Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby girl, turn me on with your Electric Feel

Title is from my favorite song by MGMT (it was heard everywhere last year, from Gossip Girls to your Forever 21 blastin' that shit every time you set foot inside the store), hahaha.


Yay! So I survived another boring week. Woot! HAPPY EASTER TO ALL MY Christian/Catholic friends. My bf has only been eating the McD's Filet o' Fish sandwiches (love their commercial by the way), lol. I felt so bad, so I joined him so he wouldn't be the only one NOT eating meat. Aren't I the best gf ever? :)

So yes, as I was has been so B O R I N G. Literally, I don't even talk to anyone anymore. I figured, the less I say...the less "ammunition" ppl will have against me. It seems like everyone's in such a major funk these days, I don't want these idiots to be raining down on my parade, lol. But with that said...I DID manage to play a joke on one of my co-workers. He's real chill and he's always talking about what a "player" he is and how many girls he gets (*scoffs* Yeaaah right, he's one of those guys who's all talk and no show!). So while he was gone, I left this on the back of his chair, hehehe.

And yesssss, that is my REAL HAND that I photocopied!!! Lol, I have waaay too much time on my hands, I swear. Anybody know how to read my life-line? I wanna see how many more years I got in me.

Oh yeah, I have a story to tell y'all. So yesterday I went to Fair Oakes Mall right after work. I went to the MAC store to get their #130 brush (it's new!). I swear, it's just my luck....of alllll the SA's to help me....I got stuck with this bimbo. I shoulda known that she didn't know her stuff. First of all, she was WAY TOO NICE. Most MAC ppl are snooty and standoffish. So I should have known right then and there that I was dealing with a noob. I asked her to get me the #130, and she gave me a blank stare. So I repeated my question, and she was like, "Ohh, ok. Lemme go see if we have it or not..." She returned, only to say that she didn't. But then later, I noticed that I thought I saw the #130 on a high shelf near the back of the store. So she was like, "Ohh *giggle* you saw that and you don't even work here *giggle giggle*" Umm...I was like, "Wtf?" But then I went home, and guess what?!!! She gave me a freakin' #187!!!!! I already have that. I can see if I were mistaken, then whatev. I'm not too good with memorizing all of the brushes and their #'s. But she works there, for God's sakes! *smh* So yeah, I gotta go return that. I also got the #227, but I'm not feelin' that goes back, as well!

So I felt SPRING FEVER in me!!! So I decided to go bold and crazy for Friday. It didn't just stop at my yellow nail polish, folks. I seriously am going color crazy!! I love colors! Especially blues, yellows, corals, etc etc.

I looooooooove my BLUE's. I could seriously wear that color forever and's such a tranquil and peaceful color. I used this new eyeliner I found during one of my recent stops at my local ULTA store. Usually, I hate going in there. Their SA's are THE WORST EVER!!! They're so unknowledgable and bitchy, I try to limit my visits there at all costs. Their stores are so ugly in decoration, too. So plain! But anyway, I digress....back to the story. I found this cool new eyeliner that totally caught my eye. I have never heard of this make-up company, either. Anybody ever heard of LA Splash Cosmetics? I bought their liquid eyeliner in "Electric" (13014G)--it's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I think at least 5+ girls must've complimented me on my eyes that day everywhere I went. Of course, all of my guy friends were soooo typical. They were like, "Uhh, Sophie. What happened to your eye?" Lol, gotta love guys, right.

My iPhone picture here does not do it any justice, whatsoever!!!! In real life, it's this brilliant electric blue hue with aquamarine sparkles. Sooooo fucking pretty!!! It reminds me of the crystal clear oceans with blue sparkling diamonds of the tropics. =)

Haha, I look all weird because I was trying to snap a quick pic before I headed off to work. Look how I'm wearing my navy blue shirt with my blue eyeliner, with my blue face towel hanging in the back (I'm in my bathroom btw, which explains the orange-y lighting!) I'm pretty much obsessed, you could say. ;)

For my lips, I have been using MAC "Saint Germain" a lot. It's really nice. Just your favorite Barbie pink lips! Can't do no wrong, IMO.
Arrgggh, my iPhone picture is so blurry! But you can get the gist of it all. I love this color on me!
So yep, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my beautiful Saturday day. I hope you all are having a blast like me! Eat a lot and enjoy! I leave you with this cute thingy that my friend had sent me:
Which reminds me, I bought 2 tote boxes of Girl Scout cookies. TWO BOXES of each and every flavor! You shoulda seen the way those lil' girls' eyes BULGED out of their heads. They were soo cute sayin', "Thank you! Thank you! You guys are our HUGEST CUSTOMERS EVER!!!" (My bf got those all for me, I didn't even have to ask him *smirk*)

I've already easily polished (punished, lol?) off 5 boxes of these bad babies already (which is why there's only one box shown). BYE BYE FOLKS!! THANK YOU, COME AGAIN.


  1. omg, noobie SA's are always irratating me... the blue eyeliner looks great on you<3

  2. Ugh gosh, that's too bad girl that they gave you the wrong brush! It's so inconvenient to go back and get the right one :|
    I LOVE your hair! It's nice and full of volume - the way I'd like my hair to be but it isn't LOL
    And blue/teals/turqoise are really pretty colours. I usually avoid it in terms of makeup because it's not flaterring on me but I really love turquoise coloured clothes and even the stone itself - so pretty! I love your FOTD :)

  3. aw thank-you darling! you are way too sweet :) *big hug* btw i love the color of your hair! you pull of the blonde hair really well and it doesnt look brassy at all, gorgeous!
    can't wait to see you rockin' some of those skirts! photowhore time! hehe :)


  4. Awww you look so pretty! love the blue ;)

  5. damn! are u a barbie or real person? LOL. so beautiful. i like that looks,and ur hair and everything. i want to be blonde again :)

  6. hahahah omg!!! i love how you photocopied your hand. i'd totally do that to someone but i'd probably be flipping them my middle finger HAHAHA and yes, MAC people are usually really bitchy. I got one who was VERY VERY nice so i thought to myself "she MUST be new" hahahhaha i thought i was the only one who noticed!

  7. haha, so many cookies! man I used to love those fish sandwiches.

  8. LASplash is Great! Love their Stuff! you look great!