Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm that tree-hugger, lol

Just came back from dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. We had a feast of crabs, crawfish, shrimp, crab cakes, and corn-on-the-cob (my fave summer side!) Ohh, boy, I'm so stuffed. I've been eating only one meal a day...which is sooo OUT OF THE NORM for me. Usually, I eat 6-8 meals a day. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I've definitely lost my appetite. My first meal of the day usually isn't until 3pm or later now. I would go to the doctor, but I'm sure it's nothing serious. Back to the story, well....Joe's Crab Shack is alright. It's not spectacular like Captain Philip's or any of the other seafood establishments. Their ambiance is very casual and light. Not fancy or formal, whatsoever. (We were seated in a booth. Is it just me, but does it bother anyone that these booths leave "butt marks"? You know what I mean---once you get up from the seat, you look down and see the imprint of your bothers me for some odd reason, lol.)

It comes out served in a pot, and everything is packed neatly within a net inside the pot.

Like I said, it was mediocre at best. Each pot is about $20-$30, which is overpriced in my opinion. But my girlfriend tried it recently, and I saw her pics on Facebook, and it made me drool. I had to see for myself if it was worth the hype (there are so many commericals for this place that it was driving me crazy!!!)

Ok, so the whole point of this post entry is to STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF SUNSCREEN. Please, ladies!!! Please listen to me!!!! You need to use sunscreen!!!! Now that it is a lot warmer & there is plenty of sunshine in the breezy air, you would think that there would be no worries. BUT!!! You have to think---with all this newfound sunlight, it's more important than ever to start implementing sunscreen within your daily beauty/make-up regimen. I have always been aware of the harmful effects from the sun. Even as a child, while every kid was running around laughing and having fun, without a care in the world...I was the dorky, weird kid hiding underneath the tree for shade. My mom used to tell me that if I went out into the sun, I would get freckles and skin cancer. Imagine you're only 5 years old...I didn't even know what cancer meant, but it just sounded so ominous and ill-boding. So yeah, you could call me a "tree-hugger", quite literally. Lol!

I have been using this for about a week now, and so far---I'm LOVING THIS!! It's the Neutrogena HEALTHY DEFENSE Daily Moisturizer SPF50 with Helioplex (which is supposed to be provide more stability than the average sunscreen). It doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or "clogged" at all. There is a subtle sheen after wearing it for more than 5 hours, but it actually makes my face look dewey and fresh. I loves it! It has won an award from Allure Magazine. So go check it out at your local drugstore! :)

For my body, I prefer to use the Ocean Potion Sunblock! It smells so good! Remember when you had Orangesicles at a kid?

Well, that's how the sunscreen smells like. It smells so delicious! The only downside is that while I was washing my car today (DMV had BEAUTIFUL WEATHER TODAY! High 70's, sunny!), some bees and wasps were chasing me. Lol, if I wasn't so terrified...I might have even said that the mere sight of me screaming like a little girl, running around in circles might have provided entertainment for some. But alas, I hate bugs so that shit just pissed me off! My bf didn't help, hmmph! He was too busy cleaning up his "baby" (his pride and joy Lexus). So yep, this is how it looked on. It goes on, dries very quickly, and then I just set my mineral make-up over it to cover up the many freckles I already do have (*sigh* I attribute this to the fact that I used to have tanning membership at Hollywood Tans. My mom used to give me such shit for that! Sorry, mom. So now I pay the price...)

[In the bathroom lighting]
Haha, wanna know something funny? I'm just wearing a sports bra here! I shouldn't have said that, I don't know what kind of sickfucks come onto my site. DON'T THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT YOU SICK PERVS ARE ON HERE!!! The reason I don't use my Formspring anymore is because of ppl like you! So yeah, keep on moving along. Get the fuck out of my site!

