Saturday, January 15, 2011

On a ROLL, Don't roll me too hard tho

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Damn, wowza. I'm on a rolll, ladiess! :)

Here is a teeny weeny haul I had back last month. Nothing exciting, lol, but just the necessities that I needed at the moment.

I wanted to see what the hype was about NARS blush in "Deep Throat". The name is so naughty, me likes! ;)

This is how it looks like without any camera flash. It looks nice, but as you know NARS blush are highly the trick is to NOT pack this shit on, or else you be lookin' like Bozo the Clown. It's so hard for me to pull this color off since I'm so pale in the winter. I AM FOR SURE going to be usin' the hell out of it when summer comes along. I miss my tan so so much. As you already heard me whining about in my previous post. :/

I also got the MAC Paint Pot in "Rubenesque". My first MAC Paint Pot ever was the Painterly Pot, which I loooooooooove!!!! It covers any darkness of your eye, so you can put on your eyeshadow and have the color truly show up (moreso than if you were to just pack the eyeshadow on without any primer, but you already knew that! Lol, smarties you are).

This is how it looks swatched. So beautiful, eh? I love how it has a shimmer to it. It definitely makes your eyeshadows "POP"! I use this bad baby every day, eeeiiii. I'm in L-0=V-E.

I also picked up 2 MAC brushes. The left brush is a blush brush. It's so soft and cute looking (but, Sophie, you're the heck can a brush be "cute"?? HUSH!!! I say it is!!) The one on the far right is the lip brush. I don't know how often you guys wash all of your make-up brushes but I have a nasty confession to get off my chest...I used to never wash my brushes. Ok, NOT NEVER...but might as well be considered. I only washed it, like, once a month. Ewwwwwww. Nasty, right? But since my as-of-late breakout's on my face...I've literally washed all of my brushes TWICE a week (at one point, it was FOUR times!). I've become so paranoid, lol. I guess in a way, those little pimples were a blessing in disguise. It made me re-analyze how unhygienic my practices were. *hangs head down in shame* But I am a changed woman now, I tell ya!!! Changed!!!!

Hehe, also copped me a lipstick. MAC, again! It's called "Cyber". I was a bit hesistant when I was looking at it, because goshdarn--LOOK HOW dark it is! I don't want to look like a 16-year old screamo/emo/gothic girl (not that there's anything wrong of that sort, just not my cup of tea). But it was so intriguing, I just couldn't resist. I know darker lips had been pretty big this season, so ohhh what the heck. I grabbed it, paid for it, put it on as I left the store. Got stared at in the mall. But who the fuck cares?? It felt so "me"!!!! @_@

The pic below was from 3 weeks ago:

Here I was, wearing it. Lol, I love how I'm doing the "Asian squat". Honestly, NO FUCKING LIE! That's my favorite position!! It feels so comfortable to me. My co-workers always make fun of me because sometimes they'll find me hiding out in another room, doing the Asian squat. I do it whenever my tummy hurts (bad food, anyone?) or whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed. It just calms me down. So there you go! Another weird tidbit about me, I'm sure you didn't want to know lol. Wow, I'm just putting myself out there today, huh.

Ohhh, and as an update. You remember how I had previously stated in one of my past blog entries that my bf and I had broken up? Well...yes...we are still not together. But I always try to remain on amicable terms with all of my ex's (haha, in theory...doesn't always necessarily happen as planned but whatev). Well, J and I are still good friends. I still care for him. A lot. The "fire" isn't there anymore, but I still like to be around him. I crack him up, he makes me smile. It all works out. I am much better as a friend, than as a girlfriend. I don't want to hurt anyone...but I do things how I want to. I can't be with someone and still be true to myself, or at least I haven't find the right way to. I'm far too selfish and impatient to put up with anyone right now but me (but that's only cuz I'm stuck in this body. It's not by choice, lol). I don't think he gets it completely 100%, because he still has feelings for me. But I'm gonna try my darnest to make this friendship work, at the very least!!! So today, he and I went out to Cheesecake Factory at Tyson's. I am craving fatty foods, a lot of fatty foods! Usually, I aim for Asian food because I tend to crave Thai or sushi (I could eat that all day, every day for the rest of my life!) But since I'm on my monthly girlie thing, I gotta have a lot of fat in my diet.

