Sunday, February 7, 2010

I did it!! Yay meee!!

Eeeeiiiii! Lol, I just finished shoveling so more snow! Everything is so dense and hardened to ice after last night's bone-chilling drop to the single-digit temp's. But at least the sun is out today! Look HOOOOOOOOW HIGHHHH that moutain of snow is to the right. Its height is as high (if not just a bit higher) as my car. And to think---I did all that shit by myself. So proud *pats myself on the shoulder* A lazy-ass, 100lb something like me did all that within 3 hours. Hahhaa, look at my lazy next-door neighbor. That bitch is gonna have a grand ol' time trying to get out, I might have flung some snow at her car in order to clear mine out (ok, ok. Don't tell her! I flung A WHOLE LOT!!!)
So annnywaaays, I got taggged by the beautiful Jhoy to post 10 random facts about myself. Umm...this is kinda difficult. But I will try my best not to bore y'all!

1. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and count up to see how long I can close my eyes while driving. So far, I haven't hit anything yet. It's so strange, but I think I just get some sort of rush on the road from that.

2. I didn't learn how to speak or write in Vietnamese until after I graduated high school. I'm still not very good. I actually read a lot better than I speak. Same thing with Spanish. I took 5 years of Advance Spanish but I can't speak a lick of it now (never really had any Spanish friends to converse with) and yet when I watch telenovelas on tv, as long as I have the CAPTIONS on, I can understand what's going on by reading.

3. I can tell if a guy likes me for me, or if he's just trying to get down in my pants the first 5 seconds I meet him. That's what you get by having 90%+ of your friends as males.

4. I've had the strangest craving to pour chocolate syrup over a fat, juicy steak. Just had to share because it's been on my mind for the past 2 weeks! Maybe I'll grow some balls and actually make my steak this way soon, just to find out if it'll taste as good in my mouth as it does in my head!

5. I have thin but muscular calves. Guys always ask if I work out my legs because it's evident when I wear heels. I don't?? I used to hate them but I guess if it can get me a pass out of going to the gym, it's finee by me now. Note: I am extremely lazy when it comes to anything physical ('cept sex :p )

6. Don't like lipglosses, I actually prefer lipsticks or lip balms more these days. I hate getting my hairs stuck to my lips! MAC lip glosses are some of the guilty culprits that I try to shy away from.

7. My #1 FAVORITE SONG OF ALL MOTHERFUCKIN' TIME is "Crash into Me" by the Dave Matthews Band. They originated from VA, where I'm from. Sooo def cool that I just so happen to love this song more than life. I love the video a lot, too. Especially the women dancing in the beginning. I always felt as though I belonged to that time era! Beautiful! (Side note: This song, if you carefully read the lyrics, is actually about a "peeping tom" stalking the girl that he's infatuated with. How come all the songs I like are so creepy?)

8. Before I die, I want to travel to Japan, South Africa, and Ireland.

9. I sleep with 10+ stuffed animals. I can't sleep without at least 4 pillows surrounding me, either.

I even have the "Lambie" slippers that look like them! Soo freakin' cute! Got it from Bath & Body Works. I love squishing their bellies to calm me down. Like my own lil' "stress balls".

Of know I have this sick Hello Kitty fetish. My bf got me this at the "Build-a-Bear" workshop. I didn't want her to have the typical clothes they sell there for stuffed animals. I wanted my very own baby kitty! So I just got her the HK underwear to wear as "diapers". I am a mommy now!!

10. Umm...last random fact. I LOVE THE COLOR BLUE!!!


  1. Congrats on the shoveling! :)

    Ur HK is uber cute in her diapers. LOL! Never seen such a HK doll. Unique! :)


  2. Thank you so much, =D. I been popping all vitamins like there was no cookies left in the cookie jar. lol But yes people who do not wash thier hands really makes me upset. I cant afford to miss classes. Oh really, I live in Md. Basically an 2 hours from DC. =]

