Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I traced the cord back to the wall, No wonder it was never plugged in at all...

I'm watching MTV's "I Hate My Face" right is some deeeep stuff. One of the ppl that they follow is named Pamela, and she's Asian (I think maybe she's Thai? Her mom's name is "Presh", which sounds Thai-ish?) Pamela hates her nose, and eventually she ends up getting a nose job/boob job. Seeing her cry really makes my heart ache. Growing up, I was never considered the pretty one. In my school, it was primarily all Caucasian. All the popular girls were the blonde haired, blue-eyed ones with pretty names like "Ashley" or "Margaret". Lol, here I am...just little ol' Sophie. Freckled-faced and clumsy as hell, stumbling all over the playground.It was easy to see why I wasn't considered part of the "popular" gang, as much as I wished with all my heart that my crush, Dennis, (yes! I still remembered who my 1st crush was) would notice me. But he had a liking for the 2nd most popular girl in the class named Danielle. Not only was I not part of the "Barbie doll" mold at school, I was considered the "ugly duckling" even within my own family. :(

Then middle school came, and it was worst than ever. I was in-between the stages of wanting to be a baby and yet, still wanting to be more "adult-like". It was such a catch-22. Either way, I never felt truly comfortable playing the part. I still wanted to play with my Barbie's (lol, soo childish I know) and yet I wanted to venture into putting on make-up. I was my most depressed at this stage. I went home after school every day, cried myself to sleep (and it was only 4pm!) I slept 10-14 hours. Didn't eat, lost my period, and came in at a measly 80-lbs. I was beyond despair. My playlist consisted of:

"Adam's Song"-Blink 182
"Self-esteem"-the Offspring
"Say it Ain't So"-Weezer
etc, etc, etc.......

I was as emo as they came...and then some. There were so many times I wanted to commit suicide...

High school came...and slowly, I began to ease out of my hard-shell. I learned to let my barrier down, just a tiny bit. But still, I always pretty much knew that the jocks/cheerleaders and I were not of the same kind. I wasn't popular, but I wasn't on the bottom of the social hierarchy. I was right smacked dab, in-between. I was the POPULAR one, however, when it came to copying off hw of. I was the "quiet, smart girl". That was my title. Miraculously, though. Somehow during my last year of high school as a Senior, my braces came off and my skin got better. I learned how to dress myself & use make-up. The saddest (yet lightly comical) story that sums up the essence of my high-school life:

There was this one guy that was a well-known jock. One day, one of my girl friends slipped me a tiny note during 7th period. It said in her curly, girlish handwriting: "Do you know J****? He thinks you're very pretty! :)" I remember HOW MUCH that made my day. Of course I knew this guy! He was not only cute, but had been friendly towards me. Even though most of the jocks never even gave me the time of the day, I remembered how he used to smile at me during Biology class. But the sad part was that I later found out, that he had asked around WHO I was & what my name was. How could he NOT know? He had copied off my worksheet plenty of times. Then my heart sank, he didn't even RECOGNIZE that the girl had been me. My initial excitement slowly vacillated into a more somber could the world just be so solely focused on LOOKS?? :(

College was the venue where I TRULy felt most comfortable in my skin. Here was a learning environment where ppl valued my thoughts & opinion moreso than the size of my titties or whether or not I was in a miniskirt. I felt so free, at last! And it was here, where I couldn't fend off the boys. I actually had so many guys call me that I had to change the cell #. I couldn't understand, though...I was still the same old me? What could have possibly changed so much that ppl could notice me NOW, but not THEN? Even though I was more free, in a sense I was more lost than ever. They say college is where you get to discover who you really are & your roots. I found out a lot of things about myself that were not only frightening, but quite liberating. (Some things are very personal, so I will choose not to disclose on a public blog).

And here we in the present-day. Most of the guys from high school who had NEVER even given me a second glance, are now hitting me up on Facebook. They all want to "meet up" & "re-connect over some drinks or perhaps dinner?". And all to which, I merely hit the "DELETE" button. I have no time for these ppl, just as how in the past they had no time for me. But it really, really reiterates how shallow most guys are. I'm not saying, ALLLLL guys are like this. But especially when you have guys under the age of 21...they don't focus on what lies beneath the girl's exterior. I'm so lucky right now that I have a bf who thinks I'm beautiful, even when I know I look like death. He loves me, stinky, oily, and/or bloated.