I had one of their Strawberry Lemonade's. It tastes mighty fresh n' fruity! Just how I like my drinks. Ohhh, that cutie little thing you see right there is a toy I got in one of those McDonald Happy Meals. It's sooooo cute! When you press the top of her head (her hair), she squeaks out, "It's sooooo BEEEEAUTIFULLL". I always press this when I'm feeling down. Hahahaha. Lame, but it makes me smile. I was busy, annoying J by overly pressing her head!

To start off, I ordered the Beets Arugula Salad. One of my friends is OBSESSED with this. She always talks about this, so I was curious enough to order it. But first off, I had nooo idea what beets tasted like. I never tasted them before in my life! They look so scary. They're reddish-purple and look so creepy. I actually wasted 5 minutes of our poor waiter's life by asking dumbass questions (" what are beets?", "How do they taste like? *scrunching my nose*, "Why do they look like that?", etc etc.) To the point where he was like, "Umm...if you want. I could just run to the kitchen and get you a little piece to sample??" Haha, that's when I knew I crossed the line. I was like, awwww fuckit. Just put me down for one of those!!! They actually are not that bad tasting, but once again...definitely NOT my cup of tea. They taste bitter, and I hate anything bitter tasting.

Then I had their Fried Macaroni Cheese Balls. I saw this on the Food Channel a week ago. They were talking about how they made it and whatnot. Lemme just looked muuuuch better and tastier on my tv than in real life. What a disappointment :/ I only had one ball. I left the other 3 balls to J (they come in balls of 4, lol).

For my main entree, I ordered the BBQ Salmon. I like salmon, like...a lot! I know some ppl are grossed out by the "fishy" smell. Maybe it's the Viet in me but I like fishy smells, lol. Nuoc mam FTW!! Right? It comes with mashed potatoes (yuck, it was so mushy and without any flavor), corn succotash (once again, I was too FOB to know wtf that was...had to waste some more of the waiter's time in asking questions, hahahaha), crispy onion strings (yuck as well, too limp and soggy). So overall, I wouldn't say that the dinner was anything SPECTACULAR!! Cheesecake Factory, oh how you disappoint me today!!! >:(

Buuuuuut, my New Year's Resolution is to always find the silver lining in every dark and gloomy I will leave you with drink was BEAST!!!! *licks lips*

Now if ONLY I were sippin' on this delicious beverage by the poolside in my itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini (yeppers! I do got me some of that) A girl can certainly dream, no? Only a few more months until this caterpillar can metamorphosize into a butterfly!! I'll settle for a dung beetle, if need be lol. Have a wonderful weekend, beauties!! Loves, loves to all!


  1. hehe trust me you're not the only beauty blogger, i am super lazy when it comes to washing brushes, even thought i know makeup applies 100x better with clean brushes. i've been using antibacterial hand wash to wash my brushes -just because it's right there- so no excuses not to wash them. OOHHLA LA can't wait to see how you use cyber!!! looks awesome xo

  2. I haveyet topurchase a nars blush but loving deep throat def on my wish list. The food looks amazing. I'm always reminded to wash by brushes when a pimple jumps out at me. lol

  3. Gah you are soo pretty! I love these multiple posts! Deep throat looks great and I've been tempted to by Rubenesque it looks so pretty.

    Food pron makes me drool! =)

  4. Ohh thank you for your kind words but I'm definitely not thin :(. I think my fitness is okay but I just can't seem to lose the weight these days!

    Ohh MAC Rubenesque paint pot looks devine! And your skin is absolutely glowing! So gorgeous!

  5. HiHI!! You are soo pretty in all your pics!! I really want to try that blush and paint pot, they both look soo pretty!!

    ALSO- the Falsies mascara was really easy for me to wash off. All I used was my african black soap and thats it!

  6. hey gorgeous lady! the food looks soo good!!

  7. Deep Throat is one of my absolute favourite blushes! You may already have it, but if you love Prism, perhaps try NARS Madly. Beautiful neutral.