Monday, April 26, 2010


Today was a very wet, rainy day. It was a complete pain to be driving around on the slick pavement. You either get your annoying drivers who drive 10 mph or who take advantage and drive at a crazy 70 mph (weavin' in-&-out of traffic, lol). I was somewhere in between. That's the funny thing. If you ever follow me behind in my car, you'll see the most random driving pattern out of me! I'll drive kinda slow (well, not slow...but whatever the speed limit is, I'll drive 5 ABOVE it), but then out of nowhere---I'll drive 15 mph above it. Like, for instance, let's say the speed limit is 35? I'll be driving at 45 or whatever...then, all of a sudden I get agitated and zooom! I'll be driving at 75. Then I'll slow down. Hahaha, I think subconsciously I do it to piss the ppl behind me. I like to play around like that :p

Here is the look I rocked for work today. I like to pull all of my hair over to one side of my head and loosely secure it with a bobby pin. I don't think it's actually a flattering style at all, but I like the feel of it---all of my hair on one side, that is. I wore my cheetah-print tank top underneath an H&M royal blue cardigan that I just snatched up recently. I'm completely ready for summer to come already so I can rock out in my flowy, bohemian dresses! Can't wait to put cute, little fresh flowers in my hair as well! Always makes me feel so giddy to feel like a tropical Hawaiian girl with those flowers! Let's just hope & pray that no bee will attack my head, lookin' to pollinate lol.

And in keepin' with my rhinestone fetish as of is my BIG ASS heart rhinestone earring on the side of my head that holds all of the pinned-hair:

And here's the other side that has no hair and shows off my neck:

If any vampires are hereby reading this entry, look at my neck! Look how nice it looks. Think, just think of the throbbing carotid artery that lies beneath---waiting for your fangs to sink into! I'd be more than a willing participant in assuaging your thirst for blood. *throws hands up* Heeey, just merely stating that...*cheeky grin* >:]

But if the talk of blood leaves you feeling quite squeamish and/or, let me indulge you with my favorite drinks from this local Chinese eatery "A&J".

They have pretty decent boba. Obviously, not the best. For that sort, I have to drag my lazy ass out to Eden (this big shopping center that primarily caters to the Vietnamese/Asian community). But I vow pretty much NEVER to go there!!! WHY????:

[front of Eden Center]

1. As you know, I hate to bring light to the stereotype that Asian ppl cannot drive. But it seems that all the Asian ppl that CAN'T...convene at Eden. I shit you not! Case in point, my grandmother who drives the illest Lexus used to drive, sitting on top of a Bell-Atlantic telephone directory book (you know? The huge 5-lb ones!) to see over the steering wheel. Thank goodness she finally learned how to use the electronic seat adjuster!

2. Any place that has more than 3-5 ppl in a room, makes me HYPERVENTILATE. I have social anxiety...baaaaaad. That's why it works me up to go to any gathering where there is too many ppl. I feel silly saying this...because it makes me feel like an oddball. But honestly, that's why I don't really go clubbing or partyin' that much. Unless I know you, know creeps me out to be in close vicinity with anybody.

3, 4, 5, etc. It stinks, it's dirty there ('member, I'm a germaphobe), too many short midget gangster wannabe's who stare (hate ppl who fuckin' stare!), etc, etc. I almost ALWAYS get into fights when I go there. If you seriously stare at me more than 2 seconds, I'll start sayin' shit like, " you have a problem? Why are you staring at me?" with a big scowl. Hahaha, my family hates going with me because they think I'm trying to provoke the situation. But I'm not!!!! I love it when one of my gf's said out loud, "Hmm...WHY don't these ppl just take a picture? It'll last longer!" Damn, I just re-read what I wrote. I realize that made me sound like a bitch...but girrrls, you know exactly what I'm talkin' about, right? Not tryna be mean, just puttin' it out like that.

