Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hautelook haul & Viva Glam Gaga/Latisse update

Hihihi! Thanks for everyone's well-wishes. I still have the *snifffles* (remember when you were a kid and used to wipe your snotty nose on your arm sleeves? Lol, don't front! You use to do it when there were no tissues around!) But I felt a whole lot better to hit up the mall. I used a LOT of bronzer today to look less "dead", lol. Just 'cause it's winter doesn't mean that I ought to look like the walkin' dead zombie!

I'm also diggin' my new hair color I just did. I colored it this dark chocolate brown color, but next week when I'm getting my haircut, I'm thinkin' about putting in some highlights! Btw, I know my favorite scarf and ear muffs don't match exactly but oh well---I looove these muffs that I got from this Korean store called "AMUSE" (at Tyson's). It keeps my ears ohsowarm! I don't really like to wear any winter hats because once I take it off, I get that hair static and no amount of hair products/water can keep the fine baby hairs around my forehead down. :/

And while me and the bf were walking around, all of a sudden I saw a huge line form on the bottom floor (we were on the top level looking down). So out of curiousity, I stook on the balcony to see what the heck all that commotion was. It turns out that one of the Disney stars from "Wizards of Waverly" place was there! He's the guy that plays Selena Gomez's on-screen bf on that show. His real name is Gregg Sulkin:

I was contemplating whether I should have stood in line for his autograph (so I can sell that shit on eBay, of course!) But I saw all of those "tweens" giggling and squealing and that was enough to make me want to vomit. So I had to gracefully passed on the opportunity to meet him. Besides, just from observing him he seemed like he had a big ego. He was just sitting there *SMACKING* his gum and not really smiling. I don't about you but if I were to ever be famous, I wouldn't just be rude and outwardly showing that I'm *thisbored* to be taking pics with my fans. At least have the deceny to PRETEND that you're interested! Well, maybe he was just having an "off" day?? Lol, I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt. Here he is talking, he's British by the way.

Ok, so I was at the mall to return a bunch of earrings I got from Urban Outfitters. I had ordered them on-line but don't you hate it when everything looks SO GOOOOOOD but once you get your package, it's like....ugly in real life? I also returned this black see-through lace shirt at F21, but managed to snatch up this huge multi-colored floral ring (to match the earrings I had in one of my previous entries!):

Just wanted to show you guys what purse I carry when I go shopping. I have learned the hard way that it's best to have a convenient, small, portable purse when I go to the mall. It's already hard enough to balance 10 shopping bags with only two hands, much less have your shoulder be strained from carrying a 5-lb purse (hey! I have bony shoulders, what can I say?) I just went out with my friend recently and she thought I had this as my designer bag. Ummm....nooo. Lol, I got this shit at F21! You'd be sooooo amazed to see the things that they carry. Really cute things and here everybody is...always guessing that I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my clothing/bags. With this economy, it's good to scale back!!

Oh, and I just wanted to update you on my status. I am now officially done with my 2nd bottle of Lilash. I was sick of it always giving me the tired, "blood-shot" I got my 1st new bottle of Latisse. (I'm only on my first week thus far...will have to keep you guys updated). I'm always on the look-out for any eyelash growth products! I'm obsessed with long, lush eyelashes, but what girl isn't? :D

As you can's soooo FUCKING LONG!! It's actually getting a bit difficult for me to keep my eyes open when I'm working a 10-hour work day. But for its strength in length, Lilash really sucked in giving me any VOLUME. I'm really hoping that Latisse will give me more lashes, not really so much emphasis on the length because I'm not exactly sure how much longer my lashes can be?? I won't be able to keep my eyes open anymore, LOL!!!

Ok, so in my last post, I was talking about the Lady Gaga lipstick. I have come to the conclusion that I don't really like it, even though the packaging is super cute. I know that I am in the MINORITY when it comes to not liking it. But for some reason...on me, sometimes it comes out looking purple-ish?? Does anyone else have the same experience as I do??

I feel like the formula and consistency of this lipstick also *accentuates* dry lips, and can make your lips look flakey! I even have tried to use the Korres Lip Butter (in Jasmine) underneath prior to the Viva Glam Gaga application, but to the same tragic result...FLAKING. Uggh, I'm soo frustrated!!! Buttt----I have decided that I will not return this! Why?? Because all 100% proceeds will go to charity. Since it's for a good cause I will keep this baby. :p

So then we went back to my bf's place and looooook what came in the mail, y'all!!

