Saturday, February 6, 2010

With family like this....

[Pardon if there are any grammar or structure syntax errors. My hands are so sore and stiff right now]

I'm so upset right now. I literally just spent OVER 3 HOURS shoveling snow outside...all by my fucking self! What fucking pisses me off is I sent a text to my brother "Hey come help me shovel the snow. I finished doing my car. Now I'm doing your car". And I waited...I kept shoveling and shoveling...but since I wasn't wearing a watch, I didn't know how many minutes had passed by. Then I saw my mom open the door and watch me. So I was like, " Where is Dan?" And she just kept looking at me, not understanding. Then I saw my brother in the background. I was like, um hel-looooo???? Where the fuck have you been?

So I opened the door and was like, "Where the fuck is Dan? His ass should be outside helping me shovel. I'm doing his fucking car! It's not like I'm even asking for help to do my car. I already shoveled our walkway (so nobody slips and falls), my car (around it, behind it, in front of it...even well past into the main streets, in case the snow plow truck decides to push it back against my car). And my mom was all like, "Oh, don't worry about it. Dan can't come help you. I will come out later to shovel instead"

Literally, my mouth dropped to the floor. WTF?!! What kind of fucking idiot makes his SISTER and MOTHER shovel the snow while he sits back to play fucking Call of Duty like a fucking loser?? I can't believe this! So I sent him a really nasty text back:

Me: "That's real fucking nice you ass. Been slaving my ass away for the past 3 hours doing your car as well as mine. You can't even fucking help me finish up the other side of your car. I'm not out here for my car right now you know. I seriously hope you get AIDS."

Him: "Fuck you. Don't touch my car. No one told your dumb ass to touch my side. Just be mom's bitch and keep shoveling."

Me: "Shut the fuck up. I'm doing it cuz I fucking care and love you even though you don't deserve any of it. Unlike you, I'm not an ungrateful white bitch. Karma will get you. God is very fair. I will sleep well tonight knowing that you will get what's coming to you 1000000x worse :)"

Him: "Ok hippy."

I'm so pissed I could cry out of pure frustration. I see so many ppl who have loving, caring siblings. I just have a stupid dumbass who only cares about himself. I WAS SHOVELING for that long because I didn't want my mom to have to come out to do it. She has arthritis and it's always so tough to see her out there in the biting cold, slipping and sliding on the grounds. I'd much rather sacrifice my young body for this sort of labor.

Ohhhh, grrrrr...I'm still so angry. I'm trying to take a deep breath, y'all. I'm so FUCKING SICK OF THIS wintry cold weather. We got somewhere between 25-30 inches. Is anyone else on this East Coast who's as miserable and sick of the snow as I am??? I don't think I can take this any longer. >:(


  1. ooh I know exactly what your talking and my mom are the only females in the family but we also act like then men in the family because the three grown ass men in our family can't seen to do anything... everything is woman's job.

  2. awwww u poor thing! some men nowadays can be such whiny lil *******

    oh long as u have done ur part and u feel good about it...let karma get them later :)

  3. AAAAH I would be raging pissed too...I only have sisters, but this could really apply to any sibling. Sorry you had to deal with the lameness.

  4. aaaww men nowadays can be really annoying aren't they(

    PS: tnx for following back. I just followed you too~

  5. i feel so pissed for you! i hope ur fingers are feeling better. karma is definitely coming for your brother. >:(

  6. awww I'm sorry doll.. sometimes siblings can be a pain! I hope you find something to help you relax and calm down.

  7. You live on the east coast as well? I understand how you feel, but in the opposite way. I'm sick really sick, and people were expecting me to shovel yesturday. Lol So I can see where you are coming from.

  8. aww sorry to hear you had no fun with the snow :(

    I've been there, done that and I know how it feels to shovel piles and piles of snow. I sure hope your weekend is going better for you :)

    Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

  9. Awwww, those things happen. I know exactly how you feel! I hope you get better soon because I wouldn't want to see a fellow blogger down like that. :(

  10. oh man your brother is horrible...but dont worry hun, everything is gonna get better soon! summer's only 4 months away ;d