Saturday, January 15, 2011

Take me to La Isla Bonita...


I miss the summer so much. I think I get seasonal depression (is that a serious illness for real? It's kind of like that "Restless Leg Syndrome" sounds funny to say, but it might actually exist). This wintry weather has me feeling soooo blaaah. I want my tan back, I want my toes wiggling around in my sandals as I walk around...not necessarily with a destination in mind, but wherever my feet takes me. I like aimlessly strolling around the parks or even at the shopping centers. The hours seem longer in the you never truly feel as though you are in a "rush". Unlike winter, you are always rushing, rushing, rushing to beat the clock. Rushing to beat the sun as it sets down, plunging you into the night's darkness....

My favorite summer song!


  1. Hahaah I'm a winter baby and I like the fall time. Winter is too cold and it makes me sleepy and tired. But I get restless in general wether it the summer or winter. I just go with the flow, and besides I'm a bat at times, sleep all day and fly all night lol


  2. We never have winters here, I often think they (snow) are wonderful, I didn't know that this season can be quite troublesome also xD

  3. I miss the summer too. I can not stand winter, & I ask myself why I'm still in Wisconsin everyday. I'm glad you're blogging again. :)

  4. hey love,

    i miss the summer too. i look so pale and white, i need some sun! some tan!

  5. Soo pretty! I love your look! You look mixed! That's a very pretty lipstick color!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! x