Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hiiiii! How's everyone doing? I've been so RIDICULOUSLY busy lately!!!

Not only am I taking 2 summer classes (can you imagine cramming what you would normally learn in a course of 4 months, is now condensed into only 1 month?!!! Both of these classes are at the same time as well, so I'm in major major GEEK mode right now), but I am also working my regular job as well as an internship I manage to secure in DC. Whoooop. I love being this busy. I remember a few weeks ago, I actually had ONE WHOLE day off to myself....and I didn't even know what to do with myself!!! GeeZ...oh yeah, I went on a job interview today as well. I'm trying to work 3 jobs altogether once school is over and done with me for good. Hehehe, I know...crazy girl, huh? I'm SO HUNGRY to do something with myself and all this energy I have contained within myself. I want to make it big in DC!!! $$$ and power. You guys have no idea how I'm on THAT paper trail. Hahaha....
Anyway, gotta get back to my studying and *ssshhhh* eBay online shopping. I'm hooked on vintage blazers!!

Bye and much love to you all!!!

This was me in DC last Sunday. I had soooo much fun just wandering around and enjoying the entire lazy day. I hope many more is to come for this summer! :)