Most of us have felt defeated before we really even began. We have all broken down & cried ourselves into oblivion. If I have any young readers, I just want you to know that LIFE is not just all about looks. Focus on building and strengthening up what's on the inside. Trust me---that will get you muchh farther in life than anything as fleeting as physical beauty! All of those popular cheerleaders and jocks will end up balding, fat, and leather-faced (hahaha, sucks for them that they never wore sunscreen!) Ok, end of my PSA for the day. Please feel free to write in my comments box what YOUR experiences in high school were like. I couldn't have been the only dorky, ugly ducking, right??

Is it so wrong that this is how I drive sometimes?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If eyes are the "windows" to your soul, Rapidlash are like the snazzy curtains!

Just wanted to share something with y'all! Since Latisse has been makin' my eyelashes fall out like crazy. I have resorted to using Rapidlash to "undo" all of that damage. Click here for the MakeUpAlley reviews. It scores pretty high (90%)! And I looooove it! I just placed my order for my SECOND tube. I don't know why I didn't just stick with it, to begin with. I guess I fell for all the hype surrounding Latisse. Right now, Hautelook is having a sale on Rapidlash! It's only $40, PLUS it comes with a FREE jar of the Magnesium Crystal Resurfacing Polish!! (Compare this to other lash products that are welllllll over $100, and don't deliver shit!! Empty promises, I tell ya) I can't wait to try the latter product out! :)

ItalicClick directly on the picture to go GET YOUR eyelashes ready for the summer! Why put on loads & loads of mascara, only to look like a raccoon by the end of the day??? Better to build your bad-baby lashes up, so you can just skip that step altogether! I'm no longer using mascara right now, thanks to Rapidlash (goddamn, I sound like one of those annoying spokesmodel...but you guys know I ALWAYS SPEAK MY MIND. Whether you agree with my opinion or not, I always tell it like it is!) Can't wait to hear if any of y'all are going to try this out. Let me know your results =)

Hautelook is also having a big sale on LORAC make-up! I bought me quuiiiiite a few things from them. Can't wait to try those products out, as well. Here is one of the palettes (the Pink Python) I got for only $10.99.

Eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. The day is goooood! Woot woot. *dances*

Monday, April 26, 2010


Today was a very wet, rainy day. It was a complete pain to be driving around on the slick pavement. You either get your annoying drivers who drive 10 mph or who take advantage and drive at a crazy 70 mph (weavin' in-&-out of traffic, lol). I was somewhere in between. That's the funny thing. If you ever follow me behind in my car, you'll see the most random driving pattern out of me! I'll drive kinda slow (well, not slow...but whatever the speed limit is, I'll drive 5 ABOVE it), but then out of nowhere---I'll drive 15 mph above it. Like, for instance, let's say the speed limit is 35? I'll be driving at 45 or whatever...then, all of a sudden I get agitated and zooom! I'll be driving at 75. Then I'll slow down. Hahaha, I think subconsciously I do it to piss the ppl behind me. I like to play around like that :p

Here is the look I rocked for work today. I like to pull all of my hair over to one side of my head and loosely secure it with a bobby pin. I don't think it's actually a flattering style at all, but I like the feel of it---all of my hair on one side, that is. I wore my cheetah-print tank top underneath an H&M royal blue cardigan that I just snatched up recently. I'm completely ready for summer to come already so I can rock out in my flowy, bohemian dresses! Can't wait to put cute, little fresh flowers in my hair as well! Always makes me feel so giddy to feel like a tropical Hawaiian girl with those flowers! Let's just hope & pray that no bee will attack my head, lookin' to pollinate lol.

And in keepin' with my rhinestone fetish as of is my BIG ASS heart rhinestone earring on the side of my head that holds all of the pinned-hair:

And here's the other side that has no hair and shows off my neck:

If any vampires are hereby reading this entry, look at my neck! Look how nice it looks. Think, just think of the throbbing carotid artery that lies beneath---waiting for your fangs to sink into! I'd be more than a willing participant in assuaging your thirst for blood. *throws hands up* Heeey, just merely stating that...*cheeky grin* >:]

But if the talk of blood leaves you feeling quite squeamish and/or, let me indulge you with my favorite drinks from this local Chinese eatery "A&J".