If you guys have not already checked out this site, it's FREAKIN' RIDICULOUS!! I'm hooked on this site. I *literally* check this shit out everrrryday. I sneak on the comp at work and have to get my Hautelook fix. Basically, it's this site that has designer clothing (they had Rock&Republic jeans, Justin Timberlake's clothing line "William Rast", etc etc) and high-end cosmetics (Kevyn Aucoin, etc) at DISCOUNT PRICES! I have already made 2 transactions through this site and have been soo pleased with the service. It's sorta, like, an exclusive shopping on-line experience! In order to get in, it's by invitation-only. Just sign up here!

Look how cute it was wrapped! It has the "Hautelook" sticker on it!

So last week they had a deal on Mario Badescu products which I just happen to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! One of my fave YT girls, Leina, just finished up doing a review on it out here to see what she has to say. The first product I got was the Flower & Tonic Mask:

I love it. It smells very floral-y and goes on so cold & creamy on your face. You just have to wait for it to harden a bit and then you wash it off! Then your face is sooooo SOFT and radiant. I love using this in the summer when my skin goes haywire on me, lol. The tonic is supposed to "reduce bumpy, congested skin". Next thing I got was the Almond & Honey Face Scrub:

This is a very goooood exfoliator! Just be careful when you're rubbing this on your face to be very, very gentle because if your skin is sensitive, your face can be red after using it (but it gradually fades away leaving your skin very smoooth---it washes away your dead skin cells). And the last thing I got from Hautelook was the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask:

I LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS THE MOST out of the 3! It doesn't "whiten" your skin (like, it's not bleaching or anything drastic like that). Basically, it improves your skin's clarity and tone. I use this most especially during the summer, because my skin gets very red and oily if I have to be out in the sun for more than 10 mins (no lie). It's very powdery white when you first open the jar....what you're supposed to do is to have your skin already damp and then you spread the powdery-like substance all over your face. You let it dry for 5-10 minutes, and you wash it off. A definite must-have in your skincare regimen!! =D So all in all, I saved a lot of $$$ by getting my Mario Badescu products through Hautelook. Ohhhh yeaaaa...

Ohhh, hey. Look at what my goofy bf likes to do in his spare time. He goes to Asian stores that sell anime/manga stuff and he buys these "build-your-own-action-figure" kits. Lol, that's what he loves doing. He'll spend hours putting this together and then he just throws it around after he's finished with the product. What a wasteful person he is! But it looks pretty neat, in my opinion.

Ok, now I'm going to end things by showing you what my doodles mostly consist of...they say that you can tell a lot about a person through their doodles. Hmm, I wonder what my doodles tell you about me...hahahaha, that I'm a dreamer?? Half the time, I'm in my own world....dreaming away...

I'm off to Red Lobster...yummy Cheddar biscuits and side Caesar's salad *rubs belly*


  1. I love the ring and bag from F21, they have such cute things! It seems there are a few blogger people who don't like the Viva Glam Gaga lol. Oh and your lashes are hella long! seems like that stuff works!

  2. Wow, the Mario Badescu stuff really looks good...Now I'm kind of regretting not getting any! And I agree, the Lady Gaga lipstick looks weird. Which is why I didn't get it...I know it will just be like, deathly pale pastel pink on me. LOL. It's such a pity..I'm a huge Gaga fan and was really looking forward to the lipstick.

  3. Absolutely love your blog ! I write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow it-

  4. I love your eyes soooo gorgeous!!! I love how you do your eye makeup! I like the cat eye liner near the tear duct! Please teach me how!

  5. Aww I want earmuffs like yours! So pretty!

    And your lashes are soooo long! I'm jealous =P

  6. your little transformer doll is so cute! and ur gorgeous hun, bronzer looks good on you.

  7. I can't believe you are trying Latisse!!! Your lashes do look so lovely and thick and LUSH. *jealous* Do you use mascara/primer on top of that? I mean...once you have length, volume is just a sweep of mascara away!

    Those products seem so fabulous! :) I'm glad you found them at awesome prices...I def. will check them out since Summer is just around the corner! :D

    PS - Your earmuffs are so adorable!!!!! Love you in them :)

  8. hugs! i've been good, just moved to texas so i've been busy. the weather here is dry so my skin is freaking out :/ but ya, you can still get my blog updates if you do that thing on my page in the red box. lol my husband figured it out so i everyone can still get updates.

    ill have to buy the boscia when i'm in a panic. the acne has cleared up thankfully, but hopefully this isn't just hormonal acne cause it sucks!

    i am so envious of your eyes and lashes! what is your ethnicity?

