Friday, March 6, 2009

Ok, so how do I know that I'm getting old? It's almost 10pm on a Friday night and what am I doing? I'm at home watching 20/20! Omfg! What the heck is wrong with me? My buddies are going out to the Clarendon Ballroom (which is kinda like a more "sophisticated" version of clubbing/lounge), but for some reason I declined their extended invitation. I just don't feel the need to wear the hoochiest clothing and feel my buttcheeks hanging out while guys try to grab onto me. Lol, not too lame, huh.

I forgot!! I just want to thank EVERYONE WHO LEFT ME notes regarding my last entry. I guess I was just having "one of those days". Haha, we all get them somtimes...but I guess I just couldn't cope that day. I seriously thought that someone had put some kind of hex on me! I never told you guys what happened that day. So basically, I got back my first test of the semester in one of my more difficult classes and I didn't score too hot. :(

As if that in and of itself wasn't bad enough, I had a stupid "pop quiz" in Microbial Genetics (*gag) and I totally didn't prepare for it! Uggh, so as soon as my classes were done...I just wanted to get the fuck home. So in a rush! I sped out of the campus onto the highway, where I almost DIED! Some stupid motherfucker tried to get in two lanes at once 'cause he couldn't make up his damn mind which lane he had to get in, so he almost swiped me at 70mph. Omfg! I seriously can't take the drivers in this stupid area. But looking back now, I think I just overreacted...ehh. *shrug* I'm good now! So that's all that matters, right? :)

So anyway, I'm really interested in checking out that new Street Fighter movie, the one starring Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li. That girl is so GORGEOUS!! I've had a crush on her since forever!! Although I was never too into the CW TV SHOW "Smallville". I would occasionally check in every so couple of weeks just to oogle at her. 0_o Haha, that's my true confession!

Oh, yeah! I've been eyeing this one particular jumper at Forever 21! Tell me what you guys think. I so want to get it this weekend! But I'm just kinda iffy because I've never been too particularly fond of jumpers, lol. It just was not up my alley? Don't know this looks so cute!

I'm kind of short (only 5'5, hmmmph *scowl*) and I'm just kind of afraid that the bottom will come at my knees or something. I like to wear something that hits at least 3 inches above my knee, so as to give the "illusion" of having longer legs. Lol, I think that's actually the only body part about myself that I like. I got it from my mom! Thanks, mom! =) <33>

So yesssssss, my spring break is going fine so far *knocks on wood* Just worked today, and I was so exhausted so had to dip out early. I am hoping that the weather will work out in my favor tomorrow (which it should! Ohhhh yeah! 70 degrees tomorrow! Which is kinda crazy?!! Because we had a HUGE snow day just a couple days ago on Monday, forcing all government and school activities/work to be SHUT DOWN. And now all of a sudden we have sunshine and humidity???)But I'm hoping me and the bf can head out on a romantic night out in Old Town Alexandria. Oooo, haha, that's the first place he took us for our very first date. So that area definitely, definitely holds a special place in my heart! PLUS!!! They have these really cool "ghost tours" when it hits nighttime. Ooo, shiver me timbers! ;)

Bye, you guys!!! Hope everyone has a safe, fun, wonderful, and ESPECIALLY relaxing weekend!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the comment. By the way I saw that jumper as well and I think its super cute!.. Im a big fan of jumpers and also a huge fan of HELLO KITTY!!!

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for coming by! I don't mind sharing with you at all. I went from Pre-nursing to Social Work.

  3. hey sweetheart! i do wear hair extensions but i have to maintain those as well too. i have to take good care of my hair because i hate it when it looks all dry and fried.

    i use products that can be found at sally's. it looks like you color your hair, if not sorry :( but anyways i use one of the brands called Park Avenue and their color protectant shampoo. It does not dry my hair out and it keeps my color from going away since I color it jet black most of the time. then the most important part is i use l'oreal feria's conditioner also found at sally's. usually if i had a long day with my hair curled or teased, i will leave it in for a good 5 minutes then rinse out. it gives me back my moisture and keeps me from having split ends.

    sorry for the novel! i just wanted to answer ur question. :)

  4. I say to get the jumper!! I saw it at the forever21 store and was going to get it myself, but I ended up buying way too much that day :( I still think it's super cuute!