Saturday, March 27, 2010

They call me Mellow Yellow

Ok, I'm seriously really bored! Lol, hence my multiple postings in one day. Usually, I don't even post but every couple of weeks. My bf is at Hard Times shooting pool right now. I don't feel all that swell, so I opted to stay at home. I'm watching the ANTM marathon. Wow, Tyra looks so different each and every season. But somehow she still looks kinda the same? She doesn't age! Oh just wanted to show you guys what I have on the walls in my bathroom! I looooove CHRISTY TURLINGTON!! She's my idea of what a woman ought to look like. Her face is seriously 100% symmetrical!

So yep! These are the hauntingly beautiful pics that I set eyes on once I flicker on my bathroom lights. And then I get to look at my scary self first thing in the morning, lol. She's my inspiration!

I'm FEELING my nail color right now. I feel kinda giddy and lighthearted right now. I vacillate in-between my emotions so much. But right now, I feel really gay (happy). So my nails most definitely have to match, right?

And here's what I wore for the day:

The owl necklace is so cute! I love how its two eyes are shiny, white rhinestones that reflect in lighting. Then I threw on another long necklace that has multiple chains all in one. I wore this neon yellow tank top that I got from F21. Outter gray coat is also from F21 and has fine faux fur finishing on the hood, it keeps me oh-so-warm in this crazy DMV weather. (Yesterday was nearly 70. Today is 49 degrees...brrrrrr....I went to get Pho today!!)
I wear gray a lot, I do realize. I don't know but that's the safest color, in my opinion. The world is not always black 'n' white. There's a lot of gray areas, here and there. Sooo yeaaaaaaaaah....that is my day in a nutshell. I need to go to Wal-Mart later to pick up some things, but soo lazy to do anything right now. Hmm, has anyone seen this?? This guy is pretty amazing! How he manages to make the original song look like shit is funny. His version of "Nothin' on You" is SO MUCH better!!! (But his remix is geared towards his mama, whereas the original song is about a pretty girl that the original singer likes). This song is on my mind damn catchy.

Of course, vid is low-budget...quality is it out!

Things at the Moment

Things at the Moment:

Book I am currently reading: Shanghai Girls by Linda See

Who I am obsessed with: Vincent Van Gogh
Best known for his piece "Starry Night"

=== His life, his personal struggles, his artwork. I'm obsessed with this man. You can just see the madness and fury and insanity behind all of his personal pieces of art paintings. Look at the detailing! Unfortunately, what he is infamous for is how he cut off his lower left ear to send to a prostitute. For some reason, I feel drawn to ppl who have inner turmoil, but who are fucking brilliant. It's just that Van Gogh was in so much pain all of his life...........mental, heart, physical pain, you name it. That man had to struggle through it all. Can't really blame the poor lad for going apeshit nuts.

His self-portrait. Look how he covered his ears up. He lived a life full of sin. He smoked, hooked-up with prostitutes, etc etc. Eventually, however, he grew increasingly isolated and instead became fervent about religion.

Art was his only mere solace from the world that he found so increasingly difficult to subsist in.
But even so, he always felt this pang of acute loneliness and heartache. =(

Music that fits my Mood: "Dreamworld" by Robin Thicke

I love how Robin Thicke makes a reference to Van Gogh... "I would tell Van Gogh he was loved, there's no need to cry..."

Ehhh, I know this entry is so random but just wanted to share!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So yeah, maybe I feel a little hippy right now

My hairstyle of the day! I love braids. Love it! Even as a little girl, that was the simplest and most chic thing I could do to my hair since I always wanted to get to school on time. And recently, I rekindled my old love for this type of hairstyle. I love it! Inside me is still a tiny, little girl who matter what my exterior may otherwise prove. I'm always going to be the smiling, shy, innocent 12-year old that I's truly amazing how fast time flies by *nostalgic smile*

Right now within me, it's quite hard to explain...but I feel a pot of broiling emotions simmering in this stew of uneasiness and apprehension. My body has gone rigid and stiff constantly, almost as though I am anticipating some sort of attack. Not really sure what is going on? This too, shall pass. I wish I could do "happy-go-lucky" posts like everyone else...but when your head is constantly swirling and in a state of confusion, no words can suffice. I wish I could bring ppl into my world.....I really do. Hope everyone else out there is doing better than me! :)

P.S. I promise I'm not as emo as my entries make me out to be!

