Friday, April 23, 2010

Your Rhinestone eyes are like factories far away, Here we go again!

Hiiiiiii. *waves* Lol, I'm sneezing like crazy right now. I literally just sneezed 4x in a row. Did you know that every time you sneeze...You take a DEEP breath inhalation and hold it, which will tighten up your chest muscles. The pressure of air in your lungs quickly expands. You close your eyes x_x

Then, your tongue will press against the roof of your mouth and suddenly your breath comes out rapidly through your nose. But---that doesn't mean that it stops your heart rate! That's actually a common misconception/myth. The changing pressure in your chest, due to the sneezing, is what causes a fluctuation within your blood flow, which may alter the rhythm of your heartbeat. Betcha didn't know that...or maybe you did?

Anyway, there's this saying (very common for Asian ppl) that every time you sneeze---it actually means that somebody is talkin' about you. And when your ear itches, someone is speaking badly of you. But then again, I never fall prey to these superstitions. My mom does, though! She's THE most superstitious woman ever. It drives me nuts! Anyway, the title of my post is referencing to the Gorillaz song "Rhinestone Eyes". =)

[My face for the day, taken after a long day's work...]

[rhinestone earring]

I have a serious question for y'all. Please answer in my comment box, because I would love to hear your opinion/thoughts/etc! I have been in a funk for the past few weeks. As in the, I'm so bored with...well, myself. I'm bored with who I see in the mirror. I'm bored with the outfits I pick out. I'm bored with the way I walk. I'm bored with how I talk. You catch my drift.....have you ever just felt SO BORED with who you are? I feel as though I want to make a drastic change in my life. But not quite sure where to start. And more than anything else, I wish I could exchange BODIES with somebody (a la "Freaky Friday"). Preferably, somebody from a different continent. I want to experience a different culture or lifestyle, than the one that I am living right now. Too often, I feel as though we as humans are TOO consumed with ourselves, that we don't make the time or the effort to look through the eyes of somebody of a different circumstance. I want to be somebody else...even if only for one day. That's why I looooove watching MTV's documentaries of "True Life".

I'm getting restless always seems to happen this time of the year. When the flowers are blooming and the air is ripe with possibilities of what is to come for the summer. Agggghh, if only the pollen doesn't get to me first! I take pseudoephedrine every single day!!! And if any of you take it, you know how HYPER & JITTERY that shit makes you. That's why in the majority of the states, if you want to buy any medicine with this ingredient in have to present a valid I.D. and sign a form to get it. This is what addicts use to make methamphetamine.

Damn, you stupid bee with your damn pollen!

Ok, so here's a mini-update on my Latisse usage. So far, it's been well over a month...and I have to say. For the $100 value of this product, I would NOT purchase it again. Sure it makes my eyelashes soo incredibly long (it actually hurts to blink my eyes when I'm wearing my sunglasses. I can hear the actual sound *thwip thwip* of my lashes brushing against the lenses)'s not worth it in the end for me. Why, you may ask? Because I actually end up losing at least 2 eyelashes a day with Latisse. DON'T ASK how. I don't rub my lashes at all! Somehow, I have this sinking feeling that Latisse is weakening my lashes. So sad, too. 'Cause I think it could have had a lot of potential, if not for this one major thing. I'd rather have more lashes (in terms of volume) than long lashes. I'm just phasing out Latisse right now. I use it every-other-night now, until it's all gone. Then back to the drawing board! :(

For my look today, I used my trusty, beloved Wet n' Wild Trio Eyeshadow palette in "Egyptian Sands". I have used this for over 4 years now! It's so cheap...only $3.99 (sometimes you can get a great deal---like, BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!), but it's so deeply rich & pigmented in color. I love it!!

I use the middle color (a light, shimmery champagne color) all-over my lid. Then I use the bottom color (a matte taupe) on the "sockets" of my eyeball, to provide definition. I later finish the eyelook off with the top color (an off-white shade) as a highlighter, right underneath my brow bone. Ta-da! So simple, no?

I wore a Royal Purple shirt today!

[Check out 'em rhinestones ;) ]

Here the shirt is, in closer detail. Not sure why my camera made the color look much lighter?? Weirddd.

For my lips, I wore the highly-praised (w/n the beauty blogger world, at least)---
Maybelline's Pink Please

Ugh, you can tell that my foundation is too dark for my face. I use L'Oreal's Mineral Make-up, and I normally use 2 shades (mix n' match) to create the perfect shade for my skin during the summer time. That being, "Light Ivory" & "Nude Beige". Right now, I'm actually a "Light Ivory" (because I haven't gotten the chance to tan yet in the sun...too busy workin' inside my lab...or maybe I'm a Vampire? Lol!) But my "Light Ivory" ran out, so I'm just stuck using the "Nude Beige"--which of course, is too dark on me! That's why the face & neck don't correspond in color. Don't mind me. Just give me a couple more weeks to tan/brown up a bit! Lol, anybody else have this similar problem with the changing of the seasons???

