Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? In the lane, SNOW is GLISTENING** 0:)


It's snowing up a BLIZZARD outside in the DMV area (DC/MD/VA). Holy fuck! It's coming down so freakin' hard! I thought we were going to get, like, maybe 2 inches...3 at the most? And so far, it's past 8 INCHES!!! We're expected to get another 12?? That's what the news says. Wow, hahahah, there goes my plans to hit up the mall for my last bit of holiday shopping. Ain't NO way I'm going to Tyson's in this condition.
Look how much snow accumulated just in my tiny little backyard! I just wanna fall in on top of it and make fat SNOW ANGELS! 0:) (It's too bad I'm waaay too sick to be outside, *sigh*)
Loook! I can't even see my sidewalk anymore. It's well over ONE FOOT OF SNOW in my neighborhood, AT LEAST!!! And the snow storm is stilll hitting us HARD. It's not going to relent until 6am EST tomorrow for Sunday morning. Aww shucks, I'm going to have to haul ass early tomorrow to shovel my way out, goshdarn. :X

Poor little pot of tree of mine! It's absolutely gorgeous*** in the spring/summer. It has really pretty pink blossoms that bees go crazy over (damn things!). And now poor tree is holding onto whatever few leaves it can manage. So sad, lol.

So yeah...don't know how much you can see, but lemme tell ya this. I'M EXCITED!!! I hope everything is cancelled on Monday. My work place just closed completely today, not that I was scheduled for work, lol. But since the holiday season has been so chaotic lately, we've been working so long and hard (beyond our hours for the scheduled deadlines). So this is giving me HOPE!! *fingers crossed* I feel so lazy on days like in point, refer below:

I just wanna *cudddddleee* and drink hot chocolate and have little, fizzy marshmallow moustaches that tickle my nose. Is that too much to ask for? Lol! I have nobody real (as in human) to cuddle with, since my poor babe bf's neighborhood is usually the very LAST to get the snow trucks to plow through. So he's stuck there, his dumb Lexus can't drive for shit in this inclement weather. That's what I DON'T GET! All these luxury cars ARE FUCKING USELESS in snow. He might just have to get this dad's 4-wheel drive red-neck truck going, lol.

Stupid car that makes him not be able to spend $$$$$ on me anymore! Lol! I kid, I kid. Seriously, I kid. I'm a hardworking, independent lady. I don't need nobody's money! From how I grew up, money only implies that there are serious conditions that are attached. So I always feel fruity if I take anybody's money. You know what I mean??

Oh yeh, my ex's dad (who oddly enough, still tries to keep in contact with me) sent me the funniest thing ever!
I want to do this to my credit card company now! Lol, the RIDICULOUS hike in interest rate is STAGGERING!! How do they possibly expect ppl to pay off it in FULL? A lot of families are going through some rough times right now, and I keep them in my prayers. We are fortunate enough to still have our houses, cars, jobs, etc etc. I know not many others can say the same, so my heart aches when I see douchbag Corporate Exec's getting $1million dollar holiday bonuses. I hope they fucking choke on their caviar, fucking numnuts.

Ok, I'm seriously getting bored. I'm gonna try and find something productive to do for the rest of the day. To everyone else who's in the same SNOW STORM situation as me, HOLD STRONG!!! YouTube and beauty blog until your fingers bleed and your eyes start to see dizzling stars swirling around! ^_~

I'm gonna leave y'all with my favorite beauty inspiration!

I love this last pic of her. This is EXACTLY how I look in the summer. I love being a bum. :X
I'm gonna hibernate until summer comes *sigh* Jk! I'm just gonna be thinking this in my head for the rest of the winter months
Ciao, all you beautiful bellas! =) Leave me some love while I tough this storm out!


  1. you're from the dmv area too? this snow is getting crazy :) hope u stay warm

  2. Oh my gosh! You are so pretty! I see we have another thing in common... Care Bears! I have Share Bear. LOL!!!!

    That hot chocolate looks ridiculously good! I like to tear up Peeps and put them in mine. So good...

    I laughed SO hard when I saw that check to Verizon! Did he actually send that in?

    Stay warm!


    P. S. I see that you're in pharmacy school. That's awesome! I am a CMA who is planning on going back to school to get my RN. The medical field is where it's at! :D

  3. its not snowing my country, but the weather is so coldddddd!

    the car is so cool by the way!

  4. this snow is awful! totally ruined my saturday, i've been snowed in and going insane all day :'(
    i didn't expect for this much snow in the DMV area. and is that angelababy? she's suuuuper gorgeous.

  5. Haha yes, I love NY. Last time I went, the weather was freezing cold. That's why I'm hoping to go this summer.

    I thought Philly was bad, we're expected up to 8 inches..but whoa! 12 inches?? Crazzyy.

    -mara =)

  6. You are super pretty yourself, sweetie! Your eyes are gorgeous! Loved your blog as well. I just started following. :)

    Stay warm.

