Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have been guilty. I am not dead! I just have been lurking around. So much to do, so all I can do is look at all you guys' blogs while I'm taking a "mini-break" from studying, lol. But fret not! I am going to blog something useful (for once, haha) to all you ladies who DESIRE LONG, LUSCIOUS LASHES. I really can't believe no one has done a review on this serum treatment. Seriously, it's AMAZING!!!!! But I won't be able to do that until some time near the end of this week.

I'm at school right now trying to cram for a "pop quiz" I have in an hour (but I just have that *gut* feeling the prof is going to spring one on my class since there's only 2 weeks left of classes!) So just wanted to let y'all know I'm still alive and well! =]


  1. hi loving ur blog and ure gorgeous!!! post more pic of urs!!

  2. hello lovely [:
    yes, I will be doing an eyelash and mascara tutorial as soon as possible
    I've been receiving many, many requests for that.