Are any of my fellow beautiful followers Korean? I would love for you to explain the following to me. A couple hours ago, I was actually at my girlfriend's house for our date night (she made me linguini with clams in a light white-wine sauce...*smacks lips* Yummers!)

On my way out of her house, I noticed this hanging on the wall near the doorway:

It looks so freakin' NEAT!! It says "Korean Traditional Mask Image". The 1st mask is labeled as the "YangBan Tai". It looks like it is in the image of a man? Correct me if I'm mistaken. Meanwhile, the 2nd mask is labeled as "Bune Tai"...and it looks like a woman. Once again, I could be wrong. But this is just my interpretation of the mask. With that being said, what is the significance behind all of this? I'm really intrigued. I would have asked her to explain it to me, but I had to rush out the door. Hmm...

Even though I have already eaten with her...I still find myself hungry right now. I'm craving for some good ol' Com Chim Cut (Rice w/ Quail). Slather on all that fish sauce! Yum yum!

[I had this a few weeks ago!]

On my way to work a couple days ago, I saw this idiot on the road that made me crack up:
[Check out the massive amount of pollen sticking to my car :( ]
His license plate says "MR WRNG".
I'm assuming that he's only doing this to get women? One of my male friends said that maybe it is a reverse-psychology ploy to get the girls! You know how it is...some women like all the wrong type of guys, and feel as though they can "change a man" for the better. Haha. Well, I sped up to catch sight of the dude in the car...and let's just say that he ought to reconsider changing his license plate, instead, to "MR UGLY". Just a mere suggestion :p

And a final funny PIC for the day. Let me see if any of y'all can understand what's going on in the picture. Click to enlarge if you can't see the image in detail. Think about it very carefully....

Email me if you want the answer!! It's so funny, I could just kick myself for not having thought of this idea myself! I might just do this to one of my local McDonald's soda machines. ;)


[edit] Ok, so you beauties are too good! You figured it out! "Ice Cube" (the rapper) is on the ice dispenser, while "Ice T" is on the iced-tea dispenser. On a quick side note, I had a pretty rough morning. Woke up, feelin' waaaaay emotional (damn you period!)...started crying. Bf had a tough job this morning trying to calm me down. I just feel so damn bloated and ugly and sad. I want to say that I don't know why. But the truth is...I've been pretty good at hiding and building up my feelings, and I guess just like an overflowing cup of water---my tears were bound to spill out, sooner or later. So I'm just takin' it easy today. The weather in DC area matches my mood today...cold and grey. By next week, it'll be sunny again in the forecast. And so shall I....


  1. OMG! Ice and tea! Bahahahaha! I love it!

    Your earrings are so pretty! Bling, bling!

  2. Love all your shots!

    I've been in that sort of rut before, Volunteering at church really gets me out of that!!

  3. If your bored, I would just do something random and spur of the moment. Like get a hair cut, or just go splurge on something you really want.

    Hopefully you won't be bored for long! :)

  4. you're so sweet <3 but i bet you already do have a curvy figure ;D omigosh i wanted to try latisse but...i also dont want longer lashes b/c i have so would just look weird...LOL i want thick lashes!!! <3

  5. i hope the allergy goes away real soon! you still look pretty even if youre suffering from pollen allergies hahaha ;)

    LOL at that car plate! one things for sure, the guy has some sense of humor. :)

  6. Love your eyeliner on your bottom eyelashes, it really brings out your eyes=)


    I sometimes get bored with myself. The last time I was that tired of who I was, I became who I am now. I'm GIRLY (still a tomboy at heart though). I got bored with my look so I changed it. That's the beauty in makeup. You can always play around with your image, makeup, hair, etc.

  8. Feeling bored with oneself? I think we all experience that once in a while. My thoughts mirror Denysia's, like a haircut. I did that once (chopped off eight inches!). It was quite drastic, but suddenly I felt like a whole new person.

    Gosh, I love your huge doll-like eyes! Pity about the side-effects of Latisse. :(

  9. love your earrings and choice of make-up!



  10. i really adore your hair colour, must of took a long time at the hair salon to get it that colour! <3

  11. Mr. Wrong? well that seems a little like a sad way to get females to notice him. I mean come on you are wrong, or maybe it could be him just being a funny a guy, who knows? lol

    Like makeup for the eyes, and blouse is too cute.

