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If you were to get a piercing or tattoo, where and/or what? by chaoticcookie

I am already in the midst of planning out my 1st tattoo that I will be getting some time around May (my bday gift to myself?? Hmm, why not? Lol) I want a fairy on my ankle. Well, that's what I have in mind...but who knows I might change my mind at the last minute!

I DO however plan to it on my ankle, so that way...if I needed my tattoo to be hidden, I could just wear pants. I eventually plan to get another tattoo after the ankle one on the side of my left rib. I would most likely get a favorite quote of mine. I'm not too sure about piercings since I am not really too into them...yet. =)

hi sweetie! how old r u? and where are u originaly from?

Lol, for some reason I just pictured some creepy old man in his underwear at home writing me these questions. I don't know

But anyhoo, hopefully that's not who actually asked me these q's. I'm in my early 20's (a lady never discloses) :p And I guess that I'm originally from the South. My mom's from Arkansas and my dad's from South VA. He was stationed/worked at the naval base there and they eventually ended up relocating up to a suburb outside of D.C. area when I was a young kid.


formspring me

Hautelook haul & Viva Glam Gaga/Latisse update

Hihihi! Thanks for everyone's well-wishes. I still have the *snifffles* (remember when you were a kid and used to wipe your snotty nose on your arm sleeves? Lol, don't front! You use to do it when there were no tissues around!) But I felt a whole lot better to hit up the mall. I used a LOT of bronzer today to look less "dead", lol. Just 'cause it's winter doesn't mean that I ought to look like the walkin' dead zombie!

I'm also diggin' my new hair color I just did. I colored it this dark chocolate brown color, but next week when I'm getting my haircut, I'm thinkin' about putting in some highlights! Btw, I know my favorite scarf and ear muffs don't match exactly but oh well---I looove these muffs that I got from this Korean store called "AMUSE" (at Tyson's). It keeps my ears ohsowarm! I don't really like to wear any winter hats because once I take it off, I get that hair static and no amount of hair products/water can keep the fine baby hairs around my forehead down. :/

And while me and the bf were walking around, all of a sudden I saw a huge line form on the bottom floor (we were on the top level looking down). So out of curiousity, I stook on the balcony to see what the heck all that commotion was. It turns out that one of the Disney stars from "Wizards of Waverly" place was there! He's the guy that plays Selena Gomez's on-screen bf on that show. His real name is Gregg Sulkin:

I was contemplating whether I should have stood in line for his autograph (so I can sell that shit on eBay, of course!) But I saw all of those "tweens" giggling and squealing and that was enough to make me want to vomit. So I had to gracefully passed on the opportunity to meet him. Besides, just from observing him he seemed like he had a big ego. He was just sitting there *SMACKING* his gum and not really smiling. I don't about you but if I were to ever be famous, I wouldn't just be rude and outwardly showing that I'm *thisbored* to be taking pics with my fans. At least have the deceny to PRETEND that you're interested! Well, maybe he was just having an "off" day?? Lol, I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt. Here he is talking, he's British by the way.

Ok, so I was at the mall to return a bunch of earrings I got from Urban Outfitters. I had ordered them on-line but don't you hate it when everything looks SO GOOOOOOD but once you get your package, it's like....ugly in real life? I also returned this black see-through lace shirt at F21, but managed to snatch up this huge multi-colored floral ring (to match the earrings I had in one of my previous entries!):

Just wanted to show you guys what purse I carry when I go shopping. I have learned the hard way that it's best to have a convenient, small, portable purse when I go to the mall. It's already hard enough to balance 10 shopping bags with only two hands, much less have your shoulder be strained from carrying a 5-lb purse (hey! I have bony shoulders, what can I say?) I just went out with my friend recently and she thought I had this as my designer bag. Ummm....nooo. Lol, I got this shit at F21! You'd be sooooo amazed to see the things that they carry. Really cute things and here everybody is...always guessing that I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my clothing/bags. With this economy, it's good to scale back!!

