Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi, my name is Russell and I'm a Wilderness Explorer!!

I swear! The ppl I work with at work are such dumb white ppl (no offense, not saying that white ppl are dumb cuz they're not, half of my family are white, so not saying this to be racist...just happens to be the ones at my work place are stupid and naive as fuck). I seriously have got them convinced that this kid here is MY COUSIN! Haha, I guess that saying all Asians look the same started from somewhere.

I just want to *rubrub* his belly for good luck!
He is soooo cute!!! Just wanna eat his fat cheeks up!!!

Dug: "I was hiding under the porch because I LOVE YOU!!'

We went to get some Pho Sate! Yummy! It's pretty much the spot where it's at in the D.C. area. A lot of Koreans and Viets like to hit up this place. While the pho is not anything especially AMAZING to fawn over, it's the "sate sauce" that they serve alongside the pho! Just pure ecstasy in your mouth! *licks lips* I got me the "Hu Tieu Trieu Chau Ga". It's basically a rice noodle dish that is served with stir-fried chicken in a sate sauce, peanuts, cucumbers, pineapples, tomatoes and lettuce salad. It's pretty official!

Ok, so I just came back from hanging out with of my best girl friends that I've known for awhile. Sooooo...........I think the problem with me being so "emotional" recently stems from the mere fact that I DON'T HAVE ANY GIRL FRIENDS that I surround myself with. No lie, 95% of my friends are all MALES. I used to think this was cool for the fact that I know I would never have to watch my back, be afraid that they were talking behind my back or spreading rumours around about me that were not true (unlike girls who seem to revel in this sort of trivial, petty shit.) But I just came to the conclusion that the reason why I have been so CRAZY and HORMONAL lately is because I have nobody really to let off steam! I been bottling up all of my feelings because face it-----I can't share all of this "girly" feelings with my guy friends. To them, that's (No offense to gay ppl, I have plenty of gay friends, too! Lovess them!) So you see the conundrum that I find myself faced with?? YOU, the reader, are the closest to a girl friend I have right now. Thank YOU! =D

Anyway, I plan on getting the following items sometime this weekend. Anybody like to put in their two cents on any of the things? I'm looking to jazzy up my make-up routine. This wet, rainy (EXTREMELY WINDY) weather has put me in even more of a funk. I just feel so lazy with my make-up routine. Lol, I feel as though I look like a 12-year old boy sometimes.... *sigh*

Boscia Clear Complexion Kit
I swear, swear, swear by this kit!!! Ppl think I have such nice skin but honestly, I get the occasional break-out zit here and there. But I don't know what the heck is in Boscia products but it just agrees with my combination dry/oily skin SO WELL! It really is a must have for the summertime! But it works just as well in the winter time. Can't live without this junks!!!

Biolage Color Care Shampoo
Ok, honestly...the truth is...if I were to grade this shampoo. It wouldn't be an "A". It would probably be somewhere along the lines of a"B-". So then why would I want to buy this? Well, this shampoo actually sort of dries your hair out. And I notice when I use this product, my hair doesn't get quite so oily so fast. So yep! When I'm lazy, I just use this to save myself a few days here and there from washing it so often, especially in the winter. Oh yeah, and I need a dry-hair texture when I want to add curls or waves to my hair. I honestly *envy* you girls with the pin stick-straight long ebony hair. Looks like a velvet waterfall when you walk by...*sigh* I'm stuck with goofy, wavy ass hair. Someone told me that I look like a lion when I wake up. All you see is this golden mane of an afro! LMAO! I must've gotten the afro from my grandma. She seriously has an afro!
Haha, I'd say that the visual representation is pretty accurate. I RAWR like a tiger though. I *yaaaaaawn* like a lion though. Not exactly

Don't worry. It's fake fur!!! I wonder how do Mongolians look like. Someone just asked me today if I was from Mongolia. Is that a real country (pardon my ignorance).


