Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another lazy Sunday! What a fun day!

Just for the record, I want to put it out there that in my NEXT lifetime I hope to come back as a Brazilian bizzatch. Hey, ain't nuthin' wrong with that picture, hahhaha.

So after been cooped up in the house for the past 2 days due to the snow, I'm finally OUT and about today! Yay! :)

We didn't go anywhere too cool though, just headed up to Wal-Mart. I've been seeing some beauty bloggers rave about the Hard Candy line that's now carried at Wal-Mart, so I definitely had to check it out! But the eyeshadow that I wanted was the "Rush Hour" one, and it was all sold out. :( Of course! That's the one everyone was raving about, hahaha, just my luck, right?

So I decided to get just a few things out of the line...nothing actually caught my attention too much. And you know, I know it doesn't make it right, but just the fact that it's carried at Wal-Mart made me question the quality of the cosmetics. Maybe I've been shopping at Sephora for far too long that I've become a make-up snob?? Aw geezZz!!! *smh*

I got the Hard Candy Blush Crush in Bombshell (it got really great reviews on

The 2nd thing I got from the Hard Candy cosmetics line was the All-Over Highlighter in the
Brown Palette. I heard that it's great for a highlighter, albeit all the colors are so closely similar. But hey--it gets the work done!! *grins*

I've never been too good with contouring! But this diagram is supposed to make it easier for me to pin-point exactly where to put the dark and light colors to "contour" my face. Hmm, hope it helps you out, too!
Anyway...I've been DYING FOR A BLUE MASCARA for the longest time! And after some research, I realized that in order to get the colored aspect...I was going to have to give up the quality of the mascara's performance. None of the colored mascaras on seemed to receive very good reviews. However, with that being said, I did read that the Hard Candy Lengthening Mascara in Peacock (it is a bright blue hue) did get somewhat fine reviews. So when I saw that it was the VERY LAST one of its kind in stock, I snatched that bad baby up!! After seeing "Rush Hour" being sold out, I was not about to let this mascara be one of my regret in not having snatched it up. I'm still iffy about the whole mascara, and will have to test it out for sure!

But see how cute the packaging is?? Hard Candy truly reminds me of Urban Decay's packaging style. Honestly, none of the products are over $10! Although it can seem a bit pricy for a low-end retailer like Wal-Mart, it's soooo worth it! Hard Candy used to be so expensive back when I was only in middle-school, so I never got the chance to purchase any of the items! And now that I'm older, it's kinda bittersweet for me to be able to experience the feeling of owning any Hard Candy products. (Bittersweet in the sense that I'm sure while it is more affordable to buy from them, I'm stillllllllll wondering if the quality has diminished in order to compensate for it's inexpensive status). So yeah, definitely worth it your while to check out:--->

I also bought a lipstick from Rimmel. This is going to be my 3rd lipstick that I ever gotten from them. For the most part, I'd say I'm a fan of Rimmel lipsticks! The texture is quite creamy (although it's always good to moisturize your lips beforehand) and pigmented. The scent isn't that unpleasant, it's slightly vanilla to the taste.

Whoops, I just realized that I was holding this upside-down! It's supposed to actually read "006 Pink Blush". My bad! :X
Such a pretty shade of pink, ehh? I LOVE
PINK LIPSTICKS! A girl can seriously never ever have enough!
Here's how it looks like outside in the natural sun lighting! (Yay! We actually had the sun come out today!)
And here it is swatched on my arm. EWwww, I seriously need a fucking tan. This wintry weather has still got me feelin' the blues. I am pondering whether I have seasonal depression? On a side note, I have a confession about myself. I'm so self-conscious about my hands. The other day I was at work and had to put on latex laboratory gloves, and I noticed! You can see the skeleton bones right through my gloves. It almost looked like I was staring at an x-ray of my hands, I could see the tendons and all! *shudder* I showed my other co-workers and they were sickened at the sight.
I mean, look at this CRAZY ASS THING I can do with my hands. I'm super, super double-jointed! I used to do this in front of my little brother when I was younger and he would cry every single time. *evil grin* I'm sucha cool older sister, huh??
Ooo! Oooo! Look at my earrings I wore today!! It's so multi-colored!! I felt like being a little fruity today, hehehe.