Oh, and I just wanted to update you on my status. I am now officially done with my 2nd bottle of Lilash. I was sick of it always giving me the tired, "blood-shot" I got my 1st new bottle of Latisse. (I'm only on my first week thus far...will have to keep you guys updated). I'm always on the look-out for any eyelash growth products! I'm obsessed with long, lush eyelashes, but what girl isn't? :D

As you can's soooo FUCKING LONG!! It's actually getting a bit difficult for me to keep my eyes open when I'm working a 10-hour work day. But for its strength in length, Lilash really sucked in giving me any VOLUME. I'm really hoping that Latisse will give me more lashes, not really so much emphasis on the length because I'm not exactly sure how much longer my lashes can be?? I won't be able to keep my eyes open anymore, LOL!!!

Ok, so in my last post, I was talking about the Lady Gaga lipstick. I have come to the conclusion that I don't really like it, even though the packaging is super cute. I know that I am in the MINORITY when it comes to not liking it. But for some reason...on me, sometimes it comes out looking purple-ish?? Does anyone else have the same experience as I do??

I feel like the formula and consistency of this lipstick also *accentuates* dry lips, and can make your lips look flakey! I even have tried to use the Korres Lip Butter (in Jasmine) underneath prior to the Viva Glam Gaga application, but to the same tragic result...FLAKING. Uggh, I'm soo frustrated!!! Buttt----I have decided that I will not return this! Why?? Because all 100% proceeds will go to charity. Since it's for a good cause I will keep this baby. :p

So then we went back to my bf's place and looooook what came in the mail, y'all!!

If you guys have not already checked out this site, it's FREAKIN' RIDICULOUS!! I'm hooked on this site. I *literally* check this shit out everrrryday. I sneak on the comp at work and have to get my Hautelook fix. Basically, it's this site that has designer clothing (they had Rock&Republic jeans, Justin Timberlake's clothing line "William Rast", etc etc) and high-end cosmetics (Kevyn Aucoin, etc) at DISCOUNT PRICES! I have already made 2 transactions through this site and have been soo pleased with the service. It's sorta, like, an exclusive shopping on-line experience! In order to get in, it's by invitation-only. Just sign up here!

Look how cute it was wrapped! It has the "Hautelook" sticker on it!

So last week they had a deal on Mario Badescu products which I just happen to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! One of my fave YT girls, Leina, just finished up doing a review on it out here to see what she has to say. The first product I got was the Flower & Tonic Mask:

I love it. It smells very floral-y and goes on so cold & creamy on your face. You just have to wait for it to harden a bit and then you wash it off! Then your face is sooooo SOFT and radiant. I love using this in the summer when my skin goes haywire on me, lol. The tonic is supposed to "reduce bumpy, congested skin". Next thing I got was the Almond & Honey Face Scrub:

This is a very goooood exfoliator! Just be careful when you're rubbing this on your face to be very, very gentle because if your skin is sensitive, your face can be red after using it (but it gradually fades away leaving your skin very smoooth---it washes away your dead skin cells). And the last thing I got from Hautelook was the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask:

I LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS THE MOST out of the 3! It doesn't "whiten" your skin (like, it's not bleaching or anything drastic like that). Basically, it improves your skin's clarity and tone. I use this most especially during the summer, because my skin gets very red and oily if I have to be out in the sun for more than 10 mins (no lie). It's very powdery white when you first open the jar....what you're supposed to do is to have your skin already damp and then you spread the powdery-like substance all over your face. You let it dry for 5-10 minutes, and you wash it off. A definite must-have in your skincare regimen!! =D So all in all, I saved a lot of $$$ by getting my Mario Badescu products through Hautelook. Ohhhh yeaaaa...

Ohhh, hey. Look at what my goofy bf likes to do in his spare time. He goes to Asian stores that sell anime/manga stuff and he buys these "build-your-own-action-figure" kits. Lol, that's what he loves doing. He'll spend hours putting this together and then he just throws it around after he's finished with the product. What a wasteful person he is! But it looks pretty neat, in my opinion.

Ok, now I'm going to end things by showing you what my doodles mostly consist of...they say that you can tell a lot about a person through their doodles. Hmm, I wonder what my doodles tell you about me...hahahaha, that I'm a dreamer?? Half the time, I'm in my own world....dreaming away...

