Thursday, February 19, 2009 this thing is kind of weird. I remember back in high school, Xanga was so popular. I guess this is "what's up" these days. Lol, much is going on right now! I just want to the world to stop for one you know in those movies when the whole world stops but the person is still moving? Well, yeah, I wish for an experience like that.

But too bad, the real world doesn't work like that. Ohh which brings me to the next thing!! Haha, is this crazy or what?? So basically, I have this one guy friend...let's just call him "Bob". Well, Bob and I kind of struck up a deal today. Basically, it's saying that by the time we're both 25...if we're still both single then we should hook up. WHICH IS CRAZY! Why would this issue even be brought, especially considering both of us are very much attached with someone else right now?

I don't get it, either, hahaha. Oh well...something funny to look to, I guess.

So here are some belated pictures of the office party we had a few months back. Those times were so fun...too bad, things change sometimes. Ugh, I hate reality. Can't I just sleep in my world of least in dreams, even if something goes least I can just wake up!

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  1. hey purrty lady. just came by to offer you some contacts. =]