Monday, January 17, 2011

The moon will illuminate my room, And soon I'm consumed by my doom

I seriously, seriously want babies with this man. When I think of my ideal guy...Kid Cudi has got it all. He has that tough "I-dont-give-a-fuck" attitude, and yet deep know he's a pretty intuitive and soulful piece of work. It's just a front, I think. He has that swagger, his style is always on point and yet once again, it all looks so effortless and easy on him. He didn't have the best childhood growing up...but then again, which one of us really truly did? I love this man. I love his music. I listen to his shit every single day! It's probably rotting my brain since his music is considered "stoner music", but I could care less.

Down below is a video of him in NYC singing one of my top 3 favorite Cudi songs, it's "Soundtrack 2 My Life"...which basically in a nutshell details sorta why he is the way he is now, how his upbringing played a significant impact in his everlasting, lingering sadness that he still experiences to this day. He's drunk in the video, I think...but you can DEFINITELY see his passion and emotion penetrating through.

And below is the studio album version, just as good!


  1. oh em gee girl, I have not heard from you for such a long time on my blog. lol! Yes, thankfully, I got the good Asian genes, even though I don't look that much Asian to like 7/10 people. hahaha!

    Yeah, my hair grows back... thanks to the Asian genes too! or well... the typical Asian gene with the soft long hair.

    mmMmm, hottie man. hmm, I think most of us ladies love men who got the "I don't give a fuck" attitude but a soulful piece of work on the inside that only close people see.

  2. Hey doll! Great song... great performance. You really do see his energy & passion. Funny he's drunk! Couldn't tell :]

    Hope you're doing well! I've been MIA for so long hehe

  3. My new best guy pal hook me on to him and wiz khalifa. At first I did not like either of them well because the music they put was sounding to commercial to me. Well I have my mojo so dope on repeat because the lyrics have meaning, and yeah it maybe stoner music, but I think there is some meaning to it.


  4. i want to press PLAY! but stupid computer some how lost it's voice.
    but i love his music too :) gl with having his kids though! haha <3

    and no, that's not how i met my bf (at the jean store) , it's just a story how I met a friend haha. we went out once but we were better off friends ;)

  5. Hey sweetie, just wanted to drop in and say Thanks for following. and I gave you a blog award. :D