They have pretty decent boba. Obviously, not the best. For that sort, I have to drag my lazy ass out to Eden (this big shopping center that primarily caters to the Vietnamese/Asian community). But I vow pretty much NEVER to go there!!! WHY????:

[front of Eden Center]

1. As you know, I hate to bring light to the stereotype that Asian ppl cannot drive. But it seems that all the Asian ppl that CAN'T...convene at Eden. I shit you not! Case in point, my grandmother who drives the illest Lexus used to drive, sitting on top of a Bell-Atlantic telephone directory book (you know? The huge 5-lb ones!) to see over the steering wheel. Thank goodness she finally learned how to use the electronic seat adjuster!

2. Any place that has more than 3-5 ppl in a room, makes me HYPERVENTILATE. I have social anxiety...baaaaaad. That's why it works me up to go to any gathering where there is too many ppl. I feel silly saying this...because it makes me feel like an oddball. But honestly, that's why I don't really go clubbing or partyin' that much. Unless I know you, know creeps me out to be in close vicinity with anybody.

3, 4, 5, etc. It stinks, it's dirty there ('member, I'm a germaphobe), too many short midget gangster wannabe's who stare (hate ppl who fuckin' stare!), etc, etc. I almost ALWAYS get into fights when I go there. If you seriously stare at me more than 2 seconds, I'll start sayin' shit like, " you have a problem? Why are you staring at me?" with a big scowl. Hahaha, my family hates going with me because they think I'm trying to provoke the situation. But I'm not!!!! I love it when one of my gf's said out loud, "Hmm...WHY don't these ppl just take a picture? It'll last longer!" Damn, I just re-read what I wrote. I realize that made me sound like a bitch...but girrrls, you know exactly what I'm talkin' about, right? Not tryna be mean, just puttin' it out like that.

I'm totally feelin' Drake's song "houstatlantavegas" song...sooo bad. I've been listening to this for the past weekend and all-day today. I have such naughty fantasies about what I'd like to do to him. Lol, omg. That was waaay TMI. But I gotta say, the dude's NOT bad-looking at all! When I first saw him, I immediately thought of Frankenstein. But he's kinda grown on me...

But ugggh, his real name is Aubrey? LMAO! I think it's better he went with "Drake" as his mononym...good choice, good call, buddy. ;]

Ok, on a serious side-note. I'm thinkin' about shuttin' my blog down. This has come across my mind more often, especially lately. I just think that...hmm, some ppl who do know me personally know about this blog. And while I know that anything that anyone posts on the internet is considered "fair game" these still irritates me that someone would take that much interest in me, to be stalkin' me. If you really want to know about me, why don't you just hit me up? Shoot me a text or call every once in awhile, instead of resorting to this site, which paints me as a one-dimensional character, bascially. But we'll see how I feel in a few days...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes you gotta play hard-to-get, and then it's ON!

Damn, this bitch is lookin' HOT! (Love her make-up! Her sexy tanned legs) Wish she was much BIGGER in the music industry. Girl can saaang! This song's kinda old, though. I used to blast this song on LOUD in my car---windows down, shades on, hair blowing in the wind. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Your Rhinestone eyes are like factories far away, Here we go again!

Hiiiiiii. *waves* Lol, I'm sneezing like crazy right now. I literally just sneezed 4x in a row. Did you know that every time you sneeze...You take a DEEP breath inhalation and hold it, which will tighten up your chest muscles. The pressure of air in your lungs quickly expands. You close your eyes x_x

Then, your tongue will press against the roof of your mouth and suddenly your breath comes out rapidly through your nose. But---that doesn't mean that it stops your heart rate! That's actually a common misconception/myth. The changing pressure in your chest, due to the sneezing, is what causes a fluctuation within your blood flow, which may alter the rhythm of your heartbeat. Betcha didn't know that...or maybe you did?

Anyway, there's this saying (very common for Asian ppl) that every time you sneeze---it actually means that somebody is talkin' about you. And when your ear itches, someone is speaking badly of you. But then again, I never fall prey to these superstitions. My mom does, though! She's THE most superstitious woman ever. It drives me nuts! Anyway, the title of my post is referencing to the Gorillaz song "Rhinestone Eyes". =)

[My face for the day, taken after a long day's work...]