I have a major cold right now because that stupid dumb bitch from one of my older entries (you know? The lazy one that was trying to talk shit about me behind my back. Well, she got me infected with her sick germs!) Anyway, this was me being sickly tired & bored as shit while waiting for the bf while he went inside to the Asian Grocery Mart to get us some food for dinner! We're making that thing where you eat with the meat and veggies wrapped up in that thin rice paper?? I'm not sure what the heck you call it!! You can dip it in either fish sauce or that brown stinky sauce (y'all know what I'm talkin' about, lol).
I can't get myself into those Asian marts! It's so stinky and cramped inside! I'd much rather go into those HUGE supermarkets like H-Mart. It's much brighter and more spacious, so I don't have to feel claustrophobic. But loooooky what he got for me! It's my favorite!! I can't even eat American beef jerky, it just doesn't have that spicy kick to it the way that Vietnamese beef jerky does. These are so good! I can eat up to 2 big bags in one sitting (*oink oink*)
Ain't that so sweeeeet of him?? Lol, I got him whipped!!

He wouldn't let me take a good pic of him. Awww, ohh wells. Maybe next time! He just went to get his haircut a few days ago. That's actually the reason why we went to Wal-Mart to begin with (well, actually I wanted to go to get some of the
Miley Cyrus clothes that she recently paired up with BCBG Max Azria for her clothing line.

I got soooo many cute shirts and leggings for $3 each!!! Hit up your local Wal-Mart ASAP!! I know you're thinking, ugghhh, Miley...that skanky Hannah Montanna hoochie. But her clothes are pretty cute and comfy!!)
Look at my jeans! It's so, I think that's the style! I got my scarf in NYC! I want to go back to NYC Chinatown sooooo bad! I love eating dim sum and just trying to bargain with those old lady Chinese street vendors. :)
This stupid GPS system in his Lexus is so freakin' annoying! Every time we're trying to punch in an address or something, it won't let us until the car comes to a complete and full stop. It stinks because most of the time, we're trying to find restaurants in DC that we wanna try out but the dumbass car won't let us if we're driving. I'm like, hel-loooooo???? I'm the passenger so I could fidget with the GPS system while he's driving but noooope, dumb ol' thing!!

AnyHOW, I'm reaaaady for the Spring Gods to bless me with some good
sunshine & good breezes.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Asian Chick's Awesome Hand Ninja Video!!!

This is tooo FREAKING CUTE!!!! Ahahahahaha. Ok, I know I'm lame. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi, my name is Russell and I'm a Wilderness Explorer!!

I swear! The ppl I work with at work are such dumb white ppl (no offense, not saying that white ppl are dumb cuz they're not, half of my family are white, so not saying this to be racist...just happens to be the ones at my work place are stupid and naive as fuck). I seriously have got them convinced that this kid here is MY COUSIN! Haha, I guess that saying all Asians look the same started from somewhere.

I just want to *rubrub* his belly for good luck!
He is soooo cute!!! Just wanna eat his fat cheeks up!!!

Dug: "I was hiding under the porch because I LOVE YOU!!'

We went to get some Pho Sate! Yummy! It's pretty much the spot where it's at in the D.C. area. A lot of Koreans and Viets like to hit up this place. While the pho is not anything especially AMAZING to fawn over, it's the "sate sauce" that they serve alongside the pho! Just pure ecstasy in your mouth! *licks lips* I got me the "Hu Tieu Trieu Chau Ga". It's basically a rice noodle dish that is served with stir-fried chicken in a sate sauce, peanuts, cucumbers, pineapples, tomatoes and lettuce salad. It's pretty official!

