Saturday, February 20, 2010


If you were to get a piercing or tattoo, where and/or what? by chaoticcookie

I am already in the midst of planning out my 1st tattoo that I will be getting some time around May (my bday gift to myself?? Hmm, why not? Lol) I want a fairy on my ankle. Well, that's what I have in mind...but who knows I might change my mind at the last minute!

I DO however plan to it on my ankle, so that way...if I needed my tattoo to be hidden, I could just wear pants. I eventually plan to get another tattoo after the ankle one on the side of my left rib. I would most likely get a favorite quote of mine. I'm not too sure about piercings since I am not really too into them...yet. =)

hi sweetie! how old r u? and where are u originaly from?

Lol, for some reason I just pictured some creepy old man in his underwear at home writing me these questions. I don't know

But anyhoo, hopefully that's not who actually asked me these q's. I'm in my early 20's (a lady never discloses) :p And I guess that I'm originally from the South. My mom's from Arkansas and my dad's from South VA. He was stationed/worked at the naval base there and they eventually ended up relocating up to a suburb outside of D.C. area when I was a young kid.


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