arousal. It has a sultry, sexy blend of sweet guava, bright pomelo, and warm coconut. Make 'em guys go cuckoo for you, ladies!! ;)

Alright, I'm bored now. Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their weekend! Rest up! The next week is coming, *blows hair out of face* Bye, loves!

Just wanted to leave you with of my favorite oldie love song! (Funny story...when I was born, my parents actually bickered over the fate of my name. My mom wanted to name me "Diana", after Princess Diana. But my dad was infatuated and obsessed with Sophia Loren...haha, I'mma let you figure out who won the fight. I think I make a better Sophia than a Diana! Glad my dad proved to be the victor :)


  1. I want those shoes so badly, but maybe not after what you've just said! They didn't have them on the website last time I looked.

  2. Hi Girl,
    I bought the Macbookpro case on ebay I picked the color, I paid $28 with shipping :)

    Love the outfit with the short shorts !!


  3. we all come and go as we please. I do that outside the blogging world. Like I will go into hiding for weeks at a time.

    But the food on this blog roll is making me hungry. Nom!

    And yes I thought it was just me, dressing room lighting is the worst. Grrr!!!!

    But love the purse. ^_^


  4. oh those shoes are super pretty! too bad they pinch your feet! why on earth did they make the heels 5 inches when 3 inch heels would have been PERFECT! haha :) the bag is very chic! thrift store finds are the best! :)

    i love your style! the boots, the shorts, everything! :)

    i dont blame you for "inhaling" that cold stone goodness! i would have inhaled it much faster than you! LOL XD

    have a lovely week ahead babe! :)

  5. hi!! thanks so much for visiting me.. omg there's so much i want to comment on about this blog post hahah..

    1. heart the hello kitty gc!
    2. love the floral print shoes.. but bummed they're so uncomfortable :(
    3. those black shorts are incredible H.O.T. on you!
    4. omg that funnel cake looks DELISH!

    hahahaha. i heart your blog.. i'm following now.. would love for you to visit me again and follow me too!

  6. Absolutely loving your outfit!! You are so gorgeous and the shoes are to die for! <3

  7. i love love love love love that last outfit on you! so boho chic. also, congrats on winning Giang's Katy Perry nail giveaway!

  8. the shorts are cute, i would wear it straight away with that outfit u had lol :)

  9. You're body is amazing!! I also love those shorts =)

  10. I want the cake and the shoes! Thanks for sharing a fun post, and drop by me too, soon.


  11. That outfit you walked out with... absolutely freakin' gorgeous.

    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I followed you.

  12. I always have the same problem with forever21 shoes, I'll see a pair online or in stores and I'll try them on only to find that they are like 3 inches too tall for me T-T anywayss the forever21 nails I got weren't that bad because I trimmed them, but the process of trimming them and sticking them became pretty time consuming so I don't think I'll be getting them again. I just tried them out to see what they felt like lol...and I also had a couple fall out in public xD

  13. The shorts are super cute! I hate the feeling of disappointment especially when you have such high expectations.

  14. omg! i love the shorts!! i never find the good stuff when i go shopping! :/ ... and i loveee the shoes! i've tried them on also and the polka dot one too. its really a disappointment that they're so uncomfortable. love ur blog! <3

  15. thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. and yes! i sewed the pillow myself :)

    love your blog~! your comments are hysterical! hahah :) the outfit with the shorts look good together with the loose top. the shorts are from f21, right? i really need to get myself a pair!

  16. wow, I love this outfit! The hat is my fave part, and you look stunning!

  17. Love the shoes!! :] You are gorgeous!!

  18. i love your little knitted looking shirt :]