Ok, so I just came back from hanging out with of my best girl friends that I've known for awhile. Sooooo...........I think the problem with me being so "emotional" recently stems from the mere fact that I DON'T HAVE ANY GIRL FRIENDS that I surround myself with. No lie, 95% of my friends are all MALES. I used to think this was cool for the fact that I know I would never have to watch my back, be afraid that they were talking behind my back or spreading rumours around about me that were not true (unlike girls who seem to revel in this sort of trivial, petty shit.) But I just came to the conclusion that the reason why I have been so CRAZY and HORMONAL lately is because I have nobody really to let off steam! I been bottling up all of my feelings because face it-----I can't share all of this "girly" feelings with my guy friends. To them, that's (No offense to gay ppl, I have plenty of gay friends, too! Lovess them!) So you see the conundrum that I find myself faced with?? YOU, the reader, are the closest to a girl friend I have right now. Thank YOU! =D

Anyway, I plan on getting the following items sometime this weekend. Anybody like to put in their two cents on any of the things? I'm looking to jazzy up my make-up routine. This wet, rainy (EXTREMELY WINDY) weather has put me in even more of a funk. I just feel so lazy with my make-up routine. Lol, I feel as though I look like a 12-year old boy sometimes.... *sigh*

Boscia Clear Complexion Kit
I swear, swear, swear by this kit!!! Ppl think I have such nice skin but honestly, I get the occasional break-out zit here and there. But I don't know what the heck is in Boscia products but it just agrees with my combination dry/oily skin SO WELL! It really is a must have for the summertime! But it works just as well in the winter time. Can't live without this junks!!!

Biolage Color Care Shampoo
Ok, honestly...the truth is...if I were to grade this shampoo. It wouldn't be an "A". It would probably be somewhere along the lines of a"B-". So then why would I want to buy this? Well, this shampoo actually sort of dries your hair out. And I notice when I use this product, my hair doesn't get quite so oily so fast. So yep! When I'm lazy, I just use this to save myself a few days here and there from washing it so often, especially in the winter. Oh yeah, and I need a dry-hair texture when I want to add curls or waves to my hair. I honestly *envy* you girls with the pin stick-straight long ebony hair. Looks like a velvet waterfall when you walk by...*sigh* I'm stuck with goofy, wavy ass hair. Someone told me that I look like a lion when I wake up. All you see is this golden mane of an afro! LMAO! I must've gotten the afro from my grandma. She seriously has an afro!
Haha, I'd say that the visual representation is pretty accurate. I RAWR like a tiger though. I *yaaaaaawn* like a lion though. Not exactly

Don't worry. It's fake fur!!! I wonder how do Mongolians look like. Someone just asked me today if I was from Mongolia. Is that a real country (pardon my ignorance).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Even though I smile, I feel so fake inside...

1/27/10 [EDIT] I've had to omit quite a bit of details that I had intended in the original post. It has come to my attention that SOME ppl I know might have discovered my blog. much for privacy!!

Current mood: EMO AS FUCK! (Forgive me really...)

As some of you have noticed, I haven't blogged that much lately (not that I have ever been a consistent blogger). It's been...real...well...depressing for me lately. Nothing necessarily has happened, per se. But I've been feeling very, very blue inside. No one around me has the slightest idea, though. I keep a pretty cool facade for the most part. It's only when I stop the busy-body daily activities I manage to keep myself immersed with, that I begin to feel the hard-hit blues. Ok, I lied. I do have an inkling as to why I'm such a Debbie Downer right about now.

I really wish I could say that I don't know why I feel the way that I do, BUT something recently has happened that might have triggered this. Like, you ever like someone but the impossibility of the situation makes you quick DENT THAT IDEA out like a fat bitch when she sits down on a soft-couch sofa?? Yeah, I never entertained the possibility of us establishing anything more than our goofy friendship. Lol, I mean, that's how I am, too. NO ONE who knows me ever takes me seriously (which brings me to my Reason #2 for my blue'sies, will go into that much later).

