Monday, March 30, 2009

Ommmg, I feel like sucha pedophile right now! But you guys HAVE HAVE to check this out!!!


I don't know how old he is...but he looks 16. I gotta go take a cold shower now. LOL!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been's just being so stressful with school and work. I know, I know. Everyone is in the same damn boat as I am! But that's the honest truth. I have an internship interview coming up, which I'm trying to prepare for! So nervous! It would be for either the Microbiology Lab Intern or the Biochemistry Lab Intern position. I hope I do get it! It would definitely beef up my resume for all future intent and purposes. :-)

Something about it just being me and my own microscope identifying what types of organisms from the samples sent to the department makes me giddy inside! Lol, ultimate nerd here!

But other than that, I'm just trying to stay afloat. Graduation is coming up soon! Omg, I got my cap and gown, for some reason I was afraid that it would be too short on me. When you buy it, the size is not S/M/L/XL, etc. Instead, the cap size is based upon your height. Like, for me I bought the 5'3 to 5'5 since I'm 5'5. I wasn't sure whether to go the next size up, because the lady recommended that if I wear high heels then, it might fall too short on me. When I wear heels, I stand at 5'8! But I'm glad I just stuck with the original size, I rather have some leg exposure! Lol!

I've been buying a lot of stuff online lately. I guess since I've been so busy, I haven't had any time to actually go shopping at the malls or boutiques PHYSICALLY. So what's the next best thing? I can just resort to "clicking" my purchases, hahaha. It's so much easier! But the downside is that you always end up buying so much shit because it takes half the effort to "shop" when it's online.

I got this cute dress on! It's soo cute, isn't it? I want to get more "girly" dresses, so I will be forced to dress in something more than the usual summer attire of just tank tops and jean shorts. I don't know about you, but I'm so so sick of that look! Especially, since it only makes you look younger? Pair this baby with some sexy wedge heels and it'll make for the perfect outfit for a night out on the town with the hubby! :-)

I also got a pair of Patent Snake Platform Heels that I just received in the mail yesterday! Yay for getting packages! Haha, that's so sad....I'm so out of touch that it only takes a few packages in the mail to put a smile on my face. But oh my god, these heels are KILLER! I'm talking, these things are 4.5 inches tall! I must say that these will be the highest pair of heels that I've come to own. I was trying them on yesterday and it looked sooo GORGEOUS, but I was having some difficult trying to walk in them, hahaha. I think it would be fine to walk on carpet or some ground that has traction on it, but I'm not so sure how I would fare on slippery floor! Agggh, I almost want to return them but they just look so fierce and hot, I don't think I will. I'll take these out for a "test trial" and if it doesn't work, I guess it will just end up in my ever-growing collection of shoes. *sigh*

I also got this dress from Forever first when I saw it, I just remember thinking "Ugh, what the heck?!!" But the more I looked at it, I loved the particular structure of the dress. The design, ehh, not so much. So I went on to try it in the dressing room, and I just fell in love with it! Have you ever done that? Seen something that caught your attention, but not necessarily because it was the conventional type of piece of clothing? And then you tried it on, and just felt so great in it? Haha, well, this dress did that for me.

I'm just so excited! I bought so many more dresses that are coming in sometime this week. Uggh, I literally had to hide my credit cards! I haven't gone so far as to "freeze" them in ice yet (like from Confessions of a Shopaholic), but I have seriously pondered doing so. Funny story, though, I hid my cards about two weeks ago. I guess I must have been so good, that somehow I forgot that I had them hidden. So I was eating out with my friend, and all of a sudden when I was trying to pull out my card to pay I couldn't find it! So I started freaaaaking out!!! I called my boyfriend to see if it somehow had fallen out of my purse and was in his car or if it was in the house. Haha, he started getting worried too. But after 10 minutes of freaking out not only myself, but my boyfriend, and my friend...I remembered that it was in MY car! I just left it there so that it wasn't so accessible to me if I were in the mall. And knowing how lazy I am when it comes to physically walking, I know that if I kept it in my car then if there were some "true emergency" (and no, I couldn't justify my shopping as being in the emergency category any longer) then at least I could still have access to the card. BUT, it wouldn't be so accessible that I could just use it on a whim like I always do when I'm anywhere near a clothing or make-up store, hahaha. I don't konw, somehow, it just makes sense in my head!

