Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lol, I love the new sunglasses that I got from this store called, Charming Charlie. I have never ever heard of them before! (Sounds like a pedophile's name or somethin') But my brother's gf and I went shopping this past Friday and she showed me the store. I never used to like these type of frames (too bug-eyed for my taste!), but it seriously does a good job at hiding anything, like say, if you didn't have a good night's sleep. Which unfortunately, I didn't. I've been having the strangest dreams ever, and that has put a serious dent in the amount of REM shut-eye I get. :(

I'm wearing Revlon's ColorStay Lipstick in "Smooth Nude". Like I have said, I'm in a very NUDE mood as of late. None of the usual floral, girlie pink's for me right now. Just not feelin' it. I don't, however, think I can get away with those HUMONGOUSLY HUGE BUG-EYED SUNGLASSES that Nicole Richie loves to be rockin':

That, my friend, is where I draw the line...those sunglasses seriously EAT UP more than half of her pretty face, lol. I'm lovin' the huge bun on the top of her head, though. I will try to rock that soon! Been feelin' quite lazy in terms of my fashion, lol.

My cool bracelet from Charlotte Russe! It's a pearl bracelet with a bronze, flowery touch on top. Like my cute electric blue purse?? I got it from F21 awhile back. I just love it! Blue and studs, my favorite winning 2 touches in one aesthetic combination!

And also wanted to show you the detailing on my shirt that I wore today. It's kinda hot outside today (~76 degrees), but I'm freeeeezing. I am feeling quite sick right now. Not sure if it's the allergies or just a simple cold. My nose is runny, my throat is scratchy, and my eyes are burning. Yikes! Definitely not feeling well today, that's for sure. Anyway, here's the shoulder part of my shirt:

Different, ain't it? (Shirt is also from F21)

And for my shoes....I just threw on my H&M sandals I got for $20 last summer. Very comfy, but the downside is that H&M shoes don't run in 1/2 sizes (I wish it came in 7 1/2, but these are 7. That's why my toes are slightly so sqooshed, lol). Don't want for the weekend to end...*poutpout* Enjoy it while you can, m'dears!! Muahs, muahs!! Ttyl!! Off to eat some delicious BON CHON CHICKEN! :^)


  1. wow, nice shirt :p What was the strange dream ? I like when people tell their dreams ^-^

  2. I adore your style. Everything you're wearing looks like something I can probably find in my closet.

    I'm currently loving shirts with embellishment on the shoulders. It's awesome & makes a great statement.

    P.S. Bug-eye sunglasses are the best.

  3. Those shades look great on you! :] I wouldn't be able to pull off those ones that Nicole Richie is wearing.

    Unfortunately for me... I hate wearing sunglasses!! I have a small nose (very small bridge) so anything I wear just slides down and it's just damn annoying! I guess the ideal one would be one with nose pads so that I could adjust it but I haven't found anything CUTE with nose pads. YUCK!

    Love your bag & that top. Very cute!! :]

    Hope you feel better & you're not getting all sick.

  4. your style is so cute!! i LOVE revlon's smooth nude :] i love a lot of their nude colors actually...haha :p cute cute!

  5. your face looking so flawless in the pictures~~^^

  6. Awww, I hope you get better!!

    Love all the accessories!

  7. I love nicole richie! great sunnies!

  8. Hey, thank you so much for your recommendation! i'm gonna go shopping tomorrow and swatch the eyeliner to see if it lasts all day etc! thanks again and i love your statement shoulder top! xoxo

  9. ive been having crazy dreams too...cant seem to get a good nights rest argghh! i hope youre not getting sick. depending on my job situation im not exactly sure how long im going to remain in korea. in your previous post about your uncle john thats really touching. i wish i had an aunt/uncle like that.


  10. the details on the shoulders are amazing !

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  11. that is such a cute shirt! damnit i miss f21!! :(

    yeah i'm doing a diploma of make up artistry right now and the face maps part suck real bad :( i can't draw hair right!!! :( lol

  12. oooh lala me likes the revlon nude lipstick!! I might have to pick it up when the drugstores have the buy one get one free the shirt is bomskie!! the shoulder embelishments are so in right now :)...p.s thanks for the compliment..I am actually kind of lovin my brows now :)...and omg Icant believe you like my nose..I actually have never liked it at all, but its not "let me get plastic surgery" type of not liking my nose for now I just deal with it...

  13. Love your style! Very cute!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)

  14. pretty sunglasses! I agree when I go grocery shopping and I have a hangover I always wear my sunglasses to hide my hangover ness LOL! And lovely bracet you got :)

  15. haha pedophile Charlie<3
    love your sunnies girl=]

  16. Damn, girl! You look super sexy & glam in those sunglasses pic! They really suit and frame your face well, and it doesn't hurt that you have a nice nose bridge to boot...not to mention your freaking pretty lips! :P I like! You really know how to you by any chance model? If you don't, I say you really should considering it as a part time job--none of that import model biznazz, of course! (lol bc we were just ranting about the stereotyped 'exotic' Asian female) I would love to see you modeling cute clothes/outfits in the pages of mags, like InStyle/Cosmo/Glamour! I bet the other girlies would agree too! ^_^

    Love LOVE the detailing on your long sleeved shirt! It's amazing how you can find such good/unique stuff in F21! I'm just like you...I get cold pretty easily. It has to be in the mid-high 70s and up for me to be warm enough to not wear a cardigan/ anything below 75...COLD! fail! :( Hope your allergies are getting better or what not! I have them too and it's so frustrating!

    ♥ caorline