Saturday, April 10, 2010

What do you want to know?

Lol, hihihi! How are we all doing on this fine Saturday? The weather was just lovely today---lovely! Albeit, it was chillier than I had anticipated. I couldn't wear my shorts or tank top...only flip-flops. I had a cardigan on. But hey, as long as it's NOT SNOW...I can't complain (as you all might recall, I had the worst winter season ever. I am just *cringing* as I remember the 3 feet of snow I had to shovel). I just felt like going for a very vintage, glamour-girl type of look today. Hence, the pompadour and the massive pearl earrings. I pulled my curly hair off to the left side, in a low side pony-tail style. Then, I did a side-plait to make it look a bit more modern. I'm sooo digging braids! Agggh, hate on me but I do. *shrug* I can't help what I feel like, right? *grin*

I also decided to put my (thus far, mostly neglected) NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, to good use. I use it on my waterline before applying my black eyeliner. I was about to try out these cool lashes I got on eBay a couple of months ago, but I chickened out. I don't know how you ladies do it. FALSIES SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME!! So now I still have a full case of these 10 lashes, and no idea how to use them! Any tips?? They're so cheap so I'm not too pissed at my lack of skill, lol. On my lips, I am using MAC's "Fleshtone". I just feel like muting my lips these days, nothing too special.


Btw, don't forget! Sephora is having their VIB 15%-off sale, April 8-19, 2010. Just use the on-line code of: VIBMADNESS. Meanwhile, the BI sale will begin on April 12 with the code of: BI15. Hope everyone gets everything on their list, lol. I was thinking of getting the Clarisonic Mia, but I still can't justify that purchase. Agggh, maybe some other time. Anyone has this and wants to help convince me to take that plunge of a purchase? :)

Look what my brother got me for Easter! Lol, guess what this is? It's actually candy, that's shaped and molded to look like little sunflower flip-flop's. How cute, huh? I didn't eat it yet. It's way too cute. And 'sides, my brother rarely gives me ANYTHING! That lil' munchkin must want somethin' from me, hmpht. :p

Basically, one of my favorite refreshments to indulge in! It tastes so creamy, light, and smooth going down my throat!! But I just recently read somewhere that too much soymilk actually causes acne? Is that true? Because I would hate to give up on soymilk!! So delicious.

Get to know me a little bit better....

Just had to show a picture that my bf took of me when I was at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C.
It was awhile back, but it still cracks me up, lol!

I always feel as though I'm too "serious" on this blog. Haha, but hopefully by now...the readers that have been here with me from the beginning know that I'm honestly one of the most goofiest girls you will ever meet! I'm the type of girl that laughs 10 seconds too late after a joke. I trip over my feet even when there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the ground. Yep, that silly girl is none other than me! =D

The gray purse I have on means a lot. I remember I was browsing in Victoria's Secret and I wanted it sooo badly. But they didn't have it at Fair Oakes Mall, they had ran out of the gray color. So my bf drove to Tyson's Corner Mall after work (mind you, this was during the CHAOTIC Christmas season) to get it as a surprise for me. Sooo sweeeeeet of him. And guess what? That shit is probably collecting dust at the bottom of my closet right now. *smh* I don't appreciate any of the material things I have, so sad....

Probably one of the happiest days of my life. My graduation from GMU last summer! It wasn't even one of those fake grins I usually put on. I was seriously smiling so hard, to keep the tears from falling across my cheeks. My entire family was there and it couldn' t have been a more bittersweet moment (sweet in the sense that I finally didn't have to pull all-nighters anymore, bitter in the sense that OMFG what the fuck do I do with my life now??! Lol, I miss school so much, *sigh* never thought I would be saying that...) I don't know who took my picture here, but I guess they didn't take it with flash. My folks, lol. Below is a picture of me with the flowers I got right after the graduation ceremony. I'm standing right next to my Uncle John (my mom's brother). He's my favoritest! As a kid, whenever my mom told me "no" to something I wanted to get, such as a Barbie doll...he'd be the one to give me what I wanted (without my mom knowing). He can't say "no" to me, I don't think he has ever! Lol

I love my Uncle so much. He has taught me EVERYTHING I know. I am who I am, thank God, hugely in part to him. I don't want to go into this subject too heavily at all. But my father had 0% presence during my life. He didn't take me out, never bought me anything, didn't do SHIT for my mom and I while I was growing up. But my Uncle John, he is basically the only father figure I have ever had in my life. To me, HE IS MY DAD. I feel so blessed to have such great ppl in my life. It's true what they takes an entire village to raise a child. And I was lucky enough to have my mom's side of the family (the village) to raise my brother and I. <33

Here's one of the rare times you'll ever see me at a party drinking. And even then, I don't really...hence, that's why in this pic I'm down in the basement with the ones who don't, lol. I guess I must be one of the few who don't drink. I know when I'm with my friends, I'm always DD ("designated driver").