[rhinestone earring]

I have a serious question for y'all. Please answer in my comment box, because I would love to hear your opinion/thoughts/etc! I have been in a funk for the past few weeks. As in the, I'm so bored with...well, myself. I'm bored with who I see in the mirror. I'm bored with the outfits I pick out. I'm bored with the way I walk. I'm bored with how I talk. You catch my drift.....have you ever just felt SO BORED with who you are? I feel as though I want to make a drastic change in my life. But not quite sure where to start. And more than anything else, I wish I could exchange BODIES with somebody (a la "Freaky Friday"). Preferably, somebody from a different continent. I want to experience a different culture or lifestyle, than the one that I am living right now. Too often, I feel as though we as humans are TOO consumed with ourselves, that we don't make the time or the effort to look through the eyes of somebody of a different circumstance. I want to be somebody else...even if only for one day. That's why I looooove watching MTV's documentaries of "True Life".

I'm getting restless always seems to happen this time of the year. When the flowers are blooming and the air is ripe with possibilities of what is to come for the summer. Agggghh, if only the pollen doesn't get to me first! I take pseudoephedrine every single day!!! And if any of you take it, you know how HYPER & JITTERY that shit makes you. That's why in the majority of the states, if you want to buy any medicine with this ingredient in have to present a valid I.D. and sign a form to get it. This is what addicts use to make methamphetamine.

Damn, you stupid bee with your damn pollen!

Ok, so here's a mini-update on my Latisse usage. So far, it's been well over a month...and I have to say. For the $100 value of this product, I would NOT purchase it again. Sure it makes my eyelashes soo incredibly long (it actually hurts to blink my eyes when I'm wearing my sunglasses. I can hear the actual sound *thwip thwip* of my lashes brushing against the lenses)'s not worth it in the end for me. Why, you may ask? Because I actually end up losing at least 2 eyelashes a day with Latisse. DON'T ASK how. I don't rub my lashes at all! Somehow, I have this sinking feeling that Latisse is weakening my lashes. So sad, too. 'Cause I think it could have had a lot of potential, if not for this one major thing. I'd rather have more lashes (in terms of volume) than long lashes. I'm just phasing out Latisse right now. I use it every-other-night now, until it's all gone. Then back to the drawing board! :(

For my look today, I used my trusty, beloved Wet n' Wild Trio Eyeshadow palette in "Egyptian Sands". I have used this for over 4 years now! It's so cheap...only $3.99 (sometimes you can get a great deal---like, BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!), but it's so deeply rich & pigmented in color. I love it!!

I use the middle color (a light, shimmery champagne color) all-over my lid. Then I use the bottom color (a matte taupe) on the "sockets" of my eyeball, to provide definition. I later finish the eyelook off with the top color (an off-white shade) as a highlighter, right underneath my brow bone. Ta-da! So simple, no?

I wore a Royal Purple shirt today!

[Check out 'em rhinestones ;) ]

Here the shirt is, in closer detail. Not sure why my camera made the color look much lighter?? Weirddd.

For my lips, I wore the highly-praised (w/n the beauty blogger world, at least)---
Maybelline's Pink Please

Ugh, you can tell that my foundation is too dark for my face. I use L'Oreal's Mineral Make-up, and I normally use 2 shades (mix n' match) to create the perfect shade for my skin during the summer time. That being, "Light Ivory" & "Nude Beige". Right now, I'm actually a "Light Ivory" (because I haven't gotten the chance to tan yet in the sun...too busy workin' inside my lab...or maybe I'm a Vampire? Lol!) But my "Light Ivory" ran out, so I'm just stuck using the "Nude Beige"--which of course, is too dark on me! That's why the face & neck don't correspond in color. Don't mind me. Just give me a couple more weeks to tan/brown up a bit! Lol, anybody else have this similar problem with the changing of the seasons???

Are any of my fellow beautiful followers Korean? I would love for you to explain the following to me. A couple hours ago, I was actually at my girlfriend's house for our date night (she made me linguini with clams in a light white-wine sauce...*smacks lips* Yummers!)