  7. You're "de tuong" too you know. :P
    That's a lot of snow! It doesn't snow here. :(

    Angela Baby is so pretty!

    Enjoy your winter! :)

  8. stay warm in this voracious winter. its killing me in korea as we speak. do your best to keep yourself entertained, as for me ill just be vegging out and staying indoors as well.

    xo jen

  9. Wow, that's a whole lotta snow. I don't think I'd survive a white winter.


  10. O how i wish it would snow like that down here every once in a while. LUCKY YOU.
    the blog that no one knows about.

  11. it hasnt snowed least not in my neighborhood but its so cold in my house all i do is cuddle up in my electric blanket and drink tea! thanks for the compliment on my bag. i really do love it ;)


  12. haha stupid car makes him spend less! At least it's a good car right? and I bet you look damn hot in it, not like you don't already as is ;) And yeah I'm not looking forward to going back to my city after vacation... there's about that much snow there right now too :S BOOOO! have a great christmas!

  13. ahhh wasn't the snow ridiculously crazyyy? i still can't drive my car out, haha. is it summer yet??

  14. feel free to send some snow my way. the rain and fog has made this christmas look rather blah. lol i get all mad about corporate shenanigans, too. hi 5!!

  15. Awww, thanks for your lovely long comment on my geisha post! So nice of you to drop by =)
    I hope you had a GREAAT Xmas and got to see your boo eventually! I'm tottally feeling you on "luxury" vehicles that can't get you anyhere in snow! I drive a 3 series bmw and it's complete shiiit in the winter!! Wht a waste lol!!
    Love that pretty lady you have pictures of at the end of this post ... HUUggee eyes!! Like you =)
    Take care.. Happy New Year girl!!! xoxox

  16. hello =)

    re: etude to remove blackheads

    etude is a korean brand.
    A store was opened here in Manila, Philippines
    just last week.

    this is their website, but all written in korean =)

  17. its been raining cold here.. especially in the darn mornings. i hate that. anycase.. thats been happening. and my early morning operations have all come to a stand still because of it. its soo bugging to be grounded at home due to screwed up weather. so here is what im gonna try today. i'll goto the book store in the morning. and on the way back stop at gym. and stay there.. keep doing something or the other. and then probably head home a couple of hours later.. i guess i would have to start packing for this one.. :P.. hey BTW.. loved that 'Beauty blog till you bleed line' :D. awsome!

  18. The check was classic! HAH! :P That is too funny!! and SNOW SNOW SNOW.. I would love to live where SNOW is.. hahahaha.. but then again, I'll probably be super cold and would be lazy to shovel the snow away :P

    Happy Holidays!

  19. Haha thanks for the love on my page. I'm in Philly and that snow storm was awesome. Best way to start off the winter. :D

  20. love this post my dear!! cant believe how much snow you have!! happy holidays! :) xo

  21. I so love angelababy, she is just too gorgeous!

    look at all the snow you have, all the snow here has already melted... :(


  22. OMO..look at those snows @.@ and it's so hot in australia now...send some over please ^^" will do some good to the drought too T.T
    thanks for following, im a follower too!!

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  24. Gorgeous pictures! The girl is gorgeous!

  25. hey! just read your comment.. havent got a chance to do a makeup tutorial. hope to do one when i am free. <3

  26. Hey! Thank you for following my blog, I love your sense of style! The pictures are gorgeous! =) Hope to talk in the future!

  27. hii! thank you for following my blog! i love your page & the pictures~ you're so lucky that it snowed... i kinda wish it snows here :)

  28. wow the snow looks lovely. i dont get that much here living in cali. lol its more like its cold we think its cold, but its nothing like where it snows, lol. its beautiful but im sure shoveling snow must be hectic. on another note that check is too funny lol. happy new year

  29. wow, that's a lot of snow! must be freezing! i just love hot cocoa & cuddling on a winter day too...

  30. LMAO at the check! It equals zero. haha.

    Damn, that's a lot of snow! I think it snowed 12 inches in Boston around the same time. I wonder, are you from my area? =D or not. haha.

  31. Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, following! :) I love how you line on the bottom of your lashes. What do you use? How is the staying power? I'm trying to find one that works on my bottom lashes... hehe~

  32. hey hun! megabus was actually giving out FREE tickets with a 50 cents convenience charge and i happened to snag 2 tickets up! unfortunately the deal is already over :(

    BUT.. you can get a trip for only $2 roundtrip on! You just have to search for it on the website.. weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends. GOOD LUCK!

  33. "I love your dress. But just one question, how do you wear a bra with this type of dress?"

    I know what you mean, it looks a bit weird if you wear a dress with an open back with a normal bra. The straps ruins the whole sexy look! I wear a bikini top in stead of a bra. Maybe that's also an option for you!

    xoxo, thn

  34. I effing LOVE Angelababy. She's soooooo gorgeous!