So we've hung out for a bit. I kept trying to simmer down my feelings every time we talked/went out. And for the most part, I thought I was successful. But I found that every time he sent me a text, I would BE SO FUCKING ECSTATIC. To the point where it was irritating me! My entire day would be based on the anticipation of receiving something from him. I would be moody to my co-workers/family if I didn't get anything that day (so pathetic, I know...forgive me). When he did, I would go around CHEESING so hard I was scared my teeth would be like dentures popping out of my mouth.

Ok, I forgot to omit one more teeny, Some of you may recall that I have a bf? Well, we're not *exactly* together anymore....but we're still "together". Does that make sense? So yeah, I felt kinda guilty hanging out with somebody other than him with a dick. Not that if we were together, I wouldn't be allowed to (we used to get into fights, and I'm sure it still irks him, but honestly, I do whatever the hell I want. I'm a grown ass woman, for God's sakes!) So, my FACEBOOK HAS BEEN DELETED. Because apparently, I found out that 4 of my guy friends *liked* me and were snooping around on me. And I honestly can't DEAL WITH THAT!!! It's already hard enough to live my life, but at the expense of others prodding into my life. One of these guy friends even admitted that he had STALKED ME outside of my work. And all this time, I just thought he happened to be there whenever I got off of work *yeah yeah* CALL ME DUMB, NAIVE, whatever you want. So I just realized that maybe I'm not the brightest Crayon in the Crayola box. I didn't realize that they were checking in on my Facebook every day to see who I was talking to, who was leaving me messages, my updated pictures, etc etc.

As much as I appreciate their affection or feelings for me (maybe I'm not that disgusting after all. Take that, mother of mine!!!) I can't help but feel so bad. That's the problem with me. Here I am CURRENTLY in a situation where I have such strong feelings for someone who I know won't ever reciprocate the same feelings towards me, so how can I hurt someone else knowing that they like me just as much as I like him?? Granted, I'm not going to date someone just because they like me and I feel sorry for them (what am I? Angelina Jolie?!! I can't do charity work in that way, lol. Not gonna happen!) So I decided I just wanted to take a "breather" and basically cut myself off from the outside world. And FB is pretty much that "outside world" that I don't want to have to deal with right now. So yeah, he's gone. And I'm still stuck with these shitty feelings. I know I'll be over this by next week or the next. Lol, thank goodness for my good rebounding, resiliency skills.

But watching Taeyang in the video above really makes me think.................HOW MANY CHANCES DO I HAVE TO BLOW, if I never decide to get real and tell someone how I feel?? I'm not even talking about if I like someone...but this goes for everything in my life. I know ppl like to pride themselves on "keeping it real". But I will be the 1st to admit....I'm pretty fake. The smile you see on my face, the bouncy walk you see me spring by on, the cutesy voice I use at work...that's all so fucking fake. Deep down, I'm an angry bitch. SO FUCKING ANGRY. I'm sad and angry, and I don't know what to do with all of these emotions. I'm not a teen anymore, so that's why I harbor such detrimental emotions and feelings deep inside. I store it up, because c'mon...I'm an adult now. We don't just break down and cry and throw shit at the wall because of those feelings. At least that's what I've always been taught. So strangely enough, even though physically I'm getting older....emotionally, I'm reverting back. I have unfinished business.

Sorry if this post bores you...but I needed to get it out. It was getting to be too much to hold all of this back inside. Lol, this is just me bare-faced on a cloudy, chilly Sunday morning. Uggh, I'm gonna go grab a bowl of pho in a bit. I needa warm the insides of my body up ASAP!

Initially, I wanted to make this a beauty blog...but I'm finding solace in making this little blog of mine a bit more personal. That's seriously the only way I can even find myself making the effort to update a litte more regularly. Join me if you want on this ever vacillating journey of my up's and down's.

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