Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things at the Moment

Things at the Moment:

Book I am currently reading: Shanghai Girls by Linda See

Who I am obsessed with: Vincent Van Gogh
Best known for his piece "Starry Night"

=== His life, his personal struggles, his artwork. I'm obsessed with this man. You can just see the madness and fury and insanity behind all of his personal pieces of art paintings. Look at the detailing! Unfortunately, what he is infamous for is how he cut off his lower left ear to send to a prostitute. For some reason, I feel drawn to ppl who have inner turmoil, but who are fucking brilliant. It's just that Van Gogh was in so much pain all of his life...........mental, heart, physical pain, you name it. That man had to struggle through it all. Can't really blame the poor lad for going apeshit nuts.

His self-portrait. Look how he covered his ears up. He lived a life full of sin. He smoked, hooked-up with prostitutes, etc etc. Eventually, however, he grew increasingly isolated and instead became fervent about religion.

Art was his only mere solace from the world that he found so increasingly difficult to subsist in.
But even so, he always felt this pang of acute loneliness and heartache. =(

Music that fits my Mood: "Dreamworld" by Robin Thicke

I love how Robin Thicke makes a reference to Van Gogh... "I would tell Van Gogh he was loved, there's no need to cry..."

Ehhh, I know this entry is so random but just wanted to share!


  1. I've been wanting to read that book! How is it?

  2. How is Shanghai Girls? I read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and LOVED it! I also have Peony in Love but I havent had a chance to read that yet :T

  3. I miss being drawn into a good book. It would be cool to review this one if you ever have the chance...

    And yes, I also am a huge Van Gogh fan - always a lot of symbolism in his art like the steeple of the church connecting the earth & the sky in "Starry night" (a way that religion binds earth to the heavens) and his cypress trees! :D I also like the look of his favorite of his is a still life on display at The National Gallery in London called "Two Crabs" -- probably before all the turmoil in his life, but just so impressive!

    Hope things are going better!