On my way out of her house, I noticed this hanging on the wall near the doorway:

It looks so freakin' NEAT!! It says "Korean Traditional Mask Image". The 1st mask is labeled as the "YangBan Tai". It looks like it is in the image of a man? Correct me if I'm mistaken. Meanwhile, the 2nd mask is labeled as "Bune Tai"...and it looks like a woman. Once again, I could be wrong. But this is just my interpretation of the mask. With that being said, what is the significance behind all of this? I'm really intrigued. I would have asked her to explain it to me, but I had to rush out the door. Hmm...

Even though I have already eaten with her...I still find myself hungry right now. I'm craving for some good ol' Com Chim Cut (Rice w/ Quail). Slather on all that fish sauce! Yum yum!

[I had this a few weeks ago!]

On my way to work a couple days ago, I saw this idiot on the road that made me crack up:
[Check out the massive amount of pollen sticking to my car :( ]
His license plate says "MR WRNG".
I'm assuming that he's only doing this to get women? One of my male friends said that maybe it is a reverse-psychology ploy to get the girls! You know how it is...some women like all the wrong type of guys, and feel as though they can "change a man" for the better. Haha. Well, I sped up to catch sight of the dude in the car...and let's just say that he ought to reconsider changing his license plate, instead, to "MR UGLY". Just a mere suggestion :p

And a final funny PIC for the day. Let me see if any of y'all can understand what's going on in the picture. Click to enlarge if you can't see the image in detail. Think about it very carefully....

Email me if you want the answer!! It's so funny, I could just kick myself for not having thought of this idea myself! I might just do this to one of my local McDonald's soda machines. ;)


[edit] Ok, so you beauties are too good! You figured it out! "Ice Cube" (the rapper) is on the ice dispenser, while "Ice T" is on the iced-tea dispenser. On a quick side note, I had a pretty rough morning. Woke up, feelin' waaaaay emotional (damn you period!)...started crying. Bf had a tough job this morning trying to calm me down. I just feel so damn bloated and ugly and sad. I want to say that I don't know why. But the truth is...I've been pretty good at hiding and building up my feelings, and I guess just like an overflowing cup of water---my tears were bound to spill out, sooner or later. So I'm just takin' it easy today. The weather in DC area matches my mood today...cold and grey. By next week, it'll be sunny again in the forecast. And so shall I....

Friday, April 16, 2010

This shit makes me sick! Icckk

Uggh, I am so mad after having read this story. Mad at both parties! Steven Seagal has always CREEPED me out. He looks like some white guy trying waaaaay too hard to appeal to/be Asian. Does anybody even watch him in any of the movies or shows that he's in??! What a fuckin' scumbag. And then this Kayden Nguyen bitch is seriously retarded. How the hell do you submit to an "Executive Assistant" position by sending pictures of yourself? I've never heard of having to submit pics as a reference to an application, alongside your resume. Shouldn't that have sounded off an alarm (*ding ding*) in her head that maybe this job wasn't at all what it looked like? Obviously it would have had to involve some physical tasks (blowjobs, etc). SHE'S FUCKING DUMB as rocks. That's so sad. It's not as though she's ugly or anythin'. I'm sure she could get very far in life if she had a nice brain to go with her physical attributes. Brains & beauty! That's the deadliest, yet most positive combo ever! Get it, girls!

[Picture that she sent in along with her resume]

This makes me so angry because how is that suppose to make Asian women look like? I'm already so sick of all of these exotic/erotic fantasies that feature Asian women as being submissive & sexually explosive creatures.

And before you go off in defending her as an innocent victim that fell prey to Seagal's inappropriate schemin' ways...looky here---apparently, she was already a famewhore and was on the Tyra Banks Show at one point....BRAGGING about how she could get any girl she wanted or she could easily mindfuck any dude in her sight. *shakes my head*

[Here she is, as the self-proclaimed "Queen"]

Now what kind of girl goes around proud of having such bragging rights (she sounds far too cocky, IMHO). Uggh, this is so gross. This is the weirdest rant I've ever posted, lol. I'm just really irritable today, it's that coming time of the month for me soon. But seriously...isn't it already bad enough that the Vietnamese community has to put up with Tila Nguyen? Why another hoochie broad to taint our image? Riddle me that...I mean, this broad has webcammed live before, masturbating with a tampon!!!

