Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking for a vampire, willing to spare blood

Hahaha, I just had to share with you this pic my bf took of me. (At the time he did it, though, I certainly was in noo mood.) Here's how it unfolded:

Bf: "Boo, can I touch your boobies?"

Me: "FUCK OFF. I'm not in the mood!"

Bf: *sad pouty face* "Please???"

Me: *exasperated sigh* "Leave me alone...I'm only going to say it once..."

Then he proceeds to retrieve the Yellow Care Bear (which is supposed to represent him, we also bought/have another Pink Care Bear that is supposed to represent me) and places it next to me, with its arm extended out toward my chest. And then he grabs the camera to take a pic of me.

He always does that! For some reason, it amuses him so much! I swear, I'm not even lying! I once looked through his phone and in his photo directory, there was a collection of pics of me in various stages of anger, sneers, frowns, pouts, and anything else "ugly face" you can think of! How ruuuuude is this man!

I make such an ugly face...and you know what's even more sad? I realize that I make this face whenever a STRANGER (especially a male) looks at me----whether it be out on the road when I'm behind the wheel of my car, or something as plain as grocery shopping.

I HATE PPL STARING. I get it if you accidentally look around and lock eyes with someone randomly...but that eye contact should last no more than 2 seconds...MAX! This is usually the face I return if I catch you looking at me. I'm so mean, huh? Haha, that's gonna be my New Year's Resolution then. Smile more often!!!

On a brighter note, has anyone been catching The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights (CW Channel)? Ommg, Stefan is so freakin' HOT!! That's gonna be my goal...find me a NICE, SWEET hot vampire bf that WOULDN'T be mean enough to take pictures of me when I'm in a grumpy or low-spirited mood. :) Yes...that would be nice....verrrry nice indeed.

Coooome to meeee, Stefan Salvatore!

P.S. For all you Twilight fans, check out the Vampire Diaires by L.J. Smith. This series was actually written a whole DECADE before Twilight was even the big hit that it is today. I definitely recommend this series to you guys who are done with the entire Twilight series and need to have you Vampire love/action fix! You won't be disappointed, promise you!


  1. Aw, you've got the cutest anime type eyes! I love it!

  2. That's still a pretty picture, even with the sad face. Your eyes are gorgeous, and the bear adds extra cuteness :D.

  3. I agree,

    Your eyes are so pretty.
    & i hate it when people stare at me >.<

  4. The monroe piercing would look so cute on u!! It seriously didn't hurt.. and it's done quickly! Thanks for ur cmnt! U don't have any circle lens? My tri color brown is comfy but i had the nudy ones and they weren't as comfy. I review all the different series and some people said they experience blurriness with the tri color browns but for me it never got blury and i wore it on a wedding day for more then 10 hours..and ur not supposed to for more den 6-8 hrs but it was super comfy. I guess it's all on your own risk but very good to do reviews about each series. Glad to help ;)

    BTW, i wanna see the vampire diaries but i never catch it on t.v =(

  5. Hehehe! I love your blog! You are pretty with a smile or a frown~! :)

  6. ahahaha, thats a cute &funny story =P

    hey girrrrrl! =)

  7. Thank you soo much for the comment on my channel! I thought I would leave the comment on your channel instead of mine since it doesn't show up for you. I love your comments so much and I really appreciate them and I am such a huge follower of yours--I read EVERYTHING you post! You're soo much fun! Hahah! I should go back to packing--Justin and I are moving tomorrow! Have a GREAT weekend! :)

  8. Now, you actually have time to find your PRINCE CHARMING. Every moment that you had spent with that asshole, only hindered your chances in meeting your Prince. Keep your head up, ok? :)

    sweetie..i just wanna thank you so much for saying this ;)

    You make me think more positive!!

  9. i went to a few makeup shows and at one they had a smashbox sign up! =) awesome right!

  10. I also hate ppl staring! what's up with that, I don't ever stare at ppl...


  11. haha!! people always think i'm rude cuz of the face I make when i'm not smiling!lol I look mean! I try to smile as much as I can!

  12. that was both cute and funny (your bf taking pics of you mad) you dont look ugly maybe a little scary but still pretty haha i hate people staring too..oh and ive ben watching vampire diaries, interesting hehe and stefan is hawtttt!!

  13. You're not pulling an ugly face - you're kinda sexy with that look actually ;) That's probably what your bf thinks too which explains his many pictures of you in your not-so-happy phases. You should see my ugly pissed off face! LOL.
    Yah, I don't like people staring at my either and I use to frown a lot before in response. But now I just ignore it. People stare at you because they like you! =) My bf always wonders why I get so upset when people stare. He's like, "when you wanna dress sexy you don't want people to look. And when people don't pay attention at all then you wonder why." Yah, men don't understand because men don't stare at other men and most women don't stare at men either. But I totally understand what you mean!
    No I don't watch The Vampire Diaries but yes, Stefan is gorgeous! I loved Twilight (the novel series, not the movies) and *sigh* who doesn't want a hot, caring, understanding vampire bf?! LOL

  14. awwwwwwww your bf is cute. its esp cute that he asked permission :p

    regarding my blog: i didnt use em wet. i just cant get it to be wet enough or dry enough. sigh. itworks forme sometimes if the pigment is finely grained enough