Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks to all! =D

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my previous post!

I felt a whole lot better after reading everyone's advice. I did just that. I chose to ignore them! And guess what? For the most part, the two of them have relented with their incessant "talking-behind-the-back"/hateration, lol, if you want to call it that. That black girl stopped almost altogether. The only problem is that stupid guy! I think he's obsessed with me?? I can't believe a year ago, to this exact month, me and that guy were considered "close" friends. I don't understand how a DUDE is more emotional/dramatic than a real girl *smh* But after some things happened, our relationship has completely changed. And now it seems as though he's still holding some kind of grudge against me.....

ANYWAY, I'm just going to focus on the positives! And I'm so grateful that anyone would even choose to read my silly little blog, much less help me by giving advice. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure what I had in mind when I set this blog thingy up. I'm really private as a person, it's just in my nature. So I don't know why I set this blog up. I think it's my safe little haven to sort out my thoughts and feelings?

Ok, so I know I'm a bit behind on this whole Taeyang bandwagon! But he's really entertaining to watch, not too bad on the eyes either!

This has been playing NON-STOP on my laptop, as of late. He actually looks a lot like my ex. It's creepy when I watch the video. Uggh, but let's hope he's not as much of a douchebag as my ex was. I love the song!!!! It makes you many times have you wanted to let someone know how much you cared/like them, only to have the timing be way off?? It's happened to me before, and vice-versa (a guy who liked me but was too late in confessing). Lemme just's gotta be the WORST feeling.

I know, I'm not exactly posting this entry in a methodical or systematic format. But I'm just pretty much ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when it comes to this. I'm quite *literally* just typing it out exactly as my soon as my thoughts form inside my head!!! Bear with me, ladies!

So what does everyone want for their X-Mas Wish List? I don't want anything!! Isn't that weird? Everything I want, I pretty have. Or, I can just get it on my own. So I can't think of anything to put on my wish list! I told my bf that he can pretty much get me anything from Victoria's Secret or anything that deals with food (me is a fatty!!)

Damn, I wish I looked as good as Ana Beatriz. WOULD ANYONE HERE EVER CONSIDER SURGERY?? I have been thinking about that lately. Not exactly sure why. But you know how when you're feeling "blah" or something, you'll play with make-up? I think make-up is the best invention ever! You can look like somebody different everyday!! I feel bad for guys, because they always look the same no matter what (short of getting a haircut). But with us, it's awesome! Through the power of a little powder and lipstick, you can choose which character you get to be for the day!! Anyway, funny story, I was *thisclose* to getting nose surgery when I was 19. But everyone in my family was so adamant that I shouldn't go through with the procedure. I'm kinda glad that I didn't...I think a girl's imperfections are what make her so unique and different.

Anyone ever watch "PARIS BY NIGHT" (it's this Vietnamese music series that comes out on video/DVD every couple of months that stars the most famous Vietnamese singers/entertainers)? Well, EVERYBODY IN THERE LOOKS THE FREAKIN' SAME! With the same eyes, same noses, same mouth. It's probably because they get the surgery done by the same doctor. I actually feel weirded out/sad when I watch PBN with my mom. There's no diversity in terms of the singers' physical appearances...all you Viet peeps know exactly what I'm talking about!

I'm really HUNGRY right now! But I can't eat.... :( *sigh* I have this stupid rule that I can't eat after 8pm, EVER!! So I'm just going to have to wait until tomorrow...does anybody have that same rule? Definitely craving some dim-sum!

Well, this post was so freakin' random! Hahaha, hope I didn't waste anybody's time! :p

Gonna leave you with this funny pic of me. My bf makes fun of me whenever I wear this coat. He says I look like an ESKIMO. Hmm?? Really?? Think so?

It's been soooo BRRRRRR COLD in DC lately. I literally have to wear 2 pairs of socks at the same time ('cuz my feet is always, always freezing!) and it's still somehow NOT enough!?! What's a girl to do?

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful and safe holiday! To all of those still taking classes, GOOD LUCK on your finals! You all can do it! Kick some ASS!!! :)


  1. Haha yes, everyone looks the same on Paris By Night! The only thing different between most is age! XD

    You're sooo pretty! X3

    About surgery, I don't think I would ever consider it unless it was somehow required for health reasons!

    Good luck on your finals! Winter break is coming! ^^

  2. Hey girl! Did you my comments in your last post?? Just need your full name and address and jacket size sent to so I can get it sent out to you ASAP! :] Please let me know when you can!!


  3. you look so pretty why would you wanna get surgery! you're too beautiful for that!

  4. hi i totally agree with you about the make up thing for girls. one day i can be neautral and sparkly the next smokey with red lips. ive had rhinoplasty recently and i love my new nose. its not that my old one was ugly its just an upgrade. but to each their own and good for you for keeping it au naturel.

  5. your makeup is so hot! lv what u do:) and u totally dont need surgery, natural is always better, just imagine u looking gd now but when u age u have to keep doing tuff to ur face, looks so terrible on famous ppl!! x

  6. hey girlie thanks for following me and happy new year to you too! your too pretty to get surgery.. really!! and love teayangs weddingdress <3 i've been listening to it non stop as well hihi