I seriously need a COLD SHOWER now. I feel so fuckin' dirty just lookin' at this. Sorry to all you Tila Lovers. It's nothing against you guys...I just don't think she's a good rep for us. *shrugs*

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lol, I love the new sunglasses that I got from this store called, Charming Charlie. I have never ever heard of them before! (Sounds like a pedophile's name or somethin') But my brother's gf and I went shopping this past Friday and she showed me the store. I never used to like these type of frames (too bug-eyed for my taste!), but it seriously does a good job at hiding anything, like say, if you didn't have a good night's sleep. Which unfortunately, I didn't. I've been having the strangest dreams ever, and that has put a serious dent in the amount of REM shut-eye I get. :(

I'm wearing Revlon's ColorStay Lipstick in "Smooth Nude". Like I have said, I'm in a very NUDE mood as of late. None of the usual floral, girlie pink's for me right now. Just not feelin' it. I don't, however, think I can get away with those HUMONGOUSLY HUGE BUG-EYED SUNGLASSES that Nicole Richie loves to be rockin':

That, my friend, is where I draw the line...those sunglasses seriously EAT UP more than half of her pretty face, lol. I'm lovin' the huge bun on the top of her head, though. I will try to rock that soon! Been feelin' quite lazy in terms of my fashion, lol.

My cool bracelet from Charlotte Russe! It's a pearl bracelet with a bronze, flowery touch on top. Like my cute electric blue purse?? I got it from F21 awhile back. I just love it! Blue and studs, my favorite winning 2 touches in one aesthetic combination!

And also wanted to show you the detailing on my shirt that I wore today. It's kinda hot outside today (~76 degrees), but I'm freeeeezing. I am feeling quite sick right now. Not sure if it's the allergies or just a simple cold. My nose is runny, my throat is scratchy, and my eyes are burning. Yikes! Definitely not feeling well today, that's for sure. Anyway, here's the shoulder part of my shirt:

Different, ain't it? (Shirt is also from F21)

And for my shoes....I just threw on my H&M sandals I got for $20 last summer. Very comfy, but the downside is that H&M shoes don't run in 1/2 sizes (I wish it came in 7 1/2, but these are 7. That's why my toes are slightly so sqooshed, lol). Don't want for the weekend to end...*poutpout* Enjoy it while you can, m'dears!! Muahs, muahs!! Ttyl!! Off to eat some delicious BON CHON CHICKEN! :^)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What do you want to know?

Lol, hihihi! How are we all doing on this fine Saturday? The weather was just lovely today---lovely! Albeit, it was chillier than I had anticipated. I couldn't wear my shorts or tank top...only flip-flops. I had a cardigan on. But hey, as long as it's NOT SNOW...I can't complain (as you all might recall, I had the worst winter season ever. I am just *cringing* as I remember the 3 feet of snow I had to shovel). I just felt like going for a very vintage, glamour-girl type of look today. Hence, the pompadour and the massive pearl earrings. I pulled my curly hair off to the left side, in a low side pony-tail style. Then, I did a side-plait to make it look a bit more modern. I'm sooo digging braids! Agggh, hate on me but I do. *shrug* I can't help what I feel like, right? *grin*

I also decided to put my (thus far, mostly neglected) NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, to good use. I use it on my waterline before applying my black eyeliner. I was about to try out these cool lashes I got on eBay a couple of months ago, but I chickened out. I don't know how you ladies do it. FALSIES SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME!! So now I still have a full case of these 10 lashes, and no idea how to use them! Any tips?? They're so cheap so I'm not too pissed at my lack of skill, lol. On my lips, I am using MAC's "Fleshtone". I just feel like muting my lips these days, nothing too special.