  1. pwahahahaha that pic of the UP kid is TOO cute. and don't worry about being racist, we're all a little racist lol some just show it more than others. you won't believe how many times i say "dumb white people" yet I'm dating one :P


  2. omgg i love the asian kiddo in up! soo adorable. oh god, if i didn't have anyone to rant to... things would be uh.. don't even want to go there. haha "stupid white people" it's okay, i say it too, but i still <3 them (:

  3. haha.. long time since your last post. i had seen 'up' about a week ago.. did that kid give the voice for the russell charecter in the movie?? haha.. cute movie.. especially that old guy.. he was soo irritable.. just brilliant :P.. haha.. i have culry hair.. and did have an afro a while back... some people called that the bohemian look. so i didn't whine about that. but then i did look cool.. and Lions are the king of the jungle RAAWWRRR!!!

  4. OMG! It is crazy how Mongolia is randomly placed in your entry because guess what this chick is!!! MONGOLIAN (: It is a real place with real people. How did they even think your Mongolian? Mongolians look super asian unless they are mixed hehe. Anyway I LOVE LOVE LOVE UP! Me and my boyfriend went to see it and gosh I fell in love with the boy and the dog haha super cute! & I am loving your eye make up! Damn that kid does look like Russel hehe was that his name? LOL

  5. LOLz that kid seriously resembles the character in UP!! :D
    it's good to hear you got to hang around with some girl friends :)
    btw, wavy hair is good no?? I think all straight hair girls wish that their hair wouldnt be so straight :p

  6. That kid is super cute!

    Sorry to hear about those people in your work place. Sometimes I feel the same way about a few dumb people I meet in school. Lol XD

  7. HA HA HA! Well, you know, all of us Asians look the same. ;) One time, my one of my sisters' co-worker told us that she knew we were related because we looked the same. My sister and I are both Korean, but not related by blood because we were both adopted. She's tall and fair, I'm short and dark. I also had someone tell me they knew I was Chinese because my maiden name was Brock. (My parents are Caucasian, and I'm Korean. LMBO!)

    That kid is so flippin' cute! I almost can't stand it!

    It's really hard to meet girls that are 100% drama free! Drama actually makes me sick to my stomach, so I avoid it like the plague. I only like drama on TV! Feel free to vent anytime you need to, all right? I'm a good listener! :D

  8. Thank you for the kind words, you're very sweet.

    Was 'UP' not the cutest movie ever?

    Btw, I'm Vietnamese so I was totally drooling over the photo of the Hu Tieu Trieu Chau Ga!

    *rubs tummy

  9. HAHA the kid from UP is soooooo cute!!! Is Pho Sate in Falls Church? Everyone raves about that place but I haven't been yet. I gotta get that if I go though!!

    I LOVE Christy Turlington, she is freaking gooorgeous. I'm not named after her though, my brother just picked it out of a baby book, haha.

  10. That kid is super cute!

    You look beautiful. Seriously! One day, we will all look alike what with the intermarriages between foreigners occuring everyday ... matter of time!

  11. I love this whole post! So cute because the kid from up and beautiful because of you!

    The snow wasn't too bad over here.. definitely not a foot! I had to drop my boyfriend back at mason so I can say that va and md was almost the same, but richmond O_O too crazy!

    I wish garage would sponsor me! You should hook me up with them hahaha. The tysons garage is the closest one to me, I've only shopped at the tysons's one and annapolis. I used to basically live in the tyson's garage -_-

    I'm so sorry about your bad lush experience! I hope your future ones are much more pleasant :) Great to hear from you!

  12. hi, just found your blog and enjoying a lot of things i think, and always want to say! i NEED a blue mascara, hope the one you got at walmart is good cause the ones i've tried are never really blue. and Dug's line in UP about hiding under the porch is my very *favorite* in the whole movie! p.s. adriana lima freakin rocks.

  13. duuude your make up its nuts.
    im hoping to become as good as that someday... im workkin on it..

  14. Omg that kid is so cute!! I immediately forwarded that pic to like everyone hahah. Argh I know what you mean, like all my friends are guys too pretty much for the same reasons. I did have a girl I called my bff for awhile, but then she got all crazy and started calling me a bad friend etc for no reason and once she hooked up w/her bf she has "no time to hang out" anymore. Dunno what's up with that, which is why guys are better!

  15. OMG your cousin looks SO darn cute!! loving your eye makeup btw!!