  3. Awww, you didn't learn Vietnamese when you were younger? It's okay, I speak like a baby and I'm 19 right now. I can't even read/write in Vietnamese, only a few words I get. and LOL at the Spanish thing! HIGH FIVE GIRL! I took 6 years of Honor+Advance French and I don't even get it except for one year which I was doing so well until my last two teachers just killed it. It was such a waste of time taking that course, except for my first year in high school. Too bad, a good teacher usually retire =T

    and HELL YEAH about the driving! I want to get a bumper sticker like that. I do the same thing, when I know someone wants to get into my lane and doesn't signal, I'm a total bitch until they signal to come over. And for people who put their far lights on, I slow then... (sometimes) if I get really pissed off about it, I'll slow down then, switch over to their lane BEHIND THEM and turn my freakin far lights on for a couple of minutes or until they get out of the lane. lol.

  4. omg, good for you! I never shovel snow... i'm too weak lol. The nail color is quite different, but I like it =]

  5. Love Your nails :) By the way, I was at Target today and I remembered you mentioning to me that you liked Rimmel's Pink Blush lipstick and I saw it at Target and I bought it! I love it :) It is such a pretty pink color, Thanks for the recommendation :)

  6. Congrats on the latest award hun! Also, AWESOME JOB on that snow shoveling...that is hard core impressive!!!

  7. Good job on shoveling all that snow!!

    BTW that #1 fact is pretty crazy! hehe ;P Be careful!

  8. congrats on your blog award!! I used to skateboard in high school too. I totally feel you on the Lupe Fiasco lyrics.. When we skateboard, all the world is a concrete playground...

    I would hate shoveling all that snow. I'm so glad I live out on the west coast. Mad props to you on that ishh!! Your arms must be toned! hahahaha

  9. wow. that's a lot of snow! good job on the award! burrh i woke up with school and everything also. but i love the cute picture of the slippers! i haven't tried chocolate syrup over steak. hrm..that's an interesting combo

    <3 yumi

  10. hahaha omg good job w/the shoveling

    now send me some snow

    srsly, i wanted to see snow ONCE but nooooo not in eugene and not in portland after i moved up here

  11. Woo! great job with the snow :)

    Wow! you didnt learn until after highschool? Did your family converse more in english than viet?
    The older you get, the harder it is to pick up a new language.
    I would LOVE to learn more languages.

    OMG to #1! aaah, Be careful woman! HAHA

    Jess Mai

  12. I wish it was snowing here so I could go snowboarding!! We got sooo little snow this year here in Vancouver and the WINTER Olympics start next week and all our snow will probably have to be made. It's kinda embarrassing!

  13. wow, thats alot of snow and shoveling. At least its good exercise right? lol. Viet is a pretty hard language to speak, you literally have to twist and turn ur tongue in all these strange ways...and the words still come out strange-lol. Love ur blog! Im Janice btw, nice to meet you!

  14. damn girl thats enough work out for a couple months!!! lol

  15. i love the color blue too!
    and haha congrats on the shoveling, that must've been crazy work! we were supposed to get snow too but we didn't get a thing. lol

  16. hey babe. i see you posted your lambs =) so cute. makes me wish i had gotten them too. did you see the matching blanket? i bet the slippers keep you warm with all that snow! i know its keeping my toes cozy

  17. I freakin' adore you! Haha I died laughing when I read your comment.

    Major props for digging out your car! If you don't mind me asking, where are you from? Looks like a hella lotta snow. I can't believe you have to go to work today! The wind is whipping around everywhere, but at least your boss is picking you up... make 'em pay for making you go into work.

    Can I just say how much I love your Hello Kitty's hat. Perfect for this weather <3

  18. It sux that after all that, we have to go out and do it again! I live in MD so I know what ur going through, we have the same storm system ughh. But nice blog, gona follow you.... follow me back?

  19. I gave you an award!

  20. The first photo is so funny! Lol!! I have never seen snow before in my life!

    I really wish to travel to Japan as well.

    The lamb slippers are really cute! I have a paif of Hello Kitty slippers like that!

  21. =D, Thanks Babes. I went out today to buy it, and it was all sold out. =[. I was so sad. But yeah I like eyeliner that is intense and has a deep rich color. And this will be good for smokey eyes throughout the day.

    Yes I know, I had to go to walmart and buy more salt. Which by the way all sold out. =]