Btw, don't forget! Sephora is having their VIB 15%-off sale, April 8-19, 2010. Just use the on-line code of: VIBMADNESS. Meanwhile, the BI sale will begin on April 12 with the code of: BI15. Hope everyone gets everything on their list, lol. I was thinking of getting the Clarisonic Mia, but I still can't justify that purchase. Agggh, maybe some other time. Anyone has this and wants to help convince me to take that plunge of a purchase? :)

Look what my brother got me for Easter! Lol, guess what this is? It's actually candy, that's shaped and molded to look like little sunflower flip-flop's. How cute, huh? I didn't eat it yet. It's way too cute. And 'sides, my brother rarely gives me ANYTHING! That lil' munchkin must want somethin' from me, hmpht. :p

Basically, one of my favorite refreshments to indulge in! It tastes so creamy, light, and smooth going down my throat!! But I just recently read somewhere that too much soymilk actually causes acne? Is that true? Because I would hate to give up on soymilk!! So delicious.

Get to know me a little bit better....

Just had to show a picture that my bf took of me when I was at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C.
It was awhile back, but it still cracks me up, lol!

I always feel as though I'm too "serious" on this blog. Haha, but hopefully by now...the readers that have been here with me from the beginning know that I'm honestly one of the most goofiest girls you will ever meet! I'm the type of girl that laughs 10 seconds too late after a joke. I trip over my feet even when there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on the ground. Yep, that silly girl is none other than me! =D

The gray purse I have on means a lot. I remember I was browsing in Victoria's Secret and I wanted it sooo badly. But they didn't have it at Fair Oakes Mall, they had ran out of the gray color. So my bf drove to Tyson's Corner Mall after work (mind you, this was during the CHAOTIC Christmas season) to get it as a surprise for me. Sooo sweeeeeet of him. And guess what? That shit is probably collecting dust at the bottom of my closet right now. *smh* I don't appreciate any of the material things I have, so sad....

Probably one of the happiest days of my life. My graduation from GMU last summer! It wasn't even one of those fake grins I usually put on. I was seriously smiling so hard, to keep the tears from falling across my cheeks. My entire family was there and it couldn' t have been a more bittersweet moment (sweet in the sense that I finally didn't have to pull all-nighters anymore, bitter in the sense that OMFG what the fuck do I do with my life now??! Lol, I miss school so much, *sigh* never thought I would be saying that...) I don't know who took my picture here, but I guess they didn't take it with flash. My folks, lol. Below is a picture of me with the flowers I got right after the graduation ceremony. I'm standing right next to my Uncle John (my mom's brother). He's my favoritest! As a kid, whenever my mom told me "no" to something I wanted to get, such as a Barbie doll...he'd be the one to give me what I wanted (without my mom knowing). He can't say "no" to me, I don't think he has ever! Lol

I love my Uncle so much. He has taught me EVERYTHING I know. I am who I am, thank God, hugely in part to him. I don't want to go into this subject too heavily at all. But my father had 0% presence during my life. He didn't take me out, never bought me anything, didn't do SHIT for my mom and I while I was growing up. But my Uncle John, he is basically the only father figure I have ever had in my life. To me, HE IS MY DAD. I feel so blessed to have such great ppl in my life. It's true what they takes an entire village to raise a child. And I was lucky enough to have my mom's side of the family (the village) to raise my brother and I. <33

Here's one of the rare times you'll ever see me at a party drinking. And even then, I don't really...hence, that's why in this pic I'm down in the basement with the ones who don't, lol. I guess I must be one of the few who don't drink. I know when I'm with my friends, I'm always DD ("designated driver").

If you have any questions or would like to know something about me, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up at my email:

I promise I don't bite! Lol, unless you want me to...I keeed, I keeed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm that tree-hugger, lol

Just came back from dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. We had a feast of crabs, crawfish, shrimp, crab cakes, and corn-on-the-cob (my fave summer side!) Ohh, boy, I'm so stuffed. I've been eating only one meal a day...which is sooo OUT OF THE NORM for me. Usually, I eat 6-8 meals a day. I'm not sure what's wrong, but I've definitely lost my appetite. My first meal of the day usually isn't until 3pm or later now. I would go to the doctor, but I'm sure it's nothing serious. Back to the story, well....Joe's Crab Shack is alright. It's not spectacular like Captain Philip's or any of the other seafood establishments. Their ambiance is very casual and light. Not fancy or formal, whatsoever. (We were seated in a booth. Is it just me, but does it bother anyone that these booths leave "butt marks"? You know what I mean---once you get up from the seat, you look down and see the imprint of your bothers me for some odd reason, lol.)