    Then the whole soda machine thing. Ice cubes, and Ice tea. If I saw that my first thing would be, why did they put that on there, and then my second would be,this is so immature.

    Them using it as metaphor would have never cross my mind. lol


  12. I've been in a rut where I'm bored with me haha. When I do get that way I try to change something, like my hair style or even the way I wear my clothes (a cheaper alternative to buying new ones) Just try to change a small thing, and usually that helps. That's why I love makeup so much, you can always do something different!

  13. Awww sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% (allergy wise AND just in general with life) Life is just blah work all your life and live for the tiny moments where you actually get to enjoy yourself and maybe travel! I would just take a trip somewhere, just get out! It happens to me too, I get that itch to DO something with myself sometimes.

    I'm surprised you weren't in love with latisse - your lashes look so lovely! But yeah, if it's making your lashes fall out, totally not worth it. :(

    Love your pics, thanks for sharing!

  14. OMG. I totally get like that. All the stress just comes out one day when I'm on my period. Like a Tsunami of fucken emotion! It's crazy.

    OMG your food is making me sooooo hungry right now.
    I wanted to eat pasta last night but the place I went to had a 45 minutes wait... for 2 people. -__-

    That sucks Latisse does that! I mean you pay so much expecting something then get a crap load of side effects. I wonder if that Revitalash works or if it does the same thing.

    LOL. I totally come off too blunt for some people. I'm never talking "shit" it's just the truth. And sometimes the truth hurts. Hehe! Better then being fake. =]

  15. did i just see ice cube?!?! LOOL
    your totally right im so done with trying to find a guy... hahah
    omgeeee pasta looks so yum!!

  16. LOL WTH... those stickers on the soda machine are funny!

    I think re: your Latisse... since it increases the growth of your lashes that fast, it probably makes them fall out faster too. Sucks... I would hate to have super super long lashes because I wear glasses and I already get that "rubbing on glass" thing when I curl and put mascara on.

    Beautiful makeup & outfit! <3

  17. Hey Dollface! ( look like a living doll!)

    No problem for the review! I'm glad I was able to be of help in some way or another, since I'm such a noob still :P lol Usually, it's sold on Imomoko for $35.99 and on Sasa for $45.20...BUT right now, Sasa is having a promotion where it's selling Vitacreme B12 for only $33.90, so you should take advantage of it! are SOO freaking BEAUTIFUL! WOW. When I saw that first photo, my draw dropped and I was like she can't be real! lol :P From what I gathered from reading a few of your posts so far, are you Vietnamese + French/Caucasian? I'm guessing that's your mix because you actually LOOK like it unlike that stupid dirty whore down there (Tila) who claims that she is part french...NOTHING about her looks freaking Euro...she just looks flat out 100% as-Vietnamese-as-you-can-get Viet. She should just own up to it, idk. I get so annoyed by her. Sorry for the rant! lol

    Anytway, I love how you just write exactly what's on your mind--you're straightforward and blunt, no beating around the bushes. :P Gotta love your sense of humor, too! I'm following! I'm glad you stumbled on my blog because then I would've never known what I'm missing out on your blog! hehe mutual discovery :P

    Hrm, if you're bored, you should definitely travel!! Daily life routines can get really monotonous and very unexciting, so you just need a little breath of fresh air. If you can do an international trip, GREAT! but if that's not what your wallet can handle right now, then go for a roadtrip during the summer somewhere with your bf, friends, or family! You can also fly to some place you haven't been in the states. A change of scenery--even if just for a brief amount of time--will get you feeling refreshed and loving yourself and your life again instead of being bored with it. :P I think you just need to break out of what you've grown used to and just experience a quick change of pace and scenery. That's just my humble suggestion--I hope it works for you if you decide to do it! If not, then I hope you figure something out that will make you happy and revitalize the fun and excitement factor in your life again ^_^ You're a GORGEOUS girl and smart too! You'll figure it out :)

    &hearts caroline

    p.s. Oh, btw, my name is Caroline! What's yours?

  18. LOOOL, you crack me up! I read what you wrote about how "MR WRNG" should change his license plate to "MR UGLY" and burst out laughing. It must be the caffeine! You know, I've been thinking about how Latisse really works. Maybe the people who buy it are like, "Wow my eyelashes are getting long! Amazing! Who cares if I lose lashes everyday?!" Maybe that's one of their little ploys, that the solution actually weakens your lashes, so that they fall out more, but they still grow longer, so people feel like they need to continue using the product because they think they'll get better results with more time?