Stila so cheap!!! Get more bang for ya buck

STILA SALE!!! Omg, omg, omg!!! Eeeeeeiiii =D

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fuck Cutesygirl rant

GIRLS, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ughhh! I've absolutely had it with Cutesygirl! For all they fucking care, they just LOST A CUSTOMER in me. So here's the deal...I had placed an order with them awhile ago. I bought wedges, flip-flops and a dress. However, as time progressed I noticed that I was not sent any Tracking # via e-mail (which usually is sent when you order on-line). So I e-mailed their Customer Service to inquire about being provided with my Tracking #, since I don't have it shipped to my home but to my bf's house, instead. I wanted to know exactly which day I should drop by his house to pick up my shipment. So, Jaclene (one of their Customer Service reps) wrote me back saying that it was sent to my e-mail and that did I bother to check my "Spam" inbox. Ummm....HELLLO?!!?? I'm very meticulous when I order things on-line. I check my e-mail RIGHT AWAY to get my Tracking # so that I can determine which day to drop by the bf's to get my shit. So I was already peeved when I got her e-mail, asking me that dumb question. OF COURSE I CHECKED! My inbox was more empty than a blonde bimbo's head!

Ok, so fast forward...I finally receive my box from them. So excitedly, I rushed to tear that box into pieces so that I could "try on" all of my new merchandise. It was all good in the beginning but when I reached to slip my feet into the "Bamboo Marisol Wedges" (which ought to have been the highlight, since that is even the ONLY reason I even bothered to place an order...those wedges were the only thing I wanted. I only got the other shit to get the $50 FREE shipping, which is in and of itself a scam). I noticed something odd. The wires on the butterfly was majorly pinching into my feet. Like, PAINFULLY SO!!! I stumbled around on my wedges to test-run by walking back and forth across my foyer hallway floor, and the pain only began to intensify even more so. On my left foot was a bloody gash. Pissed off, I took the wedges off of my feet and ran to my laptop to conjure up an e-mail to this Jaclene girl. I sent that last Saturday!! And to date, I STILL HAVE not received a response from her!! What SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT, HUH??!!!! I even forwarded that same e-mail I had sent her that day AGAIN this week, just in case for some reason, she never got it? But still....NOTHING.

So I did what I had dreaded from the very beginning. I hauled ass onto the phone to contact them verbally....ONLY TO BE PUT ON HOLD TWICE for 20 minutes in duration each time!! I'm soooo beyond FUCKING PISSED. After finally reaching HUMAN contact (instead of that annoying dumb machine voice shit they play over and over and over again...I thought I was going to pull my fuckin' hair out!! What's the motherfucking point of having a Customer Service department, if you don't even live up to the whole point of being a "Customer Service" company?!!??)....their Customer Service rep, Sharon, tells me that "unfortunately" I will need to take a picture of the shoes, and send it to them, blah blah blah...HELLO?!! I only have 14 fucking days to resolve this for a refund and by doing this, I feel as though they are truly trying to delay the process so that in the fucking end, I won't be able to return it. The reason why I haven't sent the wedges back is because WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I SEND IT BACK & HAVE TO PAY (OUTTA MY POCKET) the S&H fees when they should just send me a "return UPS or FedEx Label". It's not like I"m trying to scam them out of this. I really wanted this issue to be resolved. I'm the customer, they're the company providing me with my goods------shouldn't a customer's complaint be resolved?????????

I'm soooo fucking pissed. I'm just going to end up throwing those fucking shoes away. I don't have time to play Cutesygirl's fucking games. In the end, I will have wasted all of my time and patience and money only to be told that ha, my 14-days are already up. Sorry, keep those shoes that fucking puts little gashes onto the side of your feet every single time you wear them! CUTESYGIRL CAN SUCK MY NUTS. The truth is that I only ordered from them (straying away from my GoJane) because I saw all of these YOUTUBE beauty guru's promote them on their own YouTube channel. I should have known that OF COURSE THESE GIRLS ARE GOING TO RAVE AND RAVE about Cutesygirl. Hell, if you gave me FREE SHIT (even if they were shitty quality, which is how most of the items on that site is really like anyway), I'd be raving, too. It's not coming out of my bank account, right?!!

I never really even sat down and researched about the company. What a fucking idiot I am!! *facepalm* But still, this doesn't mean that I deserved to go through this frustrating ordeal!!!

From now on, I'm just going to stick to GoJane. Hell, even AMICLUBWEAR is better than Cutesygirl!!!! End rant.