Oh man, I'm sooo craving one of these.Yummmm! I gotta be careful though, stupid me somehow managed to get a ripped hole on the back of my butt yesterday. I think I might have gained a bit of weight. Damn, no lie when they said that your metabolism slows down once you hit past a certain age. :-( I am just going to keep milking it for all it's worth. I'm going to EAT, EAT, EAT until one day I wake up and touch my marshmallow tummy and wonder wtf happened! Lol

I hope everyone has the great rest of the weekend. Haha, only Sunday but's what you make of it, right? As for me, I have quite a bit of studying to finish up! Byyyyyyessss.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ok, so how do I know that I'm getting old? It's almost 10pm on a Friday night and what am I doing? I'm at home watching 20/20! Omfg! What the heck is wrong with me? My buddies are going out to the Clarendon Ballroom (which is kinda like a more "sophisticated" version of clubbing/lounge), but for some reason I declined their extended invitation. I just don't feel the need to wear the hoochiest clothing and feel my buttcheeks hanging out while guys try to grab onto me. Lol, not too lame, huh.

I forgot!! I just want to thank EVERYONE WHO LEFT ME notes regarding my last entry. I guess I was just having "one of those days". Haha, we all get them somtimes...but I guess I just couldn't cope that day. I seriously thought that someone had put some kind of hex on me! I never told you guys what happened that day. So basically, I got back my first test of the semester in one of my more difficult classes and I didn't score too hot. :(

As if that in and of itself wasn't bad enough, I had a stupid "pop quiz" in Microbial Genetics (*gag) and I totally didn't prepare for it! Uggh, so as soon as my classes were done...I just wanted to get the fuck home. So in a rush! I sped out of the campus onto the highway, where I almost DIED! Some stupid motherfucker tried to get in two lanes at once 'cause he couldn't make up his damn mind which lane he had to get in, so he almost swiped me at 70mph. Omfg! I seriously can't take the drivers in this stupid area. But looking back now, I think I just overreacted...ehh. *shrug* I'm good now! So that's all that matters, right? :)

So anyway, I'm really interested in checking out that new Street Fighter movie, the one starring Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li. That girl is so GORGEOUS!! I've had a crush on her since forever!! Although I was never too into the CW TV SHOW "Smallville". I would occasionally check in every so couple of weeks just to oogle at her. 0_o Haha, that's my true confession!

Oh, yeah! I've been eyeing this one particular jumper at Forever 21! Tell me what you guys think. I so want to get it this weekend! But I'm just kinda iffy because I've never been too particularly fond of jumpers, lol. It just was not up my alley? Don't know this looks so cute!

I'm kind of short (only 5'5, hmmmph *scowl*) and I'm just kind of afraid that the bottom will come at my knees or something. I like to wear something that hits at least 3 inches above my knee, so as to give the "illusion" of having longer legs. Lol, I think that's actually the only body part about myself that I like. I got it from my mom! Thanks, mom! =) <33>

So yesssssss, my spring break is going fine so far *knocks on wood* Just worked today, and I was so exhausted so had to dip out early. I am hoping that the weather will work out in my favor tomorrow (which it should! Ohhhh yeah! 70 degrees tomorrow! Which is kinda crazy?!! Because we had a HUGE snow day just a couple days ago on Monday, forcing all government and school activities/work to be SHUT DOWN. And now all of a sudden we have sunshine and humidity???)But I'm hoping me and the bf can head out on a romantic night out in Old Town Alexandria. Oooo, haha, that's the first place he took us for our very first date. So that area definitely, definitely holds a special place in my heart! PLUS!!! They have these really cool "ghost tours" when it hits nighttime. Ooo, shiver me timbers! ;)

Bye, you guys!!! Hope everyone has a safe, fun, wonderful, and ESPECIALLY relaxing weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh my goodness. I am STARVING!! But since it's after 8pm, I can't eat. It's just this dumb rule I've always had since forever, lol. It's weird, but I just feel so guilty when there's something in my tummy after that time frame. :/

Oh yeah, if you haven't checked out the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic", I highly recommend! Haha, I made my bf come see it with me (even though he insisted on bringing his Nintendo DS in the dark theater to play while the movie was going on. You best believe I gave him a lecture about how the ambient light would affect the other poor movie-goers who forked out $10/per ticket!)

I absolutely LOVED this Lanvin piece she had on. Everything just works so perfectly with her creamy complexion and fiery hair color!

I love wearing pieces that you can "cinch" your waist with a belt! It's so classic and elegant!

I LOVES IT!!!! I try to limit the amount of pink that I wear these days just because I feel like I should dress more my age (haha, so everyone can stop asking what high school I attend! Omg, it seriously gets soo old after awhile). Pink just makes me feel so baby-girly-cutesy. *gag* But at the same time, I hate hate HATE WEARING BLACK!!! It's one of those colors I steer way cleAr of, unless it's for some formal function or event.

I'm so weird, sometimes. I just want to be naked and not have to worry about what to wear each morning I wake up. Haha, think of all the extra minutes of Zzz's I could catch! Ohhh, yeah. That'd be the day!

Anyway, my stomach is growling like crazy....I think I might have to actually cave in to these hunger pangs. Ugggh, I'm so weeeak, hahaha. Our spring break is this week! So to everyone who's off as well, enjoy enjoy enjoy! =]