It comes out served in a pot, and everything is packed neatly within a net inside the pot.

Like I said, it was mediocre at best. Each pot is about $20-$30, which is overpriced in my opinion. But my girlfriend tried it recently, and I saw her pics on Facebook, and it made me drool. I had to see for myself if it was worth the hype (there are so many commericals for this place that it was driving me crazy!!!)

Ok, so the whole point of this post entry is to STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF SUNSCREEN. Please, ladies!!! Please listen to me!!!! You need to use sunscreen!!!! Now that it is a lot warmer & there is plenty of sunshine in the breezy air, you would think that there would be no worries. BUT!!! You have to think---with all this newfound sunlight, it's more important than ever to start implementing sunscreen within your daily beauty/make-up regimen. I have always been aware of the harmful effects from the sun. Even as a child, while every kid was running around laughing and having fun, without a care in the world...I was the dorky, weird kid hiding underneath the tree for shade. My mom used to tell me that if I went out into the sun, I would get freckles and skin cancer. Imagine you're only 5 years old...I didn't even know what cancer meant, but it just sounded so ominous and ill-boding. So yeah, you could call me a "tree-hugger", quite literally. Lol!

I have been using this for about a week now, and so far---I'm LOVING THIS!! It's the Neutrogena HEALTHY DEFENSE Daily Moisturizer SPF50 with Helioplex (which is supposed to be provide more stability than the average sunscreen). It doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or "clogged" at all. There is a subtle sheen after wearing it for more than 5 hours, but it actually makes my face look dewey and fresh. I loves it! It has won an award from Allure Magazine. So go check it out at your local drugstore! :)

For my body, I prefer to use the Ocean Potion Sunblock! It smells so good! Remember when you had Orangesicles at a kid?

Well, that's how the sunscreen smells like. It smells so delicious! The only downside is that while I was washing my car today (DMV had BEAUTIFUL WEATHER TODAY! High 70's, sunny!), some bees and wasps were chasing me. Lol, if I wasn't so terrified...I might have even said that the mere sight of me screaming like a little girl, running around in circles might have provided entertainment for some. But alas, I hate bugs so that shit just pissed me off! My bf didn't help, hmmph! He was too busy cleaning up his "baby" (his pride and joy Lexus). So yep, this is how it looked on. It goes on, dries very quickly, and then I just set my mineral make-up over it to cover up the many freckles I already do have (*sigh* I attribute this to the fact that I used to have tanning membership at Hollywood Tans. My mom used to give me such shit for that! Sorry, mom. So now I pay the price...)

[In the bathroom lighting]
Haha, wanna know something funny? I'm just wearing a sports bra here! I shouldn't have said that, I don't know what kind of sickfucks come onto my site. DON'T THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT YOU SICK PERVS ARE ON HERE!!! The reason I don't use my Formspring anymore is because of ppl like you! So yeah, keep on moving along. Get the fuck out of my site!

[By the window/natural lighting]
Side view. I'm wearing my trusty Timberland hat! It's a summer staple of mine. Yeaaaah, so I'm that kinda girl that tosses my hair in a ponytail and throws on the baseball cap. I'm so simple in the summer. Or you might even say I'm laaaazzzy, hahahaha. Takes, like, 2 seconds to accomplish this look!
The hat has seen better days, lol. It has some imperfections on it, because I don't know how to take care of my things. I'm very messy, so things always go flying everywhere in my room. On the floor, on the table, etc etc. But it's still my very trusty hat!! Oh, also wanted to show you guys how messy my make-up area can be. Don't judge, lol. Thanks.

Oy vey! I gotta clean up a bit. And this is just a section of where my make-up lies. I have 2 other areas. And I'm going to let you have 3 guesses as to the level of orderliness those other areas are at. :p

My full-face, after putting on my sunscreen! My usual, usual.

I look so an alien. Lol! I swear, "the lights are on upstairs"!

So sad that the weekend is over.....why does it always feel as though the weekends just SPEED BY SO QUICKLY??? I don't want to go back to work!! My vacay is coming up in May, but that just seems so damn far away...*pout* I want to know...are any of you guys going on any planned vacations soon? And if so, where? Please do share!! I'd love to hear y'all's plans =D