If you have any questions or would like to know something about me, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up at my email:

I promise I don't bite! Lol, unless you want me to...I keeed, I keeed.


  1. lol i dont know about the whole soymilk causing acne, but if you love it don't stop drinking it! you're looking lovely and i love those earrings!

  2. I love the look, and I have to check out that sephora thingie.

    Gosh girl where have you been with the post lately lol Busy I bet?

    Anyway, love the vintage look might have to do a post about that.

    Have a bless night.

    Boutzie' ^_^

  3. You eye make-up is beautiful! Love it

  4. Hey Hun :) Thx so much for reading my post :) as for the lashes i like to get them close to the root of the lash line that way they look like my own. I think i should do a tutorial on it? love ur blog hun!!! :)

  5. Hi sweetie. You look absolutely beautiful in the above photos. Love how you did the little braid and updo :)
    and my oh my, those flip flop easter candy is sooooooo darn diddly cute!

  6. Love the eye makeup! your eyes is such a stunner :)
    I'm not sure if this is a good tip but using a tweezer to hold onto the falsies is much easer than using fingers. haha
    have a good day

    - Tam

  7. I love the white liner on the bottom waterline look, but whenever I attempt it, it irritates the pants off me..& I start tearing up:/

    mmm LOVE soymilk! I really hope that hole acne scare is a myth!! cause iuno if i can give it up.. Have you ever tried almond milk? I heard its quite tasty, and good for you.

    I enjoyed the "get to know me better" part of this post.
    You mentioning your uncle reminds me of my favourite uncle(dad's dad). Unfortunately, he died in a car accident 3 years ago. Both him and my dad were amazing males figures in my life. He never had children, so he treated me like his own.. I miss him and think about him everyday.

    Have a great weekend darling!

  8. Ooh I'm afraid those falsies from Ebay are not the easiest to apply. They're pretty stiff so... I think you should try Ardell Lashes, if you haven't. They're a lot easier to apply and they got some of the most natural looking falsies. :D

    You look lovely and I love the earrings! I tried applying NYX Jumbo pencil in milk on my waterline but I don't think it works on me. I dunno why. Lol. Looks really good on you though :)

  9. aaaw candy in the shape of flip-flops x)

    I feel for you, I never had a proper dad, but I have no father figure as well :/ That's hard sometimes but i guess it made us stronger !

  10. Awww...thanks for sharing all the pics/memories. (AND the Sephora code!)

    Your hair is always PERFECT - I was never able to 'do hair' so mine is always so freaking boring. :(

    Your lashes are already so long you don't need falsies LOL - but if you want to try, just make sure you don't place them too close to your actual lashes on the first try cuz you might pull some out and then you'll never want to try again! Just put on the glue, let dry for about 30 seconds, and then gently position with fingers or tweezers or (as I do it), the back of a snapped q-tip. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time! Good luck :)

  11. Awww that's so sweet of your brother to buy you the candy sandals :) You're soooo funny though, thinking he wants something from you!
    I agree with Fifi - I'm not sure which ebay lashes you bought but if they're from Hong Kong or China and were like 20 for $2, they're probably not the easiest kind of lashes to work with especially when starting out. You don't want to make it too hard or else you'll just get discouraged. It did take me a while to get use to applying false lashes (yes, got frustrated, ruined my makeup, threw out lashes the frustrated beginning) and I practiced with Ardell and a bit with MAC ones which are both good quality. Try Ardell like Fifi said. They're affordable and the quality is decent for the price.
    Absolutely - I totally agree that I love some men's fashion items more than womens. Even like some cool running shoes that are only for men. If they sold them in my size I'd get em!

  12. omg your hair is so gorgeous. how the hell do you get it to stay without using much product?? i have soooo many baby hairs that i have to use a ton of gel if i do a pompadour.. and after the gel, I have to use hairspray to keep it down too. *sigh* i'm jealous!

    my tips for applying false lashes (these work for me):
    -set the false lashes on top of your real ones first to see if they fit right (sometimes you have to trim the false ones if they're too long.) this also helps me get a little practice in placing the lashes on
    -always remember to let the glue set for about 10 seconds or so. you have to give it time to get tacky enough or else it will keep sliding off your lid.
    - when applying the false lashes, i stick on the mid section first, then i push down the ends.. if you're having trouble using your bare fingers, i suggest using tweezers to hold the false ones. i have told this to all my friends and they do this until they get the hang of it and do it with their fingers.
    - carry lash glue with you if you're going out! never know when you'll have a little slip up and need to apply more glue ^_^