I'm off to Red Lobster...yummy Cheddar biscuits and side Caesar's salad *rubs belly*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red makes money

I just wanted to show you guys how happy I looked when I got my lucky money from CNY! Lol, I'm sucha goofball kid at heart, honestly. I made $850 that day (loves my family!), woot woot! But on the down side, I have a shitload of bills to pay off. *cue sad music*

Anyway, I'm off to take a nice, long hot soothing bath. Today was pretty crappy. I had a huge migraine and felt sick. I took some meds and it just made things worse................

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day! =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blow out the candles! :0


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm gonna need you to say somethin' baby, say somethin' baby

Damn, I'm hardcore FEELIN' that Drake song "Say Something". I'm not a big fan of Drake actually. I never got his appeal to younger females?? But this song, I'm feelin':

"How can something so familiar be so strange?
Closest friends get estranged when the status change,
Ahh, is it my mistake to think that where I am and where you at..."

So I had to go into work today to make up the hours from the snow days (was off for 2 days). I'm so fucking pissed though! Everyone else who took more time off than me just decided to put in for PTO (Paid Time Off). I think I'm just too much of a workaholic! I had 4 ppl hit me up on my cell today to try and hang out, but I always say "No". I feel like I'm that ONE friend you have that's always MIA and every time you try to make the effort to make plans with, they always disappoint by either flaking or just ignoring you. How has it come down to that? I just feel like such a homebody these days. Going out clubbing is no longer appealing to me. Maybe going to lounges is alrighty, but I can't stand being stuck inside the uncomfortable confines of a sweat-infested, chicken-head popping, cheap-cologne wearin' scrubs tryna to FEEL all up on you! *shudder* But yeah, I'm still surprised ppl try to entice me to go out these days!

So yeah, right after work I headed out to Tyson's Mall. OMFG. There was soooooo MUCH FUCKING TRAFFIC. Like, 495 was a parking lot---bumper to bumper, all red brake lights on full force---So we took the inside way on Gallows.

But even once we got to the mall, parking was suuuuuuuuch a BITCH. Bf ended up getting into a fight in the parking lot. Fucking foreign idiots can't fuckin' drive for shit. It's like, hel-loooo! This is America where there actually RULES on the road you have to obey. But I didn't hit up that many stores. Just went to the essential stores---F21 (nothing good, and too many girls elbowing each other for a raggedy piece of clothing), Sephora (had to return something, those SA's there LOOOOOVE me! The gay guy remembered me from last time and winked at me), and fiiiinallly URBAN OUTFITTERS! It's my newfound love! Even though the prices there are ridiculously, ridiculously JACKED UP!!! Here are some of the things I tried on:

The first thing I tried on was this cream-colored dress with golden metal stud detailing on the shoulders. It looked really sophisticated and elegant, which is what first drew me to it when I saw it on the hanger. It looks reallly good with some hoisery underneath. Cute, simple, chic! It's called the "Silence & Noise Beaded Epaulet Dress" $68 and here's how it looks on the model:
And the gold metal studs on the shoulder look much better in real life. It's a lot darker in real life (both the dress itself and the studs) than in the pic below:

Next up, I tried on a beautiful rich, deep royal blue dress! I loooooove BLUE!!! If you know me, you know that's MY COLOR. I hope no one gets too psychologically analytical and tries to decipher that as me being a depressed person, hahahaha. I just love anything blue! The belt that I am wearing here costs $24 and it's really a great staple to have in my closet. I have a very teeny-tiny waist and it's hard to find a "cincher" belt that fits snugly at my waist. Most belts hang too loose and actually just lay at my hips instead (which is how I never wear my belt!) The dress below is called the "Silence & Noise Ruffle Front Silk Dress" $$58. The silk feels sooo smooth and comfortably on my skin.

I can just see myself wearing this on a late crisp, summer evening with the gentle breezes flowing ever-so-gently into my dress. =]

And here is how it looks like if I don't wear a belt at all with it. It's actually fine to wear the dress just by itself, with no belt at all! It has an elastic band at the waist so it does not hang loose and make you look frumpy/pregnant at all.

