Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life's a's sandy all around me

Heyalllll! How's everybody's summer coming along? LOL. Obviously, mine has been going pretty welllll considering how neglected my blog is. But y'all already knew that about me. I pretty much come 'n go as I please. It's my blog, deal with it!! :)

Just been refreshing myself with some delish drinks...yummmay Strawberry Limade!

And eating some fresh fruits to liven up the skin!

Lol, funny story actually about the picture above. I was actually at work eating with my co-worker (who is the GOOFIEST guy alive) and I was eyeing his he asked me, "Do you want my apple? I don't want it, I'm full already." And I was just being my usual polite self, "Oh, don't worry about it. I don't want it. You keep it for later or somethin'..." ALLLLL while I was still *eyeing the apple* And he kept pestering me to just take it. So meekly, I confessed, "I don't actually know how to cut apples." And he was chuckling like he was in a seizure fit! I went to the restroom to wash my hands and came back to the sweetest surprise ever! He had actually gone to find a knive to cut those apples up for me. =]

So far, this summer I've gotten HELLA TAN (well, fake tan...but still). Went to the beach once, and about to hit up NYC again this Friday. I swear, that's the one place I've been to the most in the past few months. Not sure why that is, especially since I have anxiety attacks in crowded places---and NYC IS CROWDED AS FUCK!

"Boardwalk" Sign
welcomes you to the beach!


Supposedly, this place sold really good crabcakes. I'm not much of a crabcake aficionado, so I couldn't give you my 2 cents. But hey, I was hot as hell & hungry---and it was good enough for me then! They had good smoothies as well. *lickslips*

Early in the morning is prime time to find a great location on the sand to settle in! See the Ferris Wheel in the background? So romantical to go on for a ride at night---as the gentle, summer breezes set in. <3

At night, we went to a place called SEACRETS-->They got palm trees there, and the ground is all sand. It's basically like you're parting out on the beach at night time. It wasn't really my kind of thing. For one thing, I don't drink alcohol. But it was nice just to see what kind of setting it was. Basically, it's like 4 or 5 bars into one little place. It's HUGGGGGEEEEEE. And crowdeeeeeed :(

The best part is that they have these seats that are partially submerged underwater in the ocean. You can swim out and just grab a drink and chill out in the water. Of course, since it was night time---it was off-limits. But in the day time, I'm guessing it's a great way to drink and "cool" your body while having a good time with the buddies.

At the beach, I got to work on my killer tan (didn't use sunblock, I'm going to hell for sure)

Moving onnnnnnnnnn....photographic evidence to prove that I am indeed ALIVE & welllll

This was a month ago. Look how tan I am! Holy shit! Lol, I overloaded on my bronzer---guilty as charged. :p But I felt like channeling some Lauren Conrad with this hairstyle.

I basically just braided my bangs into my hair and twisted/pinned it back. For that day, I DID have to flat-iron my hair to be stick "pin-straight". I don't normally do that since I hate using any type of heat on my hair. Oh well! Definitely felt like a Cali-kinda chick that day. Except I'm most definitely an East Coaster girl!

Then, I felt like making things a little more glam. So I just pulled my naturally wavy hair into a side-ponytail. And yes, I'm wearing my favorite color--woot woot! I looved the tan I had going on here. I wish I was darker~~

Euughh, don't mind the bangs. It was in the process of being too "long" to be workable bangs, and yet too "short" to actually be part of my side hair. So I just teased it a bit with my Victoria's Secret hairspray (loooooooooove that spray!!!! Smells so *schmexy*) and just worked it to the side and prayed to God that the wind didn't distort my 2-minute piece of art, lol. Like my earrings? I typically do not wear any "flashY' earrings, I have converted myself to be more of a small studded earrings girl these days. I like to stick to the pearl earrings, BORING have I become these days?? Plus, I wear cardigans like no other! I'm pretty much a poor-man's version of a Stepford wife :/

This is how I look these days. Darker hair! And in other news, my eyebrows are growing back thick n' bushy! Yayyyy! I've been waiting, literally, over 2 years for this miracle to take place. I used to wax my eyebrows sooo often that they became thin, anorexic lil' caterpillars (sniff sniff, wth was I thinkin'?) So I finally decided to toss out ALL of my tweezers except for one...that way, that ought to eliminate any "itch" I ever had to mess with my 'brows.

But STILL rocking my "glitteryeyexx"'s, heheheh. I freakin' hate my lashes right now. They're so long, but not exactly voluminized like they used to be. I really regret using LATISSE. The long-term effect really outweigh the initial benefits of having long lashes *sigh* So girls, really think about it before you use this prescription drug! I wish I had really considered all of the aspects involved with using Latisse. >:[

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Hope everyone's summer is going grrrrr8! (That was so lame, I know, lol.)