Friday, April 16, 2010

This shit makes me sick! Icckk

Uggh, I am so mad after having read this story. Mad at both parties! Steven Seagal has always CREEPED me out. He looks like some white guy trying waaaaay too hard to appeal to/be Asian. Does anybody even watch him in any of the movies or shows that he's in??! What a fuckin' scumbag. And then this Kayden Nguyen bitch is seriously retarded. How the hell do you submit to an "Executive Assistant" position by sending pictures of yourself? I've never heard of having to submit pics as a reference to an application, alongside your resume. Shouldn't that have sounded off an alarm (*ding ding*) in her head that maybe this job wasn't at all what it looked like? Obviously it would have had to involve some physical tasks (blowjobs, etc). SHE'S FUCKING DUMB as rocks. That's so sad. It's not as though she's ugly or anythin'. I'm sure she could get very far in life if she had a nice brain to go with her physical attributes. Brains & beauty! That's the deadliest, yet most positive combo ever! Get it, girls!

[Picture that she sent in along with her resume]

This makes me so angry because how is that suppose to make Asian women look like? I'm already so sick of all of these exotic/erotic fantasies that feature Asian women as being submissive & sexually explosive creatures.

And before you go off in defending her as an innocent victim that fell prey to Seagal's inappropriate schemin' ways...looky here---apparently, she was already a famewhore and was on the Tyra Banks Show at one point....BRAGGING about how she could get any girl she wanted or she could easily mindfuck any dude in her sight. *shakes my head*

[Here she is, as the self-proclaimed "Queen"]

Now what kind of girl goes around proud of having such bragging rights (she sounds far too cocky, IMHO). Uggh, this is so gross. This is the weirdest rant I've ever posted, lol. I'm just really irritable today, it's that coming time of the month for me soon. But seriously...isn't it already bad enough that the Vietnamese community has to put up with Tila Nguyen? Why another hoochie broad to taint our image? Riddle me that...I mean, this broad has webcammed live before, masturbating with a tampon!!!

I seriously need a COLD SHOWER now. I feel so fuckin' dirty just lookin' at this. Sorry to all you Tila Lovers. It's nothing against you guys...I just don't think she's a good rep for us. *shrugs*


  1. i couldn't agree with you anymore. the only positive asian girl i've seen out there is brenda song, she believes in keepin' it clean for her young audience and she's smart. she knows itll help score bigger gigs in the future since she doesn't have a bad reputation. i seriously don't mean to offend anyone, but i see way too many asian go go dancers on flyers and it sorta makes me sick.

  2. steven seagal is creeeeeeepy

    "how is that suppose to make Asian women look like?"
    i think it makes them look like theyre easy to get, easy to prey on

  3. LOL! I was like who the eff is steven seagal I had to google it. annnddd ahhh that guy! so true he always in those asian movies, and that girl should have had common sense, DOIIII clearly you should know your boundaries to your job. hehe. well lets just hope somebody will learn not to do this in the future.

  4. ppl used to tell me I look like Tila.... ewww lol she's a dirty, nasty, slutty, retarded ass hoe! lol she always seems drugged up in her vids lol

  5. OMG I agree with you completely. That girl Karen girls just wants to be famous or probably get paid off to keep quiet. It's such a shame the things people do to get "famous".

  6. ughhh tila makes me sick...she's such an attention whore...but, i like brenda song as well b/c she's just a cool asian chick ;d

  7. LOL. I agree with you! Sleazy girls = not cute! >___<

  8. Steven Seagal is such a tool .. his voice in all his movies just pisses me off ... I esp hate the movies where he has the creepy rat tail in the back of his head .. gross!!
    I actually have no idea about this whole asian women being involved with him ... I know what you mean about the whole "exotic fantasy" though .. time to get over it, guys!
    Don't worry about the Viet whores making you look bad, there's PLENTY of caucasion whores out there too, but us white folks are used to it, and we don't take offense! I wouldn't judge Asians just because of a couple of fame hungry hoochie asians ... Your still your classy self and everyone can see that!!

  9. Thought I would answer your Qs here incase you don't check back ..
    Maybe you can order a brush offline?!
    LOL @ lookin like a tranny!!!
    I'm around 5'7'' without the heels, so I'm just lucky that my man is tall enough lol. Even when I wear those 5 inchers, he's still taller than me without shoes. So I don't feel like as much of a monster hehe.

  10. THANK YOU! totally agree with you on this, im happy that you expressed yourself and on the behalf of all the asian (viet-americans) also. what has the world come toooo but whatevs, as long as we're nothing like that!


  11. EEEEEEEWWWWWW. Attention whores.
    A lot of people call me a bitch. Fine by me cause I'd rather be a bitch then a slut.
    Some girls..... I wonder who raised them. O_o

  12. Haha you're absolutely right hon! We need better celebrities repping the Viet community. Sigh Tila is just an abomination...

    Btw I nominated you for a blog award, hope you'll come by my blog when you get the chance =)


  13. haha aww you are so cute, but getting all the stuff don't make me feel good either, it felt good at the moment, until i see my cc bill. LOL. so good job for be able to resist the sale!! But you should get a clarisonic mia during the next 20% FF sale or something, I love mine :)

    Glad I found your cute blog, I am going to follow you now.

  14. ugh. can't stand tila. such trash.

  15. I CANT STAND TILA EITHERR!! we share a common hate! haha!

    remember to enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!

  16. I saw this episode on Tyra! I didn't know it was the same person! I remember she sounded like a biiitch. She sent a picture in with her resume?! Wtf? Ugh, can't stand this girl.

  17. wow. tila tequila has masturbated live with a tamponnnnn? @_@ hahahaha that's like. hilarious and strange to me.

  18. Tila Tequila is like a crazy looking car accident by the side of the road - you know you shouldn't but you still keep looking. :D Lol, she is entertaining, but she makes us women look like gold-digging famewhores!

  19. Hey again!

    Oops, I totally forgot to add something to my comment on your most recent post, and that is: Your pic of the rice is making me seriously crave for some Com Tam right now! omg...I am so hungry :'( I need to eat meat...I think for the past few days, I've just been eating carbs (bread). FAIL! And lol @ the Ice Cube/Ice T soda pics! haha I caught on right when I saw it :P

    Anyway, I TOTALLY get what you mean about the few dirty Asian broads who happen to get "lucky" or "famous" in mainstream American media even though they have NO talent WHATSOEVER (ie. Tila CANNOT sing for shit..I'm sorry, but when I first heard one of her 'tracks' while I was back in HS, I wanted to BARF and actually laughed bc I was like, "wtf is this garbage? she calls this music? it sounds like a terrible cacophony!") just PISSES.ME.OFF. so f***ing bad to have these terrible few rotten bunch repping the Vietnamese community...WTF? Makes Asians in general look bad, but PARTICULARLY Viets. SO annoying! (I'm part Vietnamese) So yeah! Tila is so freaking dirty and filthy, the sight of her disgusts me...she is such a freaking attention whore! And I didn't know about that masturbating bit, but now I'm even MORE disgusted than before (don't know if that's even possible since I was already at my max level of disgust) LOL sorry for ranting away!

    But yeah, seriously, the sexual objectification and erotic/exotic view of Asian/Asian-American women needs to freaking END NOW! We're in the flipping 21st century for crying out loud. Most of us (minus the few dumb examples you provided) have brains, degrees, beauty, and are INDEPENDENT, thankyouverymuch. I can see that we can get along pretty well. I like your style ;)

    ♥ caroline