    I hope your allergies and the pollen start to clear up. And that you don't get too crazy during your period! Hahah. I know what that's like though, when I got off my birth control and my system went back to "normal" I was BAWLING over every single effing thing, and it sucked because I knew I was bawling for no good reason but my period..

    Loooove your blog <3

  19. thanks so much! ;) i'm korean, and i've definitely seen traditional masks like those before, but i'm not sure what they mean. i googled it for you (and me), though.

    yangban -

    bune -

  20. That's good to know that Latisse works well, but too well! Loosing lashes isn't cool either.

    Georgetown Cupcakes didn't have a line on a Wednesday when I went. So maybe a weekday would be best. Good stuff tho! I suggest checking out the menu on their website and going on a day where they have flavors you wanna try.

  21. Hey!
    It's ok, I kind of feel the same way about life, and I find I get like that too around this time of the year. I key is to just change it up and even if you can't go away to another country or something, to just have a "stay-cation" and just explore new things within your own city. Try to read new books,experience new ideas and try a new hobby too. As for being bored with my outfits, I think that just happens to me all the time, and if you figure out how to stop this without destroying my entire closet please do let me know!
    ps, thanks for your great comment on my blog about skin lightening!

  22. that picture of the mc donald's beverage dispenser is just hilarious. it made me crack up! i think youre right i need a change of scenery. im not moving out to the U.S. anytime soon maybe just for a visit to california. im so sorry that youre so allergic to pollen, that must be horrible! im waiting for a call back next week for the executive assistant position. but im not really holding my breath for a stylist position. there were requests for my resume but i didnt get any calls yet. maybe im just a little too impatient.

    i totally know how you feel when you say youre bored with yourself. i feel the SAME way. its especially frustrating for me right now because ive gained weight and a lot of my clothes dont fit. its so embarrassing. i used to be a size 0 and now im like a 4. my family giving me a such a hard time about my weight definitely doesnt help my ego either. i feel worthless sometimes its pathetic. i have my good days too when im able to put together an ensemble and i go through the trouble of doing my makeup which most days i dont even bother with since i just stay home. i go eye shopping and get mini make overs at the shu uemura counter and it makes me feel better. its little things like that for me. im just going to let time pass by and hopefully things will look up, things will improve for you too im sure. have fun on your trip to NYC.

    x jenny

  23. um i posted a comment just right now but im not sure if it worked. just wanted to let you know i hope you have a great trip to NYC and your allergies improve!

    x jenny

  24. When I feel bored about myself I'll just do something to distract myself :D the earrings are so pretty btw!
    ryc: I haven't tried all of the stuffs that I got, but from those stuffs I will really recommend Koji eyelash curler, it curls up my lashes really well. I'll try to do the post too :)

  25. love your look,n maybe it's just me..I dont think the foundie is too dark for you @.@" or are my eyes tricking me? lolz..
    btw, if you are bored, how about trying some community service?I know it might sounds like an odd suggestion, but I think it's good to help others and it will definitely put a new perspective of your life :)

  26. aahw you always leave sweet comments on my blog<3!!! thank you very much=]
    ahw i love you eye make up! it looks so great every time! i realy can't apply make up hahaxD i always ending up looking like a clown or worse...xD

  27. hey thanks for following me ^^ you're really pretty!

  28. "She's THE most superstitious woman ever". I also think the same about my mom. hahah

    That license plate is hilarious. I don't know why someone would show that off. lol

  29. Hello gorgeous! Aw thanks. Your pretty yourself. yes it's my son. Keep in touch. Love the eye makeup btw.

  30. I'm one of those dumbest people that can't figure out things unless it's spelt out LOL. I couldn't quite figure out the "Ice Cube" thing until you said so :\
    Oh I can totally relate about the superstitous Mom thing - I got a Mom JUST like yours!
    I sneeze a lot too and also itch my ears as well. Don't worry, if anyone's saying anything about it it HAS to be good things right? LOL
    I love your makeup btw Hun :) And I know what you mean about wanting more lashes. I don't need long but few lashes like Donald Duck's gf (haha), that's why I've started to wear false lashes almost everyday now because it gives me that volume that I won't/don't have.
    Oh and about your questions on the coconut oil hair treatment: (1) Coconut oil doesn't make my hair oily at all. I think it's because I have dry/damaged hair from all the highlights I use to get done at the salon and also, I use a clarifying shampoo to wash out the oil as oppose to using a moisturizing shampoo (2) Oh yeah - I totally have to wash out the coconut oil in the morning or else I look like a gross grease ball LOL. I slather the stuff in my hair real good so that my hair is fully saturated in the oil. So definitely - if you have dry hair too, you can try coconut oil like me or even try olive oil if you have some around your house.