  9. gad damn! your lashes look looong! did you also grow new lashes?

    and i love tthat new purse


  10. love your bag, i wish we had f21 over here! you look so cute btw on the first pic with your earmuffs hihi! oh and the harness necklace doesnt come with the dress, the necklace is surprisingly from h&m!

  11. Good to know that that lilash stuff really works. I'm really interested in my eyelashes growing, but I didn't want to spend so much money just to find out that it won't work x___X
    Thanks a whole bunch!

  12. Your lashes totally wow-ed me!!! Lilash certainly works like a dream!!!

    Gregg Sulkin is cute but mehhh, how can he not pretend to enjoy the attention? Afterall, his fan base are those tweens right?

  13. haha yaa; we rule over the jungle ;) and i'm actually a leo too in the horoscope ! i love your eyes:) such long lashes!

  14. Girl, your eyelashes are GAAAAAAWGEOUS! You look great! I can't wait for the Viva Glam GAGA Lipstick. It'll come out on April :(

  15. =[
    I can't find anyway to make it not accentuate the lines and prevent the flakey look too. It's so frustrating, but I still love the color!
    I love that ring toooo!!

  16. Latisse does make your lashes grow like crazy! I have a co-worker that's using it. Hopefully it'll give you some volume too :]

    BTW I agree with you about the Gaga l/s. If your lips aren't perfectly moisturized, it'll look flaky! It could be a hard color to like since it's such a cool pink... but it still looks pretty on you! :]

  17. Aw thanks love :) I know, its just a bummer how people can be cruel or do things like that :(

    Yea, lee min ho is the hot stud from boys over flowers! haha *drools =P

  18. I love Mac lipsticks' shades but I hate how none of them are "moisturizing" enough. The textures are usually too dry for my liking which is such a shame. Their collections are so pretty. =(

  19. We are SO twins, i got the gaga lippie AND that f21 purse a while a go for shopping/events so my shoulders dont weigh down too LOL oh and its in black though. =P

  20. Ouu woww, the lashes are realllyyy long..really amazed me!!! =] Cute purse babe!

  21. You don't need Latisse...your lashes are so long and lush already : ) I bought it a while back and actually lost patience with the daily application process and gave up.

    And LOL at the second question in the post above. Whenever I get emails like that I always fear the worst, aka the 50 year old man in his undie pants at his computer. It's probably just some sweet reader, but you can never be too careful on the net!

  22. wooow, the ring is soo pretty<3

  23. I love the Lady Gaga lipstick, in fact i bought 2 for when one runs You said it made your lips look a bit purple, maybe applying some concealer before the lipstick will prevent that and show the true color of the lipstick; that's what I do for some lipsticks :)

  24. nice try on the lady gaga look! very awesome especially how u line ur eyes.
    oh btw, my bf loves collecting Gundam toys too and I assisted him quite a number of times in "building" them. haha. :D

  25. Uhm ugly duckling? Seriously?!? You're so gorgeous that's hard to imagine..

    That quote is really awesome, and not something I'm sure most girls think about. I guess we tend to get caught up in the little thoughts in our head, that it doesn't cross our mind that someone else might have the same thoughts too!

    Hehe why is it that designers always say such wise things?

  26. so thats how you have such gorgeous lashes! ive always wanted to try a prescription lash product and now i know for sure that it works. weather in korea still sucks for the most part. but im getting out of here soon thank god!


  27. I do the same exact flower doodle!!

    F Cutesygirl!

    Love F21

    If you're wearing Gaga in the first pic, I LOVE IT ON YOU!

    Can you buy me a set of earmuffs?! Maybe I should just go to AMUSE like you They're so darn cute

    Being sick + it being winter, honey you know I too slather on the bronzahhh I can't even tell you were sick!

    Um, who cares about whats his british face!!!

    Great F21 ring! I looooove Hautelook, I've been on those sites for years now, SADLY, I've only ordered from GILT GROUPE and IDEELI, lol

  28. Oh yeah, I return online stuff all the time, some stuff just doesn't look the same online and in person!! Can you believe I've never bought anything from Urban Outfitters, I've been "window shopping" for like, EVER, haha