Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh my goodness. I am STARVING!! But since it's after 8pm, I can't eat. It's just this dumb rule I've always had since forever, lol. It's weird, but I just feel so guilty when there's something in my tummy after that time frame. :/

Oh yeah, if you haven't checked out the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic", I highly recommend! Haha, I made my bf come see it with me (even though he insisted on bringing his Nintendo DS in the dark theater to play while the movie was going on. You best believe I gave him a lecture about how the ambient light would affect the other poor movie-goers who forked out $10/per ticket!)

I absolutely LOVED this Lanvin piece she had on. Everything just works so perfectly with her creamy complexion and fiery hair color!

I love wearing pieces that you can "cinch" your waist with a belt! It's so classic and elegant!

I LOVES IT!!!! I try to limit the amount of pink that I wear these days just because I feel like I should dress more my age (haha, so everyone can stop asking what high school I attend! Omg, it seriously gets soo old after awhile). Pink just makes me feel so baby-girly-cutesy. *gag* But at the same time, I hate hate HATE WEARING BLACK!!! It's one of those colors I steer way cleAr of, unless it's for some formal function or event.

I'm so weird, sometimes. I just want to be naked and not have to worry about what to wear each morning I wake up. Haha, think of all the extra minutes of Zzz's I could catch! Ohhh, yeah. That'd be the day!

Anyway, my stomach is growling like crazy....I think I might have to actually cave in to these hunger pangs. Ugggh, I'm so weeeak, hahaha. Our spring break is this week! So to everyone who's off as well, enjoy enjoy enjoy! =]


  1. Ooohh.. Have a good spring break!!! I haven't had the chance to watch Confessions of a shopaholic yet but I will! I love that dress on her too! Boys Over Flowers delayed by one episode! Grrr...

  2. I wanted to (and still do) wanna see this movie! But everybody thinks I'm a nerd for wanting to see it and won't go with me, haha. And I feeeeel you with the walk around naked thing. Pants are overrated. They should be optional.