[By the window/natural lighting]
Side view. I'm wearing my trusty Timberland hat! It's a summer staple of mine. Yeaaaah, so I'm that kinda girl that tosses my hair in a ponytail and throws on the baseball cap. I'm so simple in the summer. Or you might even say I'm laaaazzzy, hahahaha. Takes, like, 2 seconds to accomplish this look!
The hat has seen better days, lol. It has some imperfections on it, because I don't know how to take care of my things. I'm very messy, so things always go flying everywhere in my room. On the floor, on the table, etc etc. But it's still my very trusty hat!! Oh, also wanted to show you guys how messy my make-up area can be. Don't judge, lol. Thanks.

Oy vey! I gotta clean up a bit. And this is just a section of where my make-up lies. I have 2 other areas. And I'm going to let you have 3 guesses as to the level of orderliness those other areas are at. :p

My full-face, after putting on my sunscreen! My usual, usual.

I look so an alien. Lol! I swear, "the lights are on upstairs"!

So sad that the weekend is over.....why does it always feel as though the weekends just SPEED BY SO QUICKLY??? I don't want to go back to work!! My vacay is coming up in May, but that just seems so damn far away...*pout* I want to know...are any of you guys going on any planned vacations soon? And if so, where? Please do share!! I'd love to hear y'all's plans =D


  1. hahaha you don't look vacant!!! You look beautiful :]

    Your skin looks flawless.. Love it!! BTW I sooo know how important sunblock is! I use it ALL the time. I wish they would start to make regular lotion w/ sunblock b/c all the sunblocks are so heavy feeling & greasy. It's not fun to use for everyday. I get so tanned easily, I hate it! I wish I could just stay one color. ahhaha

    I wish I had a vacation planned soon. Too many weddings to attend.

  2. hey i like how u do ur under-eye eyeliner. very neat and looks awesome. thanks for introducing the neutrogena sunblock too. time for me to hunt for it and give it a try :D

  3. This is a great post. I use the Shiseido daily facial moisturizer and it only has spf15. I've been getting more and more freckles!!! :[ I hate it. I've been wanting a daily moisturizer with a higher spf, but doesn't feel greasy like sunblock. I will DEFINITELY check this out!

  4. You are so pretty... & thank youuu now I can go buy that Neutrogena moisturizer, I'm constantly looking for new products my face needs a make over. & your skin is so radiant!


  5. Hey Hun! Vanicream can be found at Walgreens! your skin will thank you!!! :) great blog! im so subbing!! :)

  6. thanks so much hun! im such a dork, i havent tried MBD masks ever! I'm waiting for my HK vacation in june so I can personally hoard them like crazy in Sasa! i wonder if the buy one take one promo also applies for the stores. :)

    you look great with or without makeup! thanks for the sunscreen tips! i also use neutrogena sunscreen for my arms and legs. Allie or Diorsnow for the face. SPF50 is a must especially in this global warming era. :(

    where are you going in May hun?! Time flies by so fast now so you shouldnt worry, it'll be May before you know it! ;)

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  8. hey I like your eyeliner underneath looks awesome =) Oh yes! Sunscreen, thnx for reminding me since I don't wear sunscreen at all :/ Need to find some good sunscreen...>.<

  9. YUMM! I love seafood... crabs, lobster, oyster... love it all!

    I definitely need to give this moisturizer a try..
    Im currently using the Cetephil SPF15 and with the warmer months coming soon, I need to step it up.

    Your looking gorgeous, as always... Very far from alien-like! LOL


  10. you look beautiful!
    have anyone ever tell you that you look like Coco Lee, this chinese singer?! iono why you really remind me of her in some of your pictures. lol

  11. Soo true about the sunscreen. I used to go tanning all the time but haven't set foot in a tanning bed in almost two years now. It's so tempting when you see all those other nicely tanned girls, but in a few years when they're all wrinkly, our skin will be nice and healuthy=) Not to mentino cancer!!!
    Great post, you're so naturally prett hun. Love your skin tone and eyes with the lighter hair=)

  12. you're beautiful lady !
    great that ure using sunscreen to protect ur skin :D

    visit/comment/follow me back at..
    michelle || glisters and blisters

  13. That eyeliner under your eyes really suites you! I just subscribed, cute blog! Check mine out! :)