Friday, July 17, 2009

Get OFF MY nuts, you creep!!!

EEEEEeeeeee. I'm sitting here trying to study for my last summer course and there's this FUCKING CREEPY ass motherfucker...he's been sitting here for the past 45 minutes....just *staring at me* I'm so fucking irritated. I just want to smack him in the face. I glance back with the dirtiest looks that I can muster. Ugh...I have to wait some more for my girlfriend to come because I promised I would help her with studying. Technically I'm not worried at all for the final. I got an A on the first 2 exams already so it's not going to be too bad for me.

It's Friday and I just wish I could go out and party and have fun whatever kids these days my age are doing. But NOPE. I'm stuck inside the university library. It's looking really cloudy and dreary outside as well. Oh well...I'm not going to complain. I know there are a lot of less fortunate ppl who are probably stuck working dead-end jobs who wished they could be taking classes to stimulate their minds. I'm gonna tough this one out!

Oh yeah, next Thursday is going to be me and my boyfriend's 2-year anniversary. Maaaan, time sure flew us by!!! I just remember yesterday when I first met him at the party and how shy he was when I came up to him (hahaha, yeahhh, I really have no inhibitions. I don't hold back!). And now look--2 years later and I'm still the talkative one that won't shut up while he listens to me, hahahah.

So I'm planning a trip for us to Shennandoah Valley. I love it there! I haven't been there since I was in the 6th grade. They have Lurray Caverns there and it's just so beautiful and majestic. I'm a HUGE fan of scenary even though I may not like the outdoors so much. But if the scenary is just breath-taking, I don't even notice the nuisances of being outside (bugs everywhere--ick, overwhelming sun and humidity in VA is NO FUCKING joke!)

Umm...I was going to put up some pictures of Lurrary Caverns (which is basically an underground cave) but they looked so freaking scarrrry! Now I remember....back when I went here, I was literally hyperventilating. Once you walk down the stairs to go underground...the air just changes. It's chilly (note to self: bring cardigan to throw over tank-top) and just so utterly dark. If you don't keep up pace with the tour guide, you're literally left scrambling in the dark trying to keep up with the tour group. I'm going to be scared for sure once I go underground. I am so claustrophobic!!! *shudders* But my bf has never been there before, and it IS quite an experience so that's why I planned this upcoming trip.

Ok, back to my studying and the stupid FUCKING CREEP that is still staring. I'll leave you with a pic of me taken with my iPhone (so pardon the shitty quality). Ugh, I was facing the opposite dirxn where the sun was FULL BLAST in my face so I pulled down the visor but the ambient light must've somehow reflected still into my eyes...faaaaaail. *sigh*

I really need to invest in a cameral...any suggestions what takes a clear and high-quality photo and has video capabilities? I'm not so technologically-inclined so ANY suggestions would be truly, truly appreciated. I'm thinking of purchasing a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Camera. Anybody have this and can tell me how good it is?

P.S. I loooooove old Hollywood Glamour!! Man, this generation really has no style...just fucking sass and crass style. It's a real shame...I wish I could travel back in time just to be able to witness such beauty and elegance.