Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kitty got flava!

I'm baaaaaaaaack, my lovelies!! Woot woot! It was my birthday yesterday!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee. So pretty much, I've been on my "vacay" for the past week or so. I just came back from the "city that never sleeps" a.k.a NEW YAWWK! (Yes, I meant to type it like that, lol.) It was mucho fun, but in my realization...I've come to see that no matter where in the world I am---home is where the heart is...seriously. So far, I've been up to New York twice in less than 3 weeks. The 1st time, I took a Greyhound bus---but ugggggh, 4 hours one way there, 4 hours back home = 8 HOURS OF torture. This 2nd time around, I just took the damn airplane!! Can you believe I had to be strip-searched at the airport?? Lil' ol' me?? They put me in a confinement "box", basically it's a see-through huuuuuge cube that you are solitarily confined in. Then they have this security officer come in the box to search you. I had to take off my shoes so they could make sure I didn't have a bomb in it. Wtf? :p

I went to eat at a place that is supposed to be BOMB ASS GOOOD when it comes to dim sum. But the service was so, so, so HORRIBLE. I think because I didn't speak a single word in Chinese, they didn't care to come by our table with the dim-sum cart. Literally, every single time I tried to flag down one of the waiters, they just turned the other way. EVEN THOUGH I clearly made eye contact with them!! Fucking shit!!! I was soooo pissed. In DC area, I'm used to getting good service at restaurants. But in NYC, it was really an eye-opener for me...*pouts*

Grand Harmony
98 Mott St
(between Canal St & Hester St)
New York, NY 10013

The dim sum was aiiight. It wasn't all that. I was soooo hungry that I ate everything so damn fast, lol. You know that feeling? Where you're not really biting or thoroughly chewing any of the food? I practically just inhaled all that!

And guessssss who I was lucky enough to encounter on the streets of New York???? *drumroll*
The one and only infamous NAKED COWBOY!!!

He's pretty famous...been on the Letterman show and other media outlets. I literally just bumped into him, having nooo idea it was him. But my gf was like, "Sophie! Look in front of you!" So you know me...I'm pushy as hell. I definitely wanted the chance to have a photo op with him.
I seriously felt so uncomfortable around him, up close. He's really touchy-feely, lol. But then again, he is PARADING AROUND in his tighty-whities...what should I have expected?? Look how I'm trying to put some space in-between us, while he pushes me even closer to him, ahahaha.

He wanted to *flex* his arm muscles for the entire crowd that was slowly encircling us during this photo op. I decided to be bold and smack that ASSS!!!

The entire crowd was clapping & applauding us!!! The women were screaming. *smh* Soccer mom's and menopausal women love anything that remotely resembles Fabio, lol. Ohhh---and JUST FOR THE RECORD...I really DID NOT touch his ass. I just placed my hand accordingly in front of him, so it made it look as though I was smacking his ass. And for sure, afterwards, I Purell'd the shit outta my hands. I even used 2 baby wipes to get the grossness off of me. This was all in the name of a good photo, so I could look back one day and laugh.

I also went to this cute little shop that served boba drinks & mochi! Since it was soooo sizzling hot in the mid 90's, I had to drop by and grab me a nice, icy cold lycheee drink and some green tea mochi. Yum! Yum! And the shop's name is so cute, as well, hehe.

51 Mott St.
(between Bayard St & Pell St)
New York, NY 10013

Mm'mmmm. Don't get no better than this!!

And offff course, I had to make sure I grabbed some Gundam kits for my bf before I headed home. Here is one of the finished products after he put it together.

Lol, isn't it so tight looking?? It's over 100 pieces! Took him awhile to figure it out, but he did. I always make fun of him for this weird side hobby of his, but then he reminds me that my make-up hobby might be considered "weird" to some, I guess we all have our little odd hobbies, huh?

All in all, my trips to NY were fun and interesting!! I've never been in a place that had SO MANY Asian ppl. So it was sort of strange to me at first. But then I set myself into the rhythm with the hustle n' bustle of the chaotic, busy surrounding. :]


Today has been such a chill day so far. I'm still trying to settle myself back into my life here, since I've been back. We went to go get dim sum at Mark's Duck House in Falls Church. It was really good! They had scallop ha gao, something different but very satisfying explosion in the mouth. My favorite dish is always going to be (hands down) shrimp ha gao!!

Uggh, I am kinda sick at the moment. My nose is stuffed up and I have a sinus infection. So I wasn't really able to taste all of the flavors in the dim sum. Look how sleepy I look! I think I'm sleeping with my eyes open (which IS possible, lemme tell you...that's how I look when I'm sitting in classes. I'm seriously sleeping BUT MY EYES ARE OPEN!! Hahaha, I got the professors fooled....wellllll, that is....until they call on me for the answer to a question. *facepalm* to the head)

[sitting inside the house on my couch]

Damn, I look so fuckin' messed up. Aggghhh! I hate it when my sinus infection physically starts to make me feel like crap------

So what's the quickest cure to sleepy eyes? OF COURSE!! Huuuuuge ass shades! These are my BIGGEST bug-eyed shades yet, to date. They freakin' cover more than 50% of my face. Which is good. No one wants to look at a face like this first thing in the morning, hahaha.

And here was what I wore. I loooove these shorts. The bf is sucha hater! He was asking me why it looked not like shorts. I was like, DUUUHHHH. It's supposed to be like that. The pockets are actually overextending past the length of the shorts and are visible. It's kinda trashy looking but I dig 'em!

Look at my chicken legs. I have such thick thighs but thin ass calves. It's the most unsightly thing! But thank the Lord Almighty I don't have "cankles". I see so many girls my age who have 'em? I thought only soccer mom's get 'em?!

I loveeeee the nail color on my hands/feet at the moment. It's such a light, fresh minty green! I got the nail polish from F21. It looks different & I dig that!

Yucky feet. Which I am afraid of. Hahaha, I'm really trying my best when I post this pic up, you do realize.....

And here's my full outfit. Look how tan my legs are in comparison to my arms! That was seriously a fake n' bake GONE WRONG. I used the Jergens fake tan lotion shit and it turned my legs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay orange. I want a tan so bad but am too chickenshit to get it through salon tanning. *throws hands up in the air* What's a girl to do?

And here's a blooper picture. Hahahaha, my bf was trying to play around with my iPhone and here's me being pissed as hell, lunging at him & trying to retrieve it back. I was yelling, "Give it back, you lil' bitch" Sucha prankster, that punk!! >:[

Ohhh, and in exciting news (well, for me at least), I was able to obtain the much coveted MAC's Marine Life...yipppeeeeeee!

It's far too gorgeous and I'm afraid to use it. Upon the first initial application, the gold overspray is supposedly going to vanish. :(

Annnnnnnd, I'm going to get the limited edition Hawaiian Hello Kitty at Build-a-Bear Workshop tomorrow!! I've collected every single one thus far that has been out. I think this is the 3rd Hello Kitty they have promoted. Hehehe, pretty psyched for that. I'm such a kid, can you tell??

This is how the kitty comes. You have the option to buy little "outfits" for her. I love how the Kitty looks like she's got some "flava" in her. Luscious tan! Ohhh yeaaa.

Here she is, wearing the tropical Hawaiian girl attire, with the coconut bra and grass hula skirt. Soo cuuuuuttteeeee ^.^

I saw it in the store, but didn't get it at the time. However, I'm getting this tomorrow! Yayayay. Hope all you beautiful ladies are enjoying the summer weather!