(Hehehe, in the picture can kinda see my dimple. ^_~ )

And this is how the dress looks like on the UO website. It actually comes in Magenta and Black color, as well:

The next (and last) dress that I tried on was a floral tube-dress! Perfect for the spring time, which I am soooooo READY for! >_<
Here it is, with that same belt that I wore with the last dress. The dress is different. I'm getting the idea by now that this season is going to be ALL ABOUT FLORAL PRINTS & LACE. Anybody else think that? Well, anyway it's called the "Urban Renewal Floral Chiffon Front Silk Dress"$58. How it looks on the model:

So yesssss! If any of you guys live near an Urban Outfitters, I suggest you run to your local store to check it out! They're currently having a big sale, so I think it's definitely worth your while. I go the bf a nice shirt as well. It's a sheer (not sheer-sheer, but the material is thin and it looks like one of those shirts you wear if you were to go on a yacht or cruise ship), long-sleeved shirt that you can fold up at the elbows to wear casually, but still formal-looking...if that made any sense? We're planning on going on a CRUISE TRIP in the month of May for my birthday celebration and I'm getting clothing for him to pack for that trip. As for the trip, I'm soooo excited!!!

Oh yeah, I went out and bought the new MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick yesterday night. It looks like a cutesy, Barbie-bubblegum pink lip color. I love those types of colors! I can't wait anything but pinks and nudes with my skin tone. If I wear red/burgundy/mauve-y colors, I look so washed out and "dead". I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, since I have a tiny cold sore on my lip (ewww, I know! I get it when I'm stressed or eat too much bad/oily foods. In this case, I was just eating my Chinese food at work when it popped up! FML, FML, FML.) But so far, just by swatching it on my hands...I'd say this is a keeper for sure! I'm not feeling the Lauper lipstick one. It's too coral/red in my opinion, and I know that I wouldn't be able to pull it off! :[

Ok, so I'm just eating some sushi I got as "carry-out" from the mall for dinner and just watching "WEDDING CRASHERS by dropped me off home because tomorrow is the Asian New Year and he has to be home early.

Oh, and you know that "find the 10th picture in your picture folder and post" tag that was going on awhile ago. I decided to tag myself and do it...hahahahhhahahahha, OMFG. Look what I found. This was when I was 18, and so intent on getting bronzed-tan and "beach hair" look. I'm standing next to my best friend at the time (we hardly talk anymore, shame shame. She was really fun and cool!) Here I am, trying to "stoop" to her level. I'm almost 5'6 and she's only 5'2. Even stooping as far low as my back would allow, I'm still taller than her *LOL* She's soo cute though!!! I miss those ol' days when we used to be dumb and do stupid, yet silly things. *sigh* I'm getting nostalgic.............

But, look how tanned I was! I used to go to a tanning place that I had membership at (HOLLYWOOD Tans>> $100 for 10 tans!), but I would burn/peel really, really badly. Like, I used to peel my skin off while I was bored working at Best Buy *my 1st job ever*. It was nasty, yet entertaining to do when the place was empty with no customers around, hahahha. Well, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I seriously am so glad that I have made so many beautiful and kind blogger friends here. I was just thinking that today, this place has seriously allowed me to "see" so many things (loook at pics of so many neat places in the world/read and witness such different and diverse opinions and personalities) and I never ever even had to travel outside the country! =))

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO all my Asian blogger friends in reference to tomorrow...or if the time difference is earlier than where I am right now, HAPPY NEW YEAR right now! *blows fanfare and confetti falls*

It's the Year of the Tiger! MY YEAR!

Have you heard about this or not? My mom says that if it's YOUR year....then you must exercise extra caution because your year is cursed??? I'm a bit nervous but at the same time, I come from a scientific background and try not to get caught up in superstitions. I'm just curious, though. Can anybody verify this??

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I did it!! Yay meee!!

Eeeeiiiii! Lol, I just finished shoveling so more snow! Everything is so dense and hardened to ice after last night's bone-chilling drop to the single-digit temp's. But at least the sun is out today! Look HOOOOOOOOW HIGHHHH that moutain of snow is to the right. Its height is as high (if not just a bit higher) as my car. And to think---I did all that shit by myself. So proud *pats myself on the shoulder* A lazy-ass, 100lb something like me did all that within 3 hours. Hahhaa, look at my lazy next-door neighbor. That bitch is gonna have a grand ol' time trying to get out, I might have flung some snow at her car in order to clear mine out (ok, ok. Don't tell her! I flung A WHOLE LOT!!!)
So annnywaaays, I got taggged by the beautiful Jhoy to post 10 random facts about myself. Umm...this is kinda difficult. But I will try my best not to bore y'all!

1. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and count up to see how long I can close my eyes while driving. So far, I haven't hit anything yet. It's so strange, but I think I just get some sort of rush on the road from that.

2. I didn't learn how to speak or write in Vietnamese until after I graduated high school. I'm still not very good. I actually read a lot better than I speak. Same thing with Spanish. I took 5 years of Advance Spanish but I can't speak a lick of it now (never really had any Spanish friends to converse with) and yet when I watch telenovelas on tv, as long as I have the CAPTIONS on, I can understand what's going on by reading.

3. I can tell if a guy likes me for me, or if he's just trying to get down in my pants the first 5 seconds I meet him. That's what you get by having 90%+ of your friends as males.

4. I've had the strangest craving to pour chocolate syrup over a fat, juicy steak. Just had to share because it's been on my mind for the past 2 weeks! Maybe I'll grow some balls and actually make my steak this way soon, just to find out if it'll taste as good in my mouth as it does in my head!

5. I have thin but muscular calves. Guys always ask if I work out my legs because it's evident when I wear heels. I don't?? I used to hate them but I guess if it can get me a pass out of going to the gym, it's finee by me now. Note: I am extremely lazy when it comes to anything physical ('cept sex :p )

6. Don't like lipglosses, I actually prefer lipsticks or lip balms more these days. I hate getting my hairs stuck to my lips! MAC lip glosses are some of the guilty culprits that I try to shy away from.

7. My #1 FAVORITE SONG OF ALL MOTHERFUCKIN' TIME is "Crash into Me" by the Dave Matthews Band. They originated from VA, where I'm from. Sooo def cool that I just so happen to love this song more than life. I love the video a lot, too. Especially the women dancing in the beginning. I always felt as though I belonged to that time era! Beautiful! (Side note: This song, if you carefully read the lyrics, is actually about a "peeping tom" stalking the girl that he's infatuated with. How come all the songs I like are so creepy?)

8. Before I die, I want to travel to Japan, South Africa, and Ireland.

9. I sleep with 10+ stuffed animals. I can't sleep without at least 4 pillows surrounding me, either.

I even have the "Lambie" slippers that look like them! Soo freakin' cute! Got it from Bath & Body Works. I love squishing their bellies to calm me down. Like my own lil' "stress balls".

Of know I have this sick Hello Kitty fetish. My bf got me this at the "Build-a-Bear" workshop. I didn't want her to have the typical clothes they sell there for stuffed animals. I wanted my very own baby kitty! So I just got her the HK underwear to wear as "diapers". I am a mommy now!!

10. Umm...last random fact. I LOVE THE COLOR BLUE!!!

My cherry's been popped!

Yep, another one! The lovely Beyond Me has tagged me for this award. ! Lol, I guess you could say my cherry's been popped ^_~


1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Paste the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you for the award
4. Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
5. Nominate 7 bloggers or less
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated.

1. I have a lot of fears, and they're all quite odd. I'm afraid of cotton balls (the ones you find when you open up medication bottles), toilets, whales (I can't watch any Discovery Channel documentaries when they're filming underneath the ocean, I stop hyperventilating), doorknobs/faucets (can't touch those with my bare hands---ever!), and feet (can't stand the sight or even accidentally brushing mine against someone else's).

2. I immensely enjoy reading funny sites like: &

3. I know it is sooo not healthy! But I eat eggs 3-5x a week for dinner. I only love 'em sunny-side up, though. I pour a lil' soy sauce on top and I'm good to go! So weird, huh? =D

4. I used to skateboard when I was in high school. Like, it was my thing. I wasn't a pro at it, but you know that Lupe Fiasco song "Kick Push" where he's talking about how much he loves skateboarding? Those lines:
"They would Push, 'til they couldn't skate no more
Office building, lobbies weren't safe no more
And it wasn't like they weren't getting chased no more
Just the freedom is better than breathing they said..."

