Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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As you guys all well know, it's that time of the year again!

Yay!!! Sephora's Friends and Family Sale! Use the code: FF2009 for a good time. ;O)

I already had my order down-pat, I just had to log on yesterday to purchase! Was it only me, but goddang! The server was slooooooow as hell. I was getting quite impatient. It's a good thing I already knew what I wanted, otherwise, just to browse would have been a heart-attack waiting to happen.

I just got a few things, there's no point in going too crazy, lol. The holidays are coming up, after all, gotta spend $$$ on others beside myself (as much as I do love me! :) )

The Sephora Brand Make-Up Palette (in Warm Tone) looked pretty neat, I'm not sure how great the quality, in terms of staying power or pigmentation will be like...but it looks nice to have in my ever-growing make-up collection! It consists of: 8 (eight) eyeshadows, 4 (four) lip glosses, and a blush.

The second thing I got was the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Microperfecting Primer. I got this product in blue! I read/saw it on another beauty blogger's site! She was raving about it, so I figured...why the heck not give it a try? It claims to "add radiance to fair skin and reduce minor imperfections". Hey, ain't nuthin' wrong with that! ;P

The last thing I got was the CARGO PlantLove Lipstick in the color "Grace". Such a beautiful color! I can't seem to find it at any of my local Sephora's anymore, as this was in fact, a limited-edition product. Oh, the powers that be through "online shopping"! Totally in my favor! :)

Ok, so I just wanted to leave you guys with something slightly disturbing...

This is my REAL, NATURAL LASHES. I shit you not! No falsies~ I don't even know how to put that shit on. I'm gonna tell you the secret that I already told you before in my previous entry...one word: Lilash!!! That thing is cur-rayy-zeee! The only thing I have on my lash is the Christian Dior DiorShow Mascara (which in and of itself, is a-mazing!) So if any of you had doubt, this serum seriously, seriously will strengthen/enhance any ol' wimpy lashes, even Asian lashes!

Here's another shot:

Incredible, huh? Go out and buy it now! I feel like they ought to be paying me for being their unoffical spokesperson *cheesy grin* Alright, I gotta go run and do some errands. Forgive me if there are any glaring grammatical/sentence structural errors. No time to proofread! Bye, ladies!

P.S. I lied. I have to put in one funny story that made my night yesterday! So I went home, tired after a long day of work, logged onto my email account. Guess wtf I received?

Some freakin' idiot emailed me with a message:

"Fugitive looking for a woman with fast car"

WOW, IS THIS DUDE FORREAL? LMAO, it just made me bust out laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. Why me? I'm certainly no "Fast and Furious" kinda girl. I hope he finds the right girl for him to do whatever it was that he was planning to carry out. Godbless, lol.


  1. The Sephora palette looks really good. Palettes with a bit of everything in it (eye shadow, lipstick, blush) are so convenient for travel. Let us know how the product works out for you in terms of quality and stuff ;)
    I got a small sample of the HD primer and it's pretty good I must say - I like it more than much raved about Smashbox primer. It evens out my skin and does make my foundation last longer (I think!). I think you'll like though!
    Where do you buy Lilash from? Your lashes look amazing!

  2. hey girl, no my husband is 100% hmong. Everytime we go out I get mistakened for korean and they always have to ask what he is. lol my dad looks korean though so that might be it.

  3. lol to your story, that made my night hahaa your blog entries are so entertaining <3 btw the sephora palette is perfect for the fall... but it seems like fall is going by quick!

  4. Thanks for the comment! lol! Yea i had to go through my whole senior year being called Thalia! haha

  5. wow i'm stealing your lashes and glueing them onto mine :p


  6. is it that time again! I need to checkout sephora ASAP!

  7. yessss another lilash beauty!! i loooove lilash!!

    i always get into "fights" with everyone at work because they say im lying about not wearing falsies haha

  8. thanks for following my blog hun !
    im following u back,cant wait for ur updates

  9. seriously i envy ur lasehs
    whats lilash btw?im googling as we speak

  10. lashes! mileessss of them. i love it :) i might check that out ;)

    thanks for following my blog! and your story's hilarioussss

  11. OMGGGGGGAHHHH ur lashes!!! i love them!!!!!!

    did you have really short asian eyelashes previously or were they sort of on the longer side? because mine are sooooo damn short, ive sorta given up all hope! LOL

  12. your lashies are beeeyoootiful! i'm so jealous! better get me some of that lilash stuff because my lashes are sooo short!

  13. hey sweetie! you're right im wearing freshlook in gray. it's hott!! haha the only thing i dont like about freshlook is that they dry out my eyes badly after an hour.
    you're lucky you live in the states you can take advantage of that sephora sale.. unfortunately they dont ship to canada :(

  14. damn your eyelashes look fantastic. Christian Dior DiorShow Mascara, where do they sell it & how much does go for? something i need to invest in :)