I'm totally feelin' Drake's song "houstatlantavegas" song...sooo bad. I've been listening to this for the past weekend and all-day today. I have such naughty fantasies about what I'd like to do to him. Lol, omg. That was waaay TMI. But I gotta say, the dude's NOT bad-looking at all! When I first saw him, I immediately thought of Frankenstein. But he's kinda grown on me...

But ugggh, his real name is Aubrey? LMAO! I think it's better he went with "Drake" as his mononym...good choice, good call, buddy. ;]

Ok, on a serious side-note. I'm thinkin' about shuttin' my blog down. This has come across my mind more often, especially lately. I just think that...hmm, some ppl who do know me personally know about this blog. And while I know that anything that anyone posts on the internet is considered "fair game" these still irritates me that someone would take that much interest in me, to be stalkin' me. If you really want to know about me, why don't you just hit me up? Shoot me a text or call every once in awhile, instead of resorting to this site, which paints me as a one-dimensional character, bascially. But we'll see how I feel in a few days...


  1. thansk for the comment sweetie! yumm i want some bubble tea
    and omgosh i just met a guy who does music production and his company did stuff for drake(he went to my friends studio?) how cool! : )

  2. Hi there!! thanks for checking out my blog ^^ heehee I love your earrings ;) by the way you are a pharmacy school student!!!! OMG!!! what year are you???????????? I'm planning to go to one in a couple of years but I'm not sure yet... how do you like it????
    ps. I totally love the incorporation of the carotid artery XD science dorks heeheeee

  3. Girl, you're always looking so pretty! That must be why people at that Eden Center hella stare at you haha >:D Probably because they think you're freaking beautiful and can't put their finger on what ethnicity you are and so they think if they stare long enough, they'll eventually be able to figure out your mix xP hehe I'm actually craving for milk tea/flavored tea with bf and I have been on a craze for that stuff in the past couple of weeks lol :P Oh no...I just discovered your blog! I'd be sad if you shut it down, but it's your blog, your life, so I'd respect what you decide to ultimately do! Hope you figure it out, gorgeous!

    ♥ caroline

  4. you look hot with that hairstyle! very edgy, i like =) love your eyes too. and your earrings. xox

  5. HEHEHEH I'm glad he changed his name!!!
    BTW you look STUNNING in that blue top. You have such a unique look - I love it!! Love almond shape eyes=)
    hehe, I always say it's good to know your own faults and strengths with driving .. usually means your a decent driver yourself =)
    Hope you're having a good week, hun!! xoxo

  6. p.s just read your comment about shutting your blog down? DON'T! ... not for a acrazy stalker ..

  7. hahaha i drive like that sometimes... maybe when im thinking of something else other than driving. :P

    i have a similar pair of bejeweled heart stud earrings! but i think they look better on you than me. hahaha :)

    oh no, you got a stalker? thats serious stuff, always be safe babe. i hope you feel better about blogging soon :)

  8. you have very pretty eyes, and those earrings are really cute :)

  9. EDEN! i love that place for summer rolls & custom jellies :) I don't go there tooooo often, but my mom has a nail shop in ashburton (not that close by) but if I ever go to VA with her I stop by here :) and OMG i know what you mean about people staring... it's really irritating. I think the people there don't understand that it's rude!

    anyways, you are SO GORGEOUS girl! your eyes are humongous and pretty! the earrings are definitely statement pieces but you can pull them off :)


  10. OOOO I wanted to try AJs in Annandale the other day but decided to go to korean bbq instead. the boba looks delish though :D

    Eden center is the BIGGEST fail when it comes to parking, I agree :D

  11. Dang gorgeous woman! And you make me want to buy rhinestone earrings! I love how you do your hair too. I can't really do anything with my hair.

    I have a pretty God-awful social anxiety too. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. Lol

  12. You look pretty! I love the top and earrings!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)

  13. lovely make-up!! you actually make wetnwild look soo pro, now i've def got to try it out!

  14. love your makeup and your leopard top!