Yeah, we got banned from the mall after all. We used to go on top of those Macy's garage (where no one would even park) to practice, and one day the mall security came and told us from that point on, we were no longer welcomed. :(

My fave skater of all time! Mark Appleyard! <3

5. Every year, I wish for the same thing as I'm blowing out my birthday cake candles:
"Dear God, I'm not asking for a lot. This year, can I just grow another 3 inches? Ok, if that's too much I understand. What 'bout 2 inches? I think I can live with 2." Everyone always knows what I'm wishing for inside my head. My family makes fun of me! Lmao!

6. Some people say that I have a dimple? I don't really see it. But my friends always make fun of me when I'm smiling really hard (which I usually am, I'm honestly sooo goofy!). It must be genetic. My brother has 2 dimples, and my grandma has 1, and my dad has 1 as well!

7. I have freckles too. My mom has them, and ever since I was 5 years old (and started school for the first time), she always used to warn me to stay out of the sun. So while all the kids were running around on the playground. I was the only kid stuck underneath the tiny trees for shade from the sun. But somehow, I still have freckles sprinkled across my cheeks. Grrr...all of that wasted youth underneath the damn trees didn't help none!

I tag anyone who wants to do this! It's actually quite hard to come up with more things about me. I'm so used to being "me" that I don't really notice any of the weird things that I do or say, lol.
It's been no fun the past few days. So I have just been a bit antsy. I have a severe case of cabin fever. Been cooped inside the house for 3 days! Sooooooo, does anyone know of any good clothing sites? I've already made orders with F21, gojane, cutesygirl, and Sephora. At least while being in this house, I should do the one thing that makes me happy the most. SHOPPING!!! Here are some of the things I got:

Oh lovely blogger friends of mine, can't you tell I'm ready for the spring time? *grins*

Saturday, February 6, 2010

With family like this....

[Pardon if there are any grammar or structure syntax errors. My hands are so sore and stiff right now]

I'm so upset right now. I literally just spent OVER 3 HOURS shoveling snow outside...all by my fucking self! What fucking pisses me off is I sent a text to my brother "Hey come help me shovel the snow. I finished doing my car. Now I'm doing your car". And I waited...I kept shoveling and shoveling...but since I wasn't wearing a watch, I didn't know how many minutes had passed by. Then I saw my mom open the door and watch me. So I was like, " Where is Dan?" And she just kept looking at me, not understanding. Then I saw my brother in the background. I was like, um hel-looooo???? Where the fuck have you been?

So I opened the door and was like, "Where the fuck is Dan? His ass should be outside helping me shovel. I'm doing his fucking car! It's not like I'm even asking for help to do my car. I already shoveled our walkway (so nobody slips and falls), my car (around it, behind it, in front of it...even well past into the main streets, in case the snow plow truck decides to push it back against my car). And my mom was all like, "Oh, don't worry about it. Dan can't come help you. I will come out later to shovel instead"

Literally, my mouth dropped to the floor. WTF?!! What kind of fucking idiot makes his SISTER and MOTHER shovel the snow while he sits back to play fucking Call of Duty like a fucking loser?? I can't believe this! So I sent him a really nasty text back:

Me: "That's real fucking nice you ass. Been slaving my ass away for the past 3 hours doing your car as well as mine. You can't even fucking help me finish up the other side of your car. I'm not out here for my car right now you know. I seriously hope you get AIDS."

Him: "Fuck you. Don't touch my car. No one told your dumb ass to touch my side. Just be mom's bitch and keep shoveling."

Me: "Shut the fuck up. I'm doing it cuz I fucking care and love you even though you don't deserve any of it. Unlike you, I'm not an ungrateful white bitch. Karma will get you. God is very fair. I will sleep well tonight knowing that you will get what's coming to you 1000000x worse :)"

Him: "Ok hippy."

I'm so pissed I could cry out of pure frustration. I see so many ppl who have loving, caring siblings. I just have a stupid dumbass who only cares about himself. I WAS SHOVELING for that long because I didn't want my mom to have to come out to do it. She has arthritis and it's always so tough to see her out there in the biting cold, slipping and sliding on the grounds. I'd much rather sacrifice my young body for this sort of labor.

Ohhhh, grrrrr...I'm still so angry. I'm trying to take a deep breath, y'all. I'm so FUCKING SICK OF THIS wintry cold weather. We got somewhere between 25-30 inches. Is anyone else on this East Coast who's as miserable and sick of the snow as I am??? I don't think I can take this any longer. >:(