Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sooo...I'm just lounging around. I really ought to be doing my flashcards for my Human Physiology course. But I'll just do that after dinner. Yes, I eat late! Lol. So in the 20 minutes that I essentially f*ked around, doing nothing but shopping online. Here are all of the things I just bought from (boredom= wasting $$ online)

I bought this and I'm going to pair with with the vest that I also got from Forever 21. I'm not sure what shoes I will wear with this outfit. I will have to make it heels just to spice it up. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I bought the tank top down below because I think it could go with my frilly
mini-skirt that I also bought from Forever 21 a few weeks
ago! I usually don't wear so much black, so I have no idea
what the heck is going on with me! :p

I bought the strapless Rose Petal Print Dress because it looks very sophisticated. My style is not normal that nice, lol. I used to wear a lot of pink, and as I have stated in my previous post. I am honestly trying to tone down on any colors that are neon or B R I G H T, just because I feel that I am at that age where it's better to look simplistic and classic. I was thinking of pairing this dress with some edgy (hey, who says that simplistic has to equate with being "boring"? Mix it up a bit, baby!)

These gloves are fingerless at the tops. I don't know! I'm just really attracted to these set of gloves for some odd reason. It just keeps a dress from looking too BLAAAHHHHH. =]

But don't fret! I'm not just buying all of these clothes for the sake of going out! I also bought an outfit for my internship in D.C. (Yay! I got it!) I wanted to look serious and professional but at the same time, keep true to my youthful essence (after all, I may not be an 18-year-old anymore, but whose to say that I gotta dress like my grandma? Lol)
What do you guys think of this outfit I put together?

And then I got a simple basic white tank top to put underneath it, since the cardigan sort of runs shorter than I'd like.

I already had one that's similar to this, but for some's like one of the laws of the universe. I always manage to spill stupid stuff (coffee, ketchup, soup, etc. You name it! I've spilled it on me before!) ALLL over me. I'm the most clumsiest, most oblivious person ever. So I don't even know when I've spilled something all over me. I'm, like, walking around and someone has to take the time aside to point out the stains to me. *chuckle* I need help...seriously.

And to top it off...I got accessories for myself. Yay! So many treats:

Suuuuch a cute Hello Kitty key cover!! *squeals*

Now I don't have to worry about finding my house key anymore. Literally, I have 10 keys on my sets of keychains and it's such a bitch to try to locate my house key. Especially, when you come home from a night of drinking and all the keys begin to look the same. I stupidly fumble around with all my keys, trying to insert it into the door lock and it takes me FOREVER to get it. Haha, don't act like it's never happened to you guys! :)

Anyway...that's been my little shopping expedition today. I want sooooo much more clothes!!!!!
Can't wait to hit up Tyson's after all of my finals are done!!! That shall be my special treat to myself. I'm not sure what to buy anymore. I have so much clothes. I was cleaning out my closet to help donate all of my old clothes to a charity. I had to throw out my Burberry, Armani, and Polo clothing because sadly...I don't fit most of them anymore. Gaaah, I hate gaining even 5 lbs. It throws my entire wardrobe off!! Well, I really should get back to my books. Because of my stupid f*cking classes, I can't be at the Patriot Center. T-Pain is performing at my university right now!!!! >:(

Oh wells...sacrifices must be made sometimes...for the sake of the outcome. Byes you guys!!!

Much love!! *kisses*


  1. Hey babe!!

    Thank you for giving me the 411 on the gojane shoes. I'm a 5-5.5 for heels/flats so i think the 6 will work (crosses fingers).

    Anywayssss girl we're just alike, supposedly 'studying' and we're off looking at other blogs and shopping! I like what you got and the flower cardigan is just lovely.

    oh yes, i am your follower now also! =]

  2. love the vest, the floral cardi and the jewellery!! :)

  3. that is a great haul! post yourself wearing them sometime--i'd love to see! those gloves are hotttttttttttt

  4. my eye brows actually grow downward and hard to maintaine and thick eye brow runs in the family...

    by the way I love that hello kitty key thingie!

  5. The accessories are so pretty!

  6. hi hi.. sorry for the late reply! yea i was havin issues about my private blog.. n i was gettin worried that i was inviting the wrong ppl or fake users.. hehe

  7. i own gloves like thoses,and i think you always need black especially if u are older and you need things for more mature affairs.
    try looking at there are some great people there that know who to combonate